Sabra Grill

1855 Monroe Ave, Rochester
(585) 244-2211

Recent Reviews

Erik Stoneham

Good Mediterranean food. Nice and friendly staff.

David Rubin

Great food, friendly staff and convenient parking.

Rami Katz

Clean, healthy, always fresh - love the food and the friendly ambiance. Never had a bad experience

Mark Jefferson

They have the good Shoarma stuff. Kosher

Jill H.

We were looking to try a new-to-us place on a trip to Rochester and had found this one on yelp. We were not disappointed! The selection is very good and the food is excellent. I had the falafel plate with Israeli salad, hummus, and pita. My spouse has the salmon sandwich on a pita. I really liked the taste of the fresh falafels and found the plate to be quite filling. The sandwich was bigger than expected, tasty and filling. We would definitely go back!

Jeff Krampen

Delicious meal! The Shawarma plate was fantastic. Beautiful space and conveniently located in Brighton,NY near 12 corners.

Josh Cowley

New favorite restaurant. Amazing food and very friendly staff!!

Golda Wiseman

Delicious food. Nice sunny dining room. Top notch schwarma & salads.

Bonnie Clyde

Delicious and fresh. The Sabra burger was the best I've ever had!

Tracie G.

The food at Sabra Grill is . Anything you order will most likely be delicious and you will be satisfied. I recommend the kibbeh (a Moroccan dish which is spicy meat breaded) which can actually be a meal. Usually kibbeh is small for appetizers, but they make big and give you two so it makes a good meal. Also try ordering the diced chicken or schwama in laffa (mixed with your choice of ingredients, vegetables, pickles, french fries, hummus). Keep in mind this place is kosher so you will not find any dairy products. Also typically kosher food is pricier but Sabra Grill is fairly reasonably priced for kosher restaurants. It's also a casual atmosphere, cafeteria style restaurant.

Steven Brick

The Shawarma Lafa is fantastic! Kept me full the entire ride back to NJ.

Lewis Norry

kosher Israeli grill. nice menu choices. the owners specialty is her middle eastern salads which are great!!

Jacob Scutaru

Great flavors, generous portions, fantastic salads. A pleasure for lunch, dinner, and work events

Naomi Levinson

I love eating at Sabra Grill. Don’t let the humble decor or very reasonable prices fool you. The food is fresh, made from scratch and delicious. The majority of the menu items are gluten free (and can be safely eaten by celiacs). Just ask them to be careful as they prepare your meal. The falafel is gluten free and made in a gluten free fryer - that means no filler. Delicious! Even the fries are delicious. Love it.

Yirmiyahu Lebowitz

Friendly, good food, high quality

G. Kasper

The food was excellent, tasted fresh, and they are very amenable to customize according to your preferences.

N L.

I love eating at Sabra Grill. Don't let the humble decor or very reasonable prices fool you. The food is fresh, made from scratch and delicious. The majority of the menu items are gluten free (and can be safely eaten by celiacs). Just ask them to be careful as they prepare your meal. The falafel is gluten free and made in a gluten free fryer - that means no filler. Delicious! Even the fries are delicious. Love it. Yes sometimes as another reviewer mentioned service can be slow but that's because it is NOT fast food. That's why it's so great. The owner and chef usually works the counter herself. Worth the wait if you find yourself in a line up! Highly recommend.

Judy Clement

Great food. Good service

Nichole Gantshar

Love this place. Their salads are full of flavor. If you like Middle Eastern food check it out.

Barbara P.

Delicious soups, sandwiches, and stuffed cabbage! I especially love their Mediterranean soup. It is very nice that they are willing to reserve one of the 2 very large tables for when my extended family meets there.

Emily Morgan

Fantastic place. I’ve lived in Rochester a little while now and I think I’ve eaten at Sabra just over 50 times. Fabulous shawarma, felafel, salmon, kabobs, and great soup! It’s Kosher (Vaad of Buffalo, I believe), too! There aren’t many kosher options in Roc, but I’m so glad this is one of them. If you’re not a fan of Mediterranean food, they also have great hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken. The staff are so pleasant and they really know what they’re doing. Rochester is famous for its “Garbage Plate” and Sabra has an unbelievable take on it that I get whenever it’s available. Do yourself a favor and check it out. My personal favorite is a felafel (or sometimes shawarma) in a pita, Israeli salad, hummus, pickles, onions, eggplant, and a generous glazing of their garlic sauce or tahini sauce.

