Mazunte Centro

611 Main St, Cincinnati
(513) 785-0000

Recent Reviews

Matt Nalley

If you like authentic tacos this is a place that should be on your radar.

Mark Berry

I constantly stop by purchasing some food here. I liked the quick service and well made dishes. 5 stars.

Stan Lior

Love the interior design, the food, and service. So many choices to choose from and you can sit and wait for your food to be delivered to your table. Food is delicious and good for the price.

Shane Laubhan

Mmmm, delicious tacos and reasonably priced for the area. I don't recall what the item is, but there is a fried cheese appetizer that is nothing but crunchy good deliciousness. Definitely give it a try. I've been making something similar at home for years and couldn't believe they had it. The salsa is good, and they have a nice drink selection as well. I definitely recommend giving Mazunte Centro a try if you haven't been.

Luke Lefever

The best tacos we?ve ever had. No joke. The al pastor was amazing. Fresh guacamole and tortilla chips. Would totally go back!

Tiffanie Nuccio

Tonight was the first time going to Mazunte Centro and I LOVE this place. I ate too mich but I don't even care. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I wish I could take this restaurant with me to my home town.

Emilie Kuyat

Alittle confusing on the order system. Couldn't find a menu until I got to the register. But the food was very good. Margaritas were a bit too sweet.

Matthew LeFebvre

Food was great. Don't love the chips and salsa pricing and the music wasn't my favorite, but the tacos were fantastic! I'll definitely go back when I'm in town!

Mark Lewis

I was prepared to be disappointed. I have am a huge fan of the original restaurant and with the lack of a salsa bar and a truncated menu I was sure it would not come close. I have to say though the taco selection was larger then the original and they were very tasty. I was impressed. Still could use a salsa bar.

Tyler M.

This review is based on a pick-up order, and since you can't get to-go margs, it seems hardly fair that I'm writing the review (I've had the margs at the original location and they are DELISH). Three tacos for $10 plus my favorite verde salsa in the city? GAME ON. I ate: CAMARONES (SHRIMP)(GF) avocado salsa, salsa de tamarindo CHILE RELLENO (ROASTED JALAPEÑO STUFFED W/ GOAT CHEESE & QUESO OAXACA)(GF) (V) avocado salsa, salsa fresca POLLO VERDE (CHICKEN IN SALSA VERDE)(GF) red jalapeño salsa, salsa amarilla TOSTADA CHIPS(GF) (V) SALSA VERDE (GF) (V) Without the burden of a doubt, The Chile Relleno was my favorite taco. The stuffed jalapeño was delicious and delivered the perfect kick. It's definitely better to eat in the restaurant, if possible (the taco shells don't transport well). I haven't dined in the restaurant, but I've heard that this location is much different in terms of vibes + offerings than its original, I'm excited to find a reason to come here for lunch. As a long-time Mazunte fan, I'm stoked that there's another location offering up some delicuous tacos!

Tricia D.

We were there for lunch and service was quick. I had the pork taco and the avocado salsa was just the right touch. Also had the white queso fundido which was amazing. Fried cheese! And both of the salsas were great with it. Flavorful without being overwhelming. My friend had the Pozole soup and said it was like"a party" with all the flavors & textures.

Mariel D.

I'm a big fan of the original Mazunte in Oakley, but this one seems to have a different vibe. The overall atmosphere doesn't feel as authentic as their original location. The food was still awesome just a different concept with the grab a go section and checkout in different location from order station. The overall service was meh - not the greatest. It seemed everyone coming in was confused on where to order, where to pay, what the grab and go section was. I like that they are expanding with new locations, but please don't lose the charm and authentic feel the original restaurant has!

Cathryn L.

