3024 Far Hills Ave, Kettering
(937) 293-1231

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Jon Allen

The pretty brunette? Black haired? Onyx? I should have got her name. But that would be weird. Anyhoo.The lovely lass with the thick and wavy, dark hair who rang me up around 7:00 on 9/9 is an asset and deserves a raise. I’ve had a rough go since I moved away from Florida to this strange place called Ohio (how do you people even tan in September??), and she was very sweet and genuine, which made my otherwise trash birthday nice. Then she performed an act of kindness to the guest after me, and as a longtime full service restaurant manager and overall empath, I can say she was naturally a good spirit. As a published author and podcast host, I study people (not in a creepy way-though my podcast is called The Creepy Crawl Podcast…huh?). So yeah, I can sense genuine personalities and this (midnight maned? chocolate coiffed? Can you tell I’m a writer yet?) gal is much like my adoration of horror films and sleep - real! So thanks again mysterious stranger for being amazing and awesome and I hope you find $50 randomly somewhere! And happy birthday to your lil sis and Adam Sandler as well!Jon Allen

Jessica Rutter

Could not even order. Attempted to order online for pick up. Their system is so horrible I could not even complete the task. I have ordered here in person and it was fine. Will not be back until I can go in person again.

B_ Shortyy94

Super excellent service, very respectful and very polite and professional!! This is by far the best and cleanest subway around. You can definitely tell the employees care about there job, my sandwich artists this evening was Cyli and she was so professional and A1, she was in the middle of mopping as i walked in and she stopped that to assist me!!! Beyond 5 star service.


My Sandwich Artist made me a beautiful sandwich.....

Andrew Hoy

Friendly service with delicious, fresh and satisfying subs and cookies!

Tim Hall

We enjoyed a quiet evening meal. It was a real treat, being able to dine in....and relax for a few quiet minutes. Thank you.The food was fresh, delicious and warm.

J Bird

Decent customer service with standard subway food action.

Jeannine Reed

Always have gotten friendly service. Convenient and usually not a long wait.

Michael Collins

I showed up twenty minutes to close, surprised there is a Subway open until 10pm. I placed my 3 sub order and more people entered behind me. The lone worker at the counter didn't complain, sigh, nothing. He is a great example of an employee (312 on receipt) providing excellent customer service. I am impressed and will use this location going forward.

Zaniel Walker

Super quick and kind service

James Macy

Got the ham and cheese, toasted. It was excellent ?.

Alexis Combs

I went here to grab lunch and my order is kind of annoying. Tasha and her manager took care of me and they were so nice! There was a little issue with the register, but they fixed it and we’re so great! They had amazing customer service 10/10 would recommend going to this location!

Machelle Mccurry

Cold cut ham an swiss lots of onions an sweet onion sauce

Pavan Kumar

Great place with tasty subs ?

Mark O.

Sadly this is the last time I will go here. Close to home but twice now I have encountered service with an attitude. First time, the young lady demanded a tip because the order was for 6 people not that I don't tip). This is irritating because one should never DEMAND a tip. The second and final visit, the young man rolled his eyes and whines that he needed to fill an order for 5 subs. Absolute disgust that there are people out there with no job and this young man whines about having to work. I will now take my orders somewhere further away without blinking an eye. Sad, so sad that one can not perform a service with a smile and respect. I do why not you?

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