Gary Guttenberg

Went to Sabra grill for an early dinner(don't live in the area). Staff was pleasant, place was nice and spacious, and most importantly, food was delicious. Bread was fresh. Schwarma was nice and tasty. I loved the cole slaw. Portions were large. Prices were fair.

Joe M.

SLOW We stopped in here a while back to grab a quick bite. We figured since it's cafeteria style, fast food, that it would be, you know, fast. Nope. There was one woman making all of the food, and she was working hard. We watched her work for about 15 minutes and then serve... one customer. There was a group of four in front of us, so we did the math, figured it would take an hour before we got served. Well, an hour before our food got started, probably an hour and a half before we ate. There were other people working there, don't know why none of them helped her out. We stuck around a little to see if the speed would pick up at all, it did not. We would like to try the food here, but the unbelievably slow service means it's not an option for us.

Husam K.

Nice sitting area. Food of small quantity and does not taste as middle eastern food. Spices are of strange flavor.

Lisa Gareleck Fogel

Sabra Grill is an amazing place with very good fresh and healthy kosher food. One of the best!

Gary wolfe

Great food. Super clean. And fantastic prices. Kosher too.

Joe Farkas

Excellent shwarma. Owners and staff are extremely nice and helpful

Lois D.

Delicious Hamemtashen. A real find ,clean, bright and well priced. Friendly owner that wants her customers to be happy. Can't wait to go back and try other things on the menu like matzoh ball soup, stuffed cabbage and potato latkes.

Christina M.

Very authentic food. The owners are lovely to chat with and truly take pride in their establishment. You have to like this type of food though - I have brought people who either love it or don't care for it. I am mixed about some of the options and have to really be in the mood for it. The turkey is delicious! Hummus and pita excellent! And the french fries are always crunchy and hot! Different cold salads are hit and miss - more of an acquired taste. A lot of parsley used in them. One down side - being it's a kosher establishment, the prices reflect that I'm assuming due to cost of food (meat in particular) being more expensive. It is quite pricey to feed our family of 5, BUT the portions are very generous. Also, they are closed on Saturdays, which I understand is due to the sabbath, but it's a common day to want to grab a bite to eat out. There have been a few Saturdays we mention this as an option and then realize they are closed.

Saraha Thompson

Very nice food and very clean establishment. Hummus and falafel were very good. Also is nice to be greeted with a nod and hello. Only down side was the mushroom and barley soups was a little greasy for me but that might be because I had it as part of my first meal of the day so would likely be better later in the day.

shlomo Glanstein

Delicious food, great service, great parking, and great prices! I would recommend

Monish Overlander

Tasty, affordable food and great ambiance

Scott Wagner

Excellent Israeli - Mediterranean deli.


A nice break from the typical. Loved the fresh vegetable salad and hummus. The pita bread was warm and fresh and filling! The chicken plate was just right for a cold fall day. Will definitely return and try the other options. The restaurant was very warm and clean and welcoming. Even the goyim can eat here!

Debbie F

Friendly staff, great Middle Eastern food. Large portions; I will try the small plate next time.

Roxanne C.

Casual, good food with large portions. I recently started going here and have enjoyed the large variety of vegetarian choices. It's not fancy but nicely done especially the falafel's. There are so many salads that come as sides and a wide variety of plates and wraps, etc. the staff are friendly and will describe the salads. It's a comfortable dining experience where you order and seat yourself. They bring it out to you. I highly recommend it .

Joshua Witter

Really good kosher food. I ended up getting the Kebab Pita with pretty much everything. Have the Falafel balls on the side and washed it down with a Diet Coke. Really tasty and a nice place to eat. I would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for something different to eat.

Jeffrey Brown

Solid, clean Kosher eats at a fair price.

Mordechai W.

This is the worst restuarant experience of my life. The waiter that served us gave us the wrong food, yelled at us, was extremely impatiant, and did not listen to our requests as the customer. When we asked for a burger without the bun, the woman decided it best, out of her own decision without consultation of us, gave us the burger WITH the bun. Moreover, the food that was presented was sub-par. My shawarma was soggy, flavorless, and had a weird tinge to it. Overall, my experience was not very good and I do not recommend it

Christian Martinez

Super quick and very healthy. The staff here are always friendly. Everything is delicious and worth trying. Make sure to sign up for the rewards program.