When I made plans to meet a friend at Mazunte Centro for lunch on October 4, I was not aware that it was National Taco Day. What a coincidence. As soon as we crossed the threshold, the attendant, sitting behind a counter halfway into the room, was saying something to us. "What? This is a large, cavernous room filled with hard surfaces. I can't hear you!" Ten seconds later when we arrived at the counter, the attendant repeated what she had been saying---we had entered the wrong way; we should have walked AROUND the partition to the left... I'm going to digress to state that good design should not have to be explained. Despite our poor entry, we were given menus -- three dense, overwhelming columns of choices. Where's Edward Tufte when you need him? The attendant saw my consternation and tried to help, but when she relayed that the Oakley restaurant's menu was based on Oaxcan cuisine whereas this menu is based on another, inland cuisine of Mexico . . . I swoon into a PBS typhoon with Rick Steves and Rick Bayless. Too much information! I quickly order 3 of the top 4 types of 13(!) tacos listed--Al Pastor, Barbacoa, and Camarones ($10), Esquites ($5.50), Frijoles (3.50), and Rice ($2), but when I motioned to hand her my credit card, she tells me I have to pay in the back. I'm not going to digress again about good, intuitive design. On the way to the cashier, I selected Mexican Coke ($3), Guacamole ($4.50), and Salsa Verde ($1) from a self-serve display, described as the imperative "grab yourself" on the menu. Here's the silver lining -- the food was tasty. Here's the hitch -- total the prices that I've listed above, add my friend's tacos ($10), and $5 that I left as a tip, even though we were instructed to bus our own table by the hovering attendant...$40 for a tasty lunch. For the sake of my 401k and my sense of design, I will have to reserve Mazunte Centro for special occasions; thank goodness National Taco Day occurs only once a year.

Magda C.

If you come here thinking: 'how cool Mazunte got a second location downtown', you will be severely disappointed, as I was. Do not expect this to be like the original Mazunte at Madison Rd. and perhaps you will enjoy it more. You can skip my lengthy review, but beware that this is like a take away supermarket, where you take everything from a refrigerated case, a plastic tub of cold guac, a bag of old chips, a tub of salsa, a plastic bottle with a drink, everything is charged seprately. They bring the warmed up tacos to you if you opted to dine in. It's kinda like getting food from a deli in Kroger. Here are the reasons I did not like it. Very very different from any Mexican place I've been to and I am not happy that the Management called it Mazunte. I expected a Mazunte experience and I find it very confusing. Branding it as Mex Express would be more appropriate and less disappointing. More details: Upon entering I was pleasantly surprised to see gorgeous bold colors, wall art and super cool furniture. But as soon as I got to the counter, I was kind of lost and could not understand how the ordering works. They mainly have tacos, which is fine, but the varieties I am familiar with from original Mazunte were not there, replaced with strange sounding combinations like beets and mushrooms or beef toungue. Uhhh A very nice and helpful Manager came over and explained that the menu differs and there are no quesadillas, but they do offer a giant tortilla with toppings which is like a pizza. Well, not what I came for. Strike one. So I proceeded to the cashier and ordered 3 tacos, guac, which normally comes with chips (no brainer), but here you need to order them separately, each salsa is a $1. I also ordered Horchata. I went to my table and waited for the food, but then realized I need to take it from the fridge case behind me. Strike two. So I took a plastic tub of cold guac, a plastic bag of stacked fried old tortillas and a bottle of overly ridiculously sweet Horchata. No basket for chips, no plates, just eating from a plastic bag. Disappointing. Then came the tacos. I wanted chicken, but it only comes with hot salsa, so I was offered to have just chicken by itself, no veggies, no toppings, no thanks. So I had carnitas and eggplant or zucchini. The tortillas for the tacos were soggy, as if they sat in the warmer all day long. For this reason, they tasted as reheated microwave food. Strike 3. I did not enjoy my food and the experience. I think there are many people like me, coming to expect the real Mazunte, and then realizing that this place is only warming up the food that had been premade elsewhere. In my opinion the owners shot themselves in the foot by not coming up with a separate brand and hurting the original name of Mazunte. I would love this place to better itself and change. Good luck.

