Dancing Crane Cafe

64th Street and, 5th Ave, New York
(212) 439-6500

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Jaime Jaskot

Micros the manager was beyond rude. I came in the zoo side door and was told by staff to move to the spot on the floor. After purchasing my food he told me I had to go out the other side and re-enter the zoo with my ticket. Despite the fact that my child waited on the zoo side. Trying to get out the door which despite there being 4 staff members no-one tried helping my sodas spilled. The day at the zoo was lovely, trying to lunch there was disgusting.You need new management in your cafe!

Karma One

The Indian manager was so rude and yelled at me for no reason for feeding a bird that was asking me for food. I am the type of person if a homeless person ask me for food or money if I have I will give. I had a peace of bread on me and he came out at yelled at me to not feed the birds. I live a few blocks away so I come often. This is not the way to treat others horrible customer service! Did I yell back? no I just walked away, always be better, and do better ?

Alba M.

The ladies this morning we so incredibly nice. I got a cup of coffee and it takes like bitter water. Terrible

Julia Maidman

I love to get the food!


Don’t bother wasting your money. Do not eat here. What should have been hot food (chicken and chips) was served cold and the portions are tiny for the prices you are being charged. You’d be better of finding a Chick Fill A or a Wendy’s on your way to the zoo, it would probably still be warm by the time you sat to eat it, you’d get way better value for your money and I guarantee you will get far superior service.


The outside seating area of the Dancing Crane Cafe looked decent and, as there are hardly any other cafes in Central Park, we decided to sit down and have something to eat. Big mistake! The food is incredibly expensive for being just mediocre fastfood. The wait for an expensive mediocre coffee was 15 mins. And the outside seating area turned out to be not clean at all, with tables not cleaned and overflowing garbage cans right next to the tables. How disappointing for an establishment belonging to the Central Park Zoo!

Daniel Donnelly

Overpriced, substandard food and unprofessional staff. One half serves the food, but the microfranchised coffee kiosk next door serves coffee, tea and hot chocolate (would it really have been so hard to provide these on the same ridiculously long lines on which droves of customers stand for their "food"?!). Cleaning done by shutting down sections at a time of the seating area, which concentrates strangers into the remaining seats. The one redeeming feature (weather permitting) is the al fresco dining section.

Steve Cox

If you like cold, over-priced, well below par food and extremely rude "service", look no further!! This is the place for you! It seemed like the staff were inconvenienced by being there and were very rude. Clearly it is more important for them to discuss what they are going to be up to at the weekend etc! Couple this with a distinct lack of information about it being a self-service type thing and you get a blunt response from the person hanging out behind the counter and a ..."it's self-service...as if I am going to actually SERVE her!", to the lady in front of us! Wish we had done ourselves a huge favour and gone hungry!

Alexander Weidner

Very bad location. Unfriendly service. They don't need guests. NO STAR!

Raphael Cardoso

I wish I could give 0 to this place. We were eating there and the guy shutdown the washroom, yelled with everybody on the line, and said welcome to US here it is like this... apparently some people were there just for the washroom. However that was not my case, and my family felt horrible to presence this scene on Christmas Day. Fortunately, I live in Canada and don’t have to deal with people like this moron. The food is overpriced and tastes bad.

FB Review

Doesn’t know how to make Macchiato! Milk was poorly mixed with Expresso shot!!

Ben Lim

Terrible - Sanjeev Khatri the restaurant manager was extremely rude; I went outside to grab an item from our stroller (he let me out); attempted to lock me outside of the restaurant and said he would 'shut the door in my face', ‘how do I know you’re not a customer’ despite my family still being inside the restaurant.

Ancil Kissoon

Waste of money

Zorana B.

The Manager & a few staff members were rude. I noted all the combo meal plans on the website offered a beverage as well. I showed the manger & the acting Mgr. the website but they just verbally strong armed me. I told the managers I would be writing a review & he laughed. I now see why ppl perceive New Yorkers are rude, thoughtless arrogant a holes. Shame on you, as your weak, prosthetic argument that it was the Bronx zoo's menu I was referring to after I clearly showed you via my cell phone it was The Central Park Zoo. My nephew age 7 explained as well & you continued to berate my nephew and I. Shaking my head as I was born, in Nassau County Medical Center, Long Island, New York.

Justin W

I was surprised at some of the reviews I read on the Dancing Crane Cafe at the Bronx Zoo. I found it very pleasant and the food pretty good considering it is the typical food you would find at a park or a zoo. The usual chicken fingers, pizza and burgers. I had the chicken fingers and fries and found them to be delicious. You got three nice sized pieces of chicken that were batter dipped and fried out nicely. Usually these are all dried out or over-fried but the chicken was well cooked and moist. The fries were perfectly crisp. I was at a Members Night so there were not as many people in the zoo as usual but I thought they did a nice job. My table had a nice view of the flamingos. The young lady who waited on me could not have been more pleasant and helpful with my order. At the register, the guy gave me 10% off the bill for being a member. I thought that was very nice. It is not bad when eating at the zoo and I enjoyed the food.

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