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Sometimes the food is hot and sometimes itâ??s not.This location rarely has people in the driver thru but for someone reason your constantly being rushed while ordering.Im like can I have a whopper(and the employee is like anything else)so Iâ??m like yes with cheese(anything else)yes no onions(anything else).I had to finally say plz let me finish ordering and I promise Iâ??ll tell you if itâ??s anything else.Then when I get up to the window my order is wrong.And this has happened...read full review

I'd like to say that I absolutely love the breakfast . But I have noticed aggressively if the last few weeks that the burgers are getting smaller and smaller.a regular cheeseburger and the Whopper jr. Have been downsized...I wonder if it's some point they will be the same size as a White Castle..hope not but I'm just wondering if that's the route corporate is going to go.

Terrible Taco and service. Drive through had Taco advertised, so I decided to try it. I had to pull-up my car so they could bring it to me. That took 10 min in 95 degree heat. I was told they had to wait for the cook. When I got home the bags that the tacos were in were soaked in grease. I opened them up and if there was beef in it, it was what was burned. No tomatoes, small amount of lettuce in one none in other. Not sure all Burger King Tacos are this bad, but I say beware of...read full review

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About Burger King

It's the Home of the Whopper, and it's a great day to stop at Burger King to get one of their flame-grilled burgers. Other places only give you fries, but at Burger King, you can choose onion rings to shake things up a little. And speaking of shakes, an Oreo shake will totally hit the spot so get one of those too. You can have it your way because every sandwich is made to order, making it a hot, fresh and fast meal night or day!