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Reviews for Burger King

Burger King is one of my favorite places, because the whopper is awesome. But, this location is the absolute worst I've been to. Staff swear in front of customers, they get my order wrong MOST of the time, and I've been ignored at the counter, which resulted in me walking out. I went again today, after a 2 month personal boycott, and yet again they got my order wrong. Instead of fixing my order and charging me accordingly, they just gave me a bigger drink. This will be the last...read full review
Went to have dinner here with my mom and I got a 2 for 6 and we noticed they charged us around 12 dollars so my mom goes back up to tell them ( just asking a question ) and the manager goes off and saying that it was tax because we added cheese and bacon but that still wouldn’t be that much money and the manager was being so disrespectful and rude when we were just asking a question and then the manager goes and wrings it up again and we were right, about the over charge and...read full review
There was a piece of glass in my burger I had a whopper and I was chewing and tasted something crunchy and at first I thought it was nothing and then I felt something hard in my mouth and there was a piece of clear glass that was in my burger, I will not be going back, ever, and do not recommend this place to anyone, they've screwed up my order in the past and just doesn't seem to be a good place, I'm going to be looking into how to continue to pursue compensation...read full review

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