Taco Bell

7424 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland
(216) 741-0024

Recent Reviews

Brian Sommers

Fast service, good fast food and great prices.

Laura Brennan

I love Taco Bell! 3 Soft Taco Supreme meal is my favorite. They practiced all covid-19 rules. I would definitely go to this one.

Zachary Wehe

Workers are hit or miss. Have been told to go home while trying to pick up a late night order over the app cause the drive through girl was on break. Also have not always received everything I've ordered.

Valencia Chavonne

They were nice but only took credit or debit payments and they were missing quite a few items off of the menu.

johnny white

I'm a otr truck driver, I called to place an order to pick up and was told by the manager Demetrius that he couldn't serve me if I walked up to the window, I've ordered at this very store in the past and was never denied service. This manager was rude and had a very bad attitude, corporate will get a call.

Chris Dillon

No masks worn by employees. When we questioned why they said, "Because they were too busy." We will be too busy to ever go back.

Jim Singer

Went through the drive thru and no employees were wearing face coverings. They do not care about the safety of the community! Go anywhere else to eat safe!

Kara Kornblum

Went through the drive-thru today and they made us BEEF and NOT BEAN burritos despite us spelling the word "bean" while ordering and making sure the screen was correct before driving through to the next window. We are a family with multiple vegetarians, and this was completely unacceptable. We will not be going here again for a quick take-out dinner.

Tricky LeBlanc

This place needs a management check. Consistently closed 15 minutes before the 3am closing time. I personally know how annoying it is when someone comes right before close but that's your job and you gotta do it. Can't even tell you how much business this location loses out on to the Arby's next door. I gave them 5 chances and each time they don't even say anything untill you say "hello?" which is met with "we're closed". The last time I went the person in front of me was calling out countless times, obviously met with no answer. So I put it in reverse and went to Arby's. I'll be going tonight and if I get told "we're closed" then I will be calling corporate. Hate to be the "Karen" but I've been there, done that. No reason to be closing before the close time.

Carlos Colon

Fast efficient good food. Safe

Simon Agleo

Consistently great service at this location. Friendly, fast, clean, and accurate even if my order is large or complicated.

Daniel Rice

I'm never ever one to complain but I was just stuck in this drive through line for 45 minutes...45....minutes. You guys gotta get it together because that definitely is not okay.

Nathan Newman

They usually get your order right but calling it "fast" food may be a stretch...

Mathias Drouhard

Its was good ..but they forgot a couple of the items i order and paid for


Used to be the go-to for late night tacos. after tonight, I will never go here again. I waited almost 20 minutes for my food, the kid at the window/speaker was super rude and uninterested. then I get home and I'm missing three things. I called the manager and she just essentially gave me an attitude, too, and said I can come back and get what I'm missing or whatever I want to do. Unbelievable.

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