Joel B.

cool staff, quick service, and absolutely delicious food. If you're a fan of the original location you'll like the fact that this place has other Taco options, different types of sandwiches, and a full liquor license. I don't drink, but it's great to have the option and availability downtown for good affordable food.I got myself a chicken torta and it was gigantic, it could have easily been two meals, but I was pretty hungry so I just made it a single one and had some delicious bread for later. My girlfriend got three tacos, a mixed variety and was happy with every single one of them. The al pastor beef barbacoa, and chorizo with potato were all fantastic. about the only thing that's disappointing when comparing it to the original is that they don't do any of the super great homemade tortilla chips and salsa in a bottomless serving, but they still have great chips and salsa available if you want to buy them by the pack. Lastly the space is really awesome and all the recycled materials make it look and feel unique

Austin Zanella

Different menu than the Oakley location. At first, I was skeptical because I do love the Oakley spot. However, the lengua tacos are incredible, the new salsas are unique and delicious, and it's on the street car line. Seriously, there's no better place to get tacos downtown.

Lissa B.

Mexico City version of Mazunte and it's awesome! They use one tortilla and it holds together unlike at the suburban one. Better menu too with the star tacos being lengua + hongos+beets.

Beth Portwood

Good food, nice about of spice. Order and then sit and they bring it to you. Don't forget to grab chips and salsa in line

Sarah H.

I'd consider Mazunte Centro "fast casual" vs. "fast food." Nope, it's not as quick as your local Taco Bell, but it's worth the wait. Grab a (strong and delicious) margarita and some (amazing) chips and (kick ass) salsa, kick back and enjoy the colorful, eccentric decor while you wait. That wait is worth it. I'm a bit of a tortilla snob, and just like the Madisonville location, these are top notch, as are the excellent protein/veggie options. In typical Mazunte style, it's a mix of bright flavors, fresh ingredients, a varied menu, and food that is prepared with care. It's a great downtown addition. Get there.

Jeff Howe

Got fresh tostada shells to go with my order as road snacks and they were almost as good the next day. Salsa like I've never had it... new and lively tastes in an informal atmosphere.

Yep. Just Eric

Hit and miss. Was customer #1 when they opened. That torta was perfect. Today's was cold; cheese didn't melt. I prefer their Red Bank location.

Lauren Tiffan

Unfortunately, Iâ??d tell everyone to go to their Red Bank location. Be warned: â??quesoâ? is not liquid cheese- itâ??s a fried cheese cracker tower thing... we were very disappointed. And the ambiance is not as great either- very small, which makes sense for downtown I suppose, but means youâ??re stuck with a less than hospitable â??grab and go, pay for every little thingâ? situation.

B S.

Had a torta al pastor for lunch and it was very good. My order got mixed up, but they were quick to correct it and lmk the reason for the delay promptly. Wish they had some type of free salsa for the tortas and tacos. I may have missed this, as I didn't readily see any....other than what they offered for sale. Bottom line though, this a great addition to the downtown lunch scene.

Elizabeth H.

I was there for lunch on a Tuesday at 11:45. The line was operating efficiently. The ordering process was explained and it seemed to work well. The food was served relatively quickly, probably within five minutes of placing the order. I had two tostadas, carnitas and barbacoa. The carnitas was good but not amazing, a bit bland. The barbacoa was wonderful, perfect mix of flavors. I shelled out the $2.50 for chips and salsa. It was probably worth it but I won't do it every time. Overall high quality of food. The price is relatively high and the physical space is cramped and dark. One particularly peculiar thing is they gave the water cooler perched up high on a shelf. I'm curious how someone changes it but from a user perspective I couldn't see how full my cup was and spilled it. I will likely go again but order online and eat somewhere more pleasant.

Michael Richardson

The tacos were excellent. Great flavor.

