Olisi's NY Pizza

2352 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda
(716) 837-6767

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I love this place and it's my favorite. From the pizza to the garlic knots it reminds me of authentic NYC pie. Grab a slice to go, order a whole pizza to take out or sit in the dining area. I've never had a bad experience in this establishment.

Ellen S.

My favorite "plain cheese" pizza! Staff is always friendly and helpful. Slices ready on the go too. Salads are also delicious!

David L.

The best thin crust NY style in the Amherst area. They're more expensive than the rest, so if I'm ordering anything other than a thin NY style with one or two toppings, I go elsewhere. The pricing is higher than the competition and if anywhere else made a decent NY style for less, I'd order there. I still ×ince when ordering.

Michelle Rao-Robidoux

This is the best pizzeria around! All of their food is above excellence

Leah K.

Good spot for NY style thin pizza. Had a large order over the weekend and they grouped everything best they could to make some combo deals. Really nice of them to do. Only thing is the pizza adds up quick if you want a few toppings. They also send coupons out in mailers around the area. So you usually have a coupon on hand. I've ordered subs and wings here before and they are delicious as well. Thin crust isn't always my jam, and it can be a little greasy but if you're in the mood it's a great local spot

Phil V.

Best place for NY style pizza in the Buffalo NY area, Ive had a few pies from here and they are always on point, nice thin crust with a little bit of chew on the crust Go for the meatball pie and the steak pie Dont sleep on the garlic knots

Bill Mercer

Awesome pizza, great service

Theresa E.

I didn't grow up here and I'll be honest... I can't stand Buffalo style pizza. I don't mean to offend anyone - I just don't get it! That's said, I'm always on the lookout for local places that have a good thin-crust with non-cup and char pepperoni. And Olisi's has it!!!!!!! I was thrilled by the first look at it, and even more thrilled upon biting in! Finally - a pizza in WNY that you need to fold!!! The sauce wasn't overly savory and the amount on the pizza was absolutely perfect. The crust was wonderfully crunchy. A little bit of oil even dropped down my wrist at one point and honestly... *chef's kiss.* God I've missed that. The wings were solid! I typically don't love the wings from pizza places but like.. yeah! Medium had a the perfect amount of heat in my opinion, and wasn't drowned in sauce (again - chef's kiss! Can't stand a wing that's drowning in a lake of sauce). They were nice and crispy. Nothing bad to report! Definitely recommend Olisi'sThis will be our neighborhood pick going forward!!

Karla S.


We were in the mood for pizza but wanted to try a new place just to shake it up in these dull-drum times. We like "NY" style pizza and heard that this place is really good. We called on a Saturday night and since we were picking up, it was only a 30 minute wait.

We arrived right on time and all our food was ready for us. We scored our timing because three other people came in right after us to get their orders so we didn't have to wait for our turn.

The drive home was torturous as it smelled SO good! We couldn't wait to open the boxes! We ordered a large pizza, garlic knots, and single order (extra crispy) chicken wings. OMG, everything tasted amazing!! Wings were perfect, the pizza crust was on point, and garlic knots were perfectly doughy and buttery.

We will definitely revisit this place again and probably try some other menu items. For a place that isn't mentioned as some other local pizza places, I highly recommend this joint in the Northtowns.

William M.

I've been looking for NYc style pizza in buffalo for months.  I do love buffalo style but preferred nyc pizza that particular day.  So far in a lot of looking this is the place. Great pizza pie was ready in 20 minutes.  They have what I like when you walk in and the individual slices of pizza is in a case in front of you.  Tons of topping options that I will probably experiment with but I really enjoyed the pepperoni pie I got.

Susie Q.

We took our dogs for a walk on the bike path and decided to try the pizza here. I'm a big fan of New York style. Ordered a large cheese. It is really delicious. Cooked perfectly and the price is really reasonable. We will be ordering from here again!!

Amanda B.

This is my kind of Pizza,my families new favorite!!! Thin large slices with the best sauce I've had in WNY.Don't hesitate to try it-All COVID rules followed

Charles Colón-Ramos

Used to be my family’s favorite pizza place. However, it seems as though they have cheapened out on the cheese they use and now it doesn’t melt the way it use to. There is no reason for me to still be able to see strands of cheese in my pie if good cheese is used and if cooked properly. Get it together and maybe we’ll return but until then we’ll go elsewhere.

John P.

We ordered the deep blue pizza. Fantastic pizza. The large cheese and pepperoni was ok. Not as good as usual, but still good. As a suggestion from a family that spends a fair amount of money at this restaurant, you should consider serving any pizza in a deep dish. We love the New York style, but we also love a nice deep dish cheese and pepperoni. We hope you check your reviews. Would be interested in your response.

Annmarie Nowak

My first time ordering from here. Just moved to the area and was looking for a good place to order pizza. I will never again. The pizza had no taste no sauce no cheese. Tired to call and complain about the pizza and they just told me it was not there problem. Of corse not cause it was not there money. Not Satisfied with the service or food

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