Fish Cheeks

55 Bond St, New York
(212) 677-2223

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Nick Bartolone

Wanted to come here for so long and they crushed it - highlights were the steamed fish and coconut crab curry! Make sure to grab a delicious drinks as well ?

Christine Chuang

My number one Thai restaurant in town. EVERYTHING is amazingly delicious and beautifully presented. I’ve been here too many times and have zero complaints. Foods are mostly spicy and they cannot adjust the spicy level. But if you love spicy food you will be amazed.

Sarah C.

This review is a bit old but hopefully still relevant! I do not like spicy food that much... But when I say this place is so good that I will go through the pain of the spice just to eat it... I hope it means a lot lol The special appetizer sounded and was amazing! It was raw hamachi topped with a sweetish sauce with fresh vegetables on top! It wasn't spicy and was super fresh! The pork cheeks are a MUST order, they're super tender and just jam packed full of flavor! Sauce is a bit spicy but not too bad :) really brings out the flavors in the pork cheeks! Raw Shrimp with a spicy seafood sauce. This was a dish I couldn't stop eating even though my mouth couldn't hand it !! I tried picking out as much chili and seeds as I could but it was so delicious!! The seafood sauce had a kick to it but it works well with the raw shrimp which was plump, soft and kinds chewy. I would totally come back for this dish!! So GOOOOOD! The crab fried rice is probably one of the best I've ever had! Lots of crab huge meat and perfectly cooked fried rice! A nice carb on the side that isnt spicy to balance out all the flavors (imo) I love this place !!!! Totally would recommend and would come back for that raw shrimp dish

Minna C.

I am literally obsessed with this spot. You might have to wait a while but this is the best spot for happy hour oysters in nyc hands down! I love the green sauce. The coconut curry recipe may have changed since I went pre-covid but it's still creamy and has that hint of spiciness. The crab fried rice is AMAZING. The branzino was pretty good when I tried it too! 10/10 would recommend this place - everyone I took here fell in love with the food!

Emmie W.

Nice! Definitely would come again. Must order the oysters. They have very good side condiments to go with the oysters. Happy hours till 6pm.

Tony from the Bronx

Food was tasty. Portions extremely small for the price. Cocktails were nice but also very very expensive.Flavor and spiciness was on point.

Edward W.

We walked in for lunch and didn't have to wait. Coconut crab curry - crab was shelled and it was creamy. Paired well with the rice. Fried fish - the herbs, salad, and the sauce was amazing! The fried fish was perfectly crisped yet still juicy and mixed with the salad was splendid. This was the highlight and I absolutely would return just for this. This Thai restaurant doesn't really have all your traditional noodle dishes but instead has a wide variety of different seafood options. Refreshing change and worth a visit!

Jennifer P.

I went on a date with my fiance & we got there right when they opened at 5PM & since it was just me and him, we got seated inside, right away! The restaurant is so adorable -- It had a very cute and colorful ambiance! We started off with appetizers -- raw oysters, crispy rice salad & pork, & grilled pork cheeks. The grilled pork cheeks were SOOO good! -- They were easily my favorite app! They were very juicy & had the perfect balance of lean & fatty meat! The raw oysters were very delicious as well, when paired with their green sauce & crispy onion flakes that came with it, however some of the oysters were kinda small :( The crispy rice salad & pork was very flavorful but a tad spicy, but delicious nonetheless :) For our entrees, we ordered tiger prawns karee, coconut crab curry & the crab fried rice. The tiger prawns karee was also very flavorful and MUST definitely eat with rice, since it's very saucy & can be a tad salty on its own. The crab fried rice was very aromatic & had big chunks of crab, which is just what i like to see :) The coconut crab curry is a bestseller & there is a reason why! It's freaking delicious! But beware, the spice is a sneaky one! It starts off sweet from the coconut but then the spice will slowly creep so be prepared! I would definitely come back & recommend to a friend!

Christina C.

