Taco Bell

1305 Ulster Ave, Kingston
(845) 336-5341

Recent Reviews

Alexandra Velez

Not bad for food on the go.

Cassie Hoppenstedt

I love taco Bell's food always have!! They're being very safe at the moment too!!

Darrin Cohn

It's fast food. You know what you're buying

Chante Bordina

Food taste so good there's good service kind staff and for helpful

vdubhater 1989

Awesome food probably the best chinese food around but there crazy expensive

Wheyn Herndon

Order two Frito burritos. Add sour scream two days in a row. Each time no sour scream on either, hardly no cheese sauce. They were dry and bland as hell. And you guys want a raise buy can't even make a simple burrito right. It's not hard, if a customer asks for sour cream, add sour cream. You can read can't you???

Patrick Walton

Always get good service and even in a large line it moves quickly

Heather Korski

I was staying at the Hilton Inn within walking distance during COVID, while I could not drive or go into the building and they refused me service. Extremely poor customer service in my opinion. Walked to the window and cashier was sleeping on the order screen. Manager was rude and asked me to drive my non-existent car to make an order. My worst Taco Bell experience.

Suzanne Esaine

Nice to order the 6 fire sauces for your tacos and see they are in the bag instead of them not putting any sauces at all in there.

Jasmine Negron

I have been to many Taco Bell’s and this location had the best service I have experienced. The person taking the orders through drive through was super nice and when I received my order the food was very fresh. The service was very quick and accurate despite the long line. Excellent team and outstanding service.

Marian Elevensteen

I used to like to go to Taco Bell somewhat frequently. I work really close by to this location and I would frequent them for lunch more than my figure would allow ?. I just got done with my shift and walked over to get some food. When I tried getting in, the door was locked. An employee sat at the table and just stared at me. I then noticed the sign stating that they don't allow anybody to come into the store to order. So I walked through the drive through, wasted time waiting behind other cars, just to be turned away stating that they don't take walkups in the drive through. That's not customer service.

Amber P.

I ordered a steak quesorito and they gave me a steak burrito and pooped in it. The lady had so much attitude and she farted on the loudspeaker. And the food took 4 weeks to come out! I had to poop in my car so I could wait!


This place is handling Covid spectacularly. They had a line out to the road, and STILL served it up FAST AND FRESH (and with no contact to boot). 10/10, will be back again.

Riley Naccarato

Every time you go to taco bell, it’s going to be a good day. Like every other day, today i went to taco bell. I saw the free doritos locos taco offer was today which made my eyes light up. i ordered my free taco, a burrito, and a $1 happy hour drink (all for 3.49, great deal) at the drive thru . i was with two other taco bellers in the car, thus making three separate transactions in one car. We all ordered our free tacos and a burrito. After i payed my $3 order i sat anticipating receiving my tacos. The lovely lady working the drive thru hands me my bag and we quickly drove off because of the long line. upon further inspection to my bag after we had left the beauty of taco bell, i discovered my order was wrong. however, i was not upset because everything at taco bell is good. today, my $3 got me 4 tacos and two burritos. man o man i needed this today. the taco bell gods knew i’d never forget this. i do feel awefull for the order mix up though. i hope the people behind me ended up getting their six items i stole. i thought of turning back and telling the taco bell worker how sorry i was for taking the wrong order. However, with our current situation with corona and the fact that i know they couldn’t give another customer an order handled by another car, i decided not to. the drive thru line was very long so i didn’t want them to think they needed to get me my food. so, i made the decision to go home. i don’t know if it would have been easier to confront taco bell, but i did what i did, and i will have to live with that. i am not in any way mad or upset with taco bell, i simply couldn’t be. i will take this as a blessing and thank the taco bell gods for blessing my day

Hurl Hurl

They Never get my order correct, i would leave 0 starts if I could

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