Souen Eastvillage

326 E 6th St, New York
(212) 388-1155

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Vada O.

I'm a long time eater at Souen, since 2010 but lately, the food quality and freshness have gotten worse over time. It doesn't seem they prioritize freshness of ingredients. I had ordered the Fish of the day - 'Cod Fish plain with lemon', fish was frozen for a long time, tasted rubbery and strong fish odor, that's when you know it was not fresh. The Pad Thai noodle was drowning in the peanut sauce, creating a soggy mess and one-dimensioned taste. Really disappointed in the experience. Perhaps there was a change in ownership or chef?

Alan Staschke

The best place in the city to get delicious Japanese inspired health food. Consistently excellent! I wish the other two were still around

Ray Howie

Food if fresh and farm tasty, good for vegetarian meals and more

Olivia B.

My favorite ramen spot! I always go for their miso curry broth. So flavorful and delicious. I typically go for the ramen but everything else I've tried on the menu is delicious and doesn't way you down. Always walk out satisfied.

Charlotte Lievens

The food was mind blowing, but the setting was a bit sombre.

Ben H.

Best restaurant in New York City. Service is strong and the food is consistent, clean, and fantastic. Only place where you can order anything on the menu and know it will be fantastic. Staff is super friendly and will walk you through each menu item - if you have dietary restrictions they are great at modifications. I don't know what I would be doing without Souen At East Village

K O.

Loved it. Macro bowl so satisfying and hearty. Not the nicest inside but great service and the food is just divine.

Rory Corrigan

I loved the food here. Space was tight, but it is Manhattan, right? My friend got the macro plate which looked super filling and healthy, we got some yuba wrapped in tofu skin to share, and I got the curry ramen with soba noodles. Everything was delicious, the curry had a reasonable level of spice and was filling. The staff were very engaging and helpful. Totally looking forward to going back.

Mallory J. Strawn

Love this spot. Perfect for V/VG/GF.

Kate J.

I found the food just okay. I've been to a lot of clean eating or vegan places and the food here wasn't super notable, and very expensive honestly. Their lunch special (a bowl of ramen with some vegetables on the side) turned out to be over $22 after tax/tip. That's not lunch special pricing at all!

Julia P.

my favorite place to get healthy food in nyc. I have eaten here three times now and every time the food is so fresh and seasoned perfectly. luv the japanese inspo too

Chris Lord

Interestingly very busy but that must be because vegans have very little choice in where to eat out Not too bad I suppose, but I wasn't knocked off my feet at all here. Best for lunch I would think.

Bianca Argimón

Quality of the meals when delivered is quite disappointing... might be fast delivered but quality is missing

Moso H.

If you are serious about vegetables and into healthy eating, you will love Souen. But if you want an exciting meal at a restaurant, you may want to look elsewhere. Reviewing a place like Souen is difficult because they are so specialized, and probably has a high love it or hate it ratio. I came down in the middle. They are a small chain and have been around for many years. At one time they followed the macrobiotic rules of cooking and eating, which I never bothered trying to learn about, but that fad fizzled out a while ago, and I am not sure they are still doing that. Anyway, vegetables. You can have lots of them here, and in big chunks. There is also a selection of fish dishes. I ordered a bowl of zucchini noodle soup (with veggies of course), not knowing what to expect, and the noodles were pure zucchini sliced into long strands and not a kind of pasta at all. The broth was pleasant - a little salty and very vegetal. My friend enjoyed her fish although she, not caring for the waiter's eye rolling at her order changes, decided to give him a hard time. At the next table an up and coming rock musician, a pretty, young blonde next to him, discussed his blossoming career. The lighting and atmosphere was pleasant.

Sun•Yoga• Health

Just like it used to be. Souen is a great resto to meet up with friends and have a bite to eat after a nice yoga class.

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