Tracy Krohn

I had been to the original Mazunte, so when they opened this one downtown, I knew I had to try! The food in it's own is good, but the scope of the restaurant does not compare to the original. You get less food for more money, as everything is a la carte (you even have to pay for salsa, where the original has a salsa bar). I unfortunately also had to wait 10 minutes after all my friends got their food (when I was the second person to order). There was not a huge crowd in the restaurant, so having to wait so long was a little disconcerting. They did bring my food out soon after I asked. I know they are relatively new and trying to still get organized. I think I will still make the drive to the original, as I like the atmosphere and you get more for the money.

Jack T.

New concept, still great food! The menu is new and the process for ordering is a little different, so be prepared for that if you're used to the Madisonville location. The new concept is also reflected in the street art on the walls. And of course the food is excellent! I went 8/28 and got mixed tacos--camarones (shrimp), barbacoa (beef), and lengua (beef tongue). Very flavorful, and I recommend them! I'll definitely be back.

Don T.

Good food, space and area a little funky. The Madison rd location is better but their seating situation is goofy. I'd give the Madison rd location 4 stars.

culinary q.

Slow slow slow slowww. It's not crowded just me and it took 20 mins for 2 tacos. Tacos are ok but the meat was way over cooked and I almost choked. I was struggling and walking around coughed so hard and loud to clear it and no one helped me. Bad health safety training for the staff! I left my other taco and walked out for water in my car. Cashier was unprofessional. Waitstaff were at social hour with each other. $1 for sauces when the other location is free! That's just dumb. Not cool. Don't bother going to this location. It's like night and day from Oakley :(

Sal P.

So great to have Mazunte downtown. Menu is slightly different. Missed some of my regular taco choices but some great ones here too. Like the tostadas better at the Taqueria location. Missed the fun salsa station too but let me tell you I'd forego either to get this downtown. I'll be a regular for sure

Elizabeth Romero

The tacos were delicious!

Charles Bazeley

Absolutely delicious. Highly recommend getting a mixture of tacos or the torta. Have had carnitas, chorizo, cochinita, and chile relleno so far. All tasty af


The food is good, it feels ala cart. Have to pay separate for salsa. The prices are a little more then the original restaurant on Madison.

Rusty H.

The atmosphere, and staff are very nice. But honestly I am disappointed about my visit here. The oakley location's food quality was/is far superior to what I had here on 8/10/19. This location doesn't have a salsa bar, but instead sell small cups of salsa and chips separately. Not the biggest deal because they do have good salsa. Where it became not worthwhile was the tacos. The meat that we had on the tacos was over cooked and over seasoned (nothing like the oakley location) the diced up pork pieces felt like they were scraping my throat on the way down, next there were also just chunks of fat put into it (not attached to meat). I wont be back to this location.

Matt Jacob

Awesome tacos and tostadas. So delicious! Top notch for downtown.

7even 5th

The staff are nice people BUT ... If youre looking for taste this isnt the place .the chicken in the taco was over compensated with season and the amount of whatever you order in your taco isnt muxh at all , our soup was room temp and for what we paid it could of been alot better quality .was looking forward to a good taco lunch but was disappointed .not the end of the world and if they up the game i would. Give it a 2nd try ... I guess this is street taco style .

Remco deJong

This new Mezunte is loud and cold, the food was a solid 4, but I was uncomfortable and wolfed it down so I could get out of there.

Donna Lomax

Had the Tlayudas with barbacoa today. It was delicious and quite filling. New favorite go to place. Canâ??t wait to try the tortas on our next visit.

Jenny H.

I've been a huge fan of the Mazunte on Redbank and was ecstatic to hear they opened a location on Main St. downtown. Different menu but same amazing flavors, huge chips, house-made salsas and drinks. Perfect lunch spot!

Cheryl R.

Wow. I've always loved Mazunte. Food is great. Their new concept is a nightmare. Confusing process to order, confusing to pay, had to find our own silverware and napkins, left a tip, then got chased on the way out to be told we were supposed to clear our place. If you go here for the good food - know it is a DIY operation. IF I over return - zero tip and I'm getting carry out.