This place is amazing and absolutely worth a visit. I'm obsessed with their coconut curry - so flavorful and spicy in the best way possible. They also have $1 oysters that were fresh and delicious. I'll be back to try their steamed fish and prawn karee!


Overall a little below my expectation because I’ve heard several friends mentioned this is their favorite Thai food in NYC. The one dish that I must highlight is the steamed fish with herbs. I really like the fresh and sour-sweet flavors, very refreshing. Other dishes are good but did not impress me. Another bad experience is that it’s very slow for dine in, maybe because there are many takeout orders.

Momoneko Hwang

I rarely visit the same restaurant in twice in 3 months, but this one is a place really satisfying all your needs in the summer. Even though you are not a spicy lover, you still have enough favors and options to enjoy the food. Specially the fusion style cocktails really open your mind to try something new.

Khin H

I stopped by here for a quick snack and the service is amazing. The guy who took care of my table is really nice and helpful. The sauce which comes with oysters is super good. I’d love to come back here to try more dishes! And also they have this happy hour everyday starting from 5pm to 7pm!

Christian Le

The vibe of this place was chill and mellow, love the atmosphere and it was perfect spot to grab a quick drink and food with a refreshing flavor. East cost oysters is a bit smaller but the flavor and how clean taste is refreshing compared to the oyster in the south. It’s less grittier. The grilled pork cheeks are amazing. The wings had good flavor as well.

Jason Zhang

I tried this location for the second time and was not impressed by the food (found out later on that several of my friends though so as well). The drinks are definitely good but I am seriously wondering how little alcohol did they put in each drink?! As for the food, the wings have great flavors but the meat are very dry. Same thing with the fish, the presentation was sloppy and again, the meat is dry. To be honest, the best thing I've had are the oysters and they aren't even the big pieces as advertised.Overall, the food is absolutely overrated, but I enjoyed the dining experience and customer service.

Alice R.

After hitting some golf balls at the pier with a girl friend, we went here for Happy Hour which turned into a four hour hangout and catch up moment. They have an all week happy hour of drinks and $18 oysters/ dozen so as soon as we sat down, we each ordered a dozen to get it going. We drank up our first oysters so we got another dozen while we waited for the actual food to come out. Then we got a whole bunch of drinks and I even pulled some strings to get a glass of wine when the bar was closed until dinner time. The oysters are very special here. They serve them with a chimichurri like moment with garlic chips. Ladies/ gents, if you are on a date, make sure he/ she/ they have some garlic chips too because your breath will reek! However, do we care? You kind of need that crunch to offset the slimy, salty elixir that is not necessary but makes it so much better. Our actual meal, because oysters are more of snack than meal, was the shrimp glass noodles and crab curry. My girl friend and I both shared. She loved it. I thought it was good, but it was definitely too sweet. Hindsight, some lime would have made the dishes a lot better. I so recommend the glass noodles. Seems they used to make it with crab once upon a time, but now it is shrimp. Would have liked the crab better, but it is a preference and there was crab in the curry. I forget the drink I got, but the first one was a mango and bird's eye chili moment. I wasn't a fan of it because the mango nectar they used made the drink viscous and my personal preference in a cocktail is strong, fresh, and not too sweet. My friend got some drink that looked like a dragonfruit. Pink with black seeds. I think they were trying to mimic a dragonfruit, but it was delicious. So the rest of my five drinks were that. Think it was called Tongue and Cheek. Vodka based and just so refreshing. I can drink a pitcher of it on my rooftop laying in the sun. This place is very good and it is one of very few places where I would so want to go again. I am actually looking for a reason to go very soon! Try not to make plans after this moment only because this place makes you want to stay for hours and drink up a tab. I had a last minute date and boy was I not in the right state of mind to be on a date. I recommend going during happy hour, which I think is 12-4 pm? Drinks are $5 cheaper and oysters are $18 a dozen compared to $34. If you plan on going after happy hour, make sure your company is paying ;) (kidding!).

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