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518 E 6th St, New York
(646) 922-8212


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Ernie Pai
Friendly and helpful service. Chicken and rice was terrific! While the boiled chicken by itself seemed somewhat plain, as a dish, the moist flavorful (described as fatty, but overall seemed pretty healthy) was great! The sauces added spice and depth. The gizzard and liver was appreciated. You can order extra liver or gizzard and we got some of the pickles extra for 50cents. The gizzards are boiled, soft and juicy and go well with the sauces. Take out was packed and travel well.
Derek Z.
edit: looks like this place has renamed to Eat Gai from Eat's Khao Man Gai, but still the same spot. Sadly it seems that they have temporarily closed as they open their essex market location. Hope to see this location open again! Amazing, no frills spot. Any spot that only makes 1 dish or focuses on only 1 ingredient always peaks my interest. And does this place do it well... Khao Man Gai, Hainanese Chicken, whatever you are familiar with it being called, is a full review
Carol L.
I love chicken and rice and this place does it so well! The space is pretty small and I think they could give better vegetables as a side, but overall very very satisfied. The soup is surprisingly super good and my friend didn't want his so I got to drink two of them! I love all the sauces they have. I really want to try their pra ram chicken and rice next time I come since my friend said it was delicious. Thai Tea here is also very solid. Will definitely be back when I' full review

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Wednesday 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Thai Chicken Rice

Our chicken are farm raised local free range chicken all natural, anti-biotic, and hormone free.
Eat’s Original$9.95
Boneless chicken and chicken liver with fragrant herb rice served with winter melon soup.
Eat’s Combo$18.95
Boneless half chicken with rice served with winter melon soup and beverage.
Eat’s Whole Chicken$32.95
Whole chicken, chicken liver, chicken gizzard with rice served with winter melon soup and choice of two beverage.
Eat’s Vegan$9.95
100% vegan, tofu with turmeric rice served with vegetable stock.

Eat’s Sides

Ginger Rice$4
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