Domino's Pizza

1092 Long Pond Rd, Rochester
(585) 227-1500

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Joel newman

It’s a Dominos so if you like their stuff it’s good. Employees are fine.

Richard Frisicano

Order online. Pizza is ready when I get there. Love it. Very convenient. And the pizzas is really good.

Sara Carter

Love this place. Always order late because thats when i get home from work and all of the enployees are super friendly and nice all the time. Id give more than 5 stars if i could

Christine Caruso

Pacific Veggie pizza is to die for!!!! Great deals, really good, fresh toppings; fast service. Online order and tracker is VERY easy and convenient! Every Friday I order online & pick up on the way home. Easy on the budget 😃. Only complaint is their chip reader is STILL not working so they hand punch in all the numbers when u pay there, that's weird? Oh, and LONG POND traffic lol.

Faith Lowrey

The pizza and stuffed cheesy bread was delicious I always order from them and the delivery guy was very nice !

Jamie Mathis-Davis

there food lately has been so hot and fresh, and very good

Nicole P.

Did the cheese change? I just ordered the worst pizza ever from there. Bland, zero flavor and like translucent "cheese". Very disappointed

torey Kaiser

Makes good flat bread pizza

Photonic Jester

Cheap, good pizza and food if you don't feel like cooking. I mainly have them deliver to my house and its quite a drive. I have other options that are much closer who will not deliver to this place for some reason. The staff is always friendly with minimal to non-existent errors with orders. Good job.

Shandra Kieffer

The online ordering system was easy and user friendly. The food got here quickly and it is delicious! Our driver was a pleasure to interact with.

Laurie Robinson

Great Pizza everytime. Very friendly staff.

Barbara McHugh

This is the first time I've used Advanced order app I'm hoping that it comes when it supposed to in that earlier LOL but the ease of it was awesome and it's so fun to win free pizza! In such a great price for three pizzas that I ordered oh my gosh seriously 3!

Sergio Cajaraville

my favorite domino store very good service and quality in their products

april sanchez

So i just moved... My old dominoes was a horrible experience every time. This dominoes was a breath of fresh air. The person taking orders and delivery driver was extremely friendly... And the order was PERFECT and came quickly. Very pleased and am even more pleased that i moved to this area.

Andrew Noviasky

First off dominos pizza is awesome and I have never had an issue at any other branch nor did we have an issue the first time we ordered from this branch. Tonight was different, when I arrived to pick up my order (30 min after placing the order online), half of it was unaccounted for (one of the two pizzas I had ordered). I was told it would be a minute and then the staff proceeded to ignore me, many phone calls and the other customers that walked in. After waiting approx. 35 - 40 minutes for my pizza to be finished in the store while I waited I opened the box in my hotel room and was surprised to see that it was both not what I had ordered nor was the pizza cut at all.

sherrie dantonio

Great Pizza!! Great Subs!! Great Wings!! Any and every way they make a pizza, subs, wings. I have not been disappointed. Has it been just good luck? is that, they are that Great!!

Alice Blankenship

I love Domino's Pizza! There food is really good and prices aren't too bad. No more than other pizza places. I love the Brooklyn Pizza for the thin crust. But I also like the thicker crust. And they found me easily when I called for delivery. Another pizza place that I won't name but that is just up and around the corner from where I live had trouble finding me. They claim they have never heard of the road. I may still order from them because they have different things than Domino's does. But I really prefer Domino's

Sona Muradova

Today I called dominos pizza and told them to deliver to my house. But they said that they will not deliver because we don’t give tips. They will not do delivery to our house again. If u have any question send me an email.

Maria Shartran

Friendly delivery drivers and wonderful food. When my order was going to be late they called me back promptly and explained the situation. The team at Dominos on long pond road is grate I'm pleased with their service.

Matthew H.

Domino's is never my first choice for pizza but every once in a while I get a craving for some. I will never waste my time ordering from THIS location, however, as they always seem to get my on-line order incorrect. The last time I did an on-line order I received an email confirmation but when I showed up at the store to pick it up I was told that my order had been voided for some unexplained reason. No apology for their incompetence and no attempt by the employee to make up for their error. Won't be wasting my time here again.

Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

1092 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY 14626