Taco Bell

15500 Detroit Ave, Lakewood
(216) 529-9454

Recent Reviews

Dil Mera

Very few diligent workers who get the order right. Shout out to Sid, who gets even the most complicated order right. He even remembers the order to the last detail for your next visit.

Wantabestressfreekita Bass

If you don't check your bag item per item you will get cheated.purchasing food out of your area only to find out it's not in the bag when you get home and you have to travel 10 to 15 min. Back to the store is ridiculous.how hard is it to get your order right? You had no problem charging the right amount.

Hannah B.

Went through the drive-thru with a really long, annoying order. Nella was super nice and patient. I asked her what her favorite thing on the menu was and she was really helpful. Asked for lots of sauce and was given hella sauce. Great experience. Sufficient sauce.

jessica torres

Jerry is awesome!! Been coming to this location since I was a teen and he hands down gives the best service out of anyone that has ever been there. Pays close attention to detail and my order has never been wrong. Thanks for being the real MVP, Jerry!

Angry Cook Podast

Super busy Tuesday evening and my order was messed up. I went in and they took 110% care of it right away. Always pleased with this location out of all of them in the Cleveland area. The management and owners here should be proud of the consistently great quality and customer service.

Matt Keppler

Wait times are a little lengthy at the counter, but they always get the order right. This is very important as my orders are normally customized to make everything vegetarian.


I have going same place since I've my best friend

Thomas Pfeifer

After drinking all night where do you go? Taco Bell of course! Fast drive thru service for a hungry stomach after a fun evening with friends. 2 thumbs up!!!

Nancy Vanderstein

The shell for my taco salad was rancid and tasted terrible. This Taco Bell usually has very good food and service, so I was surprised that I had such awful food. I should have returned it, but didn't because the counter was so busy.

Michael McMaster

Nice, quick, clean. This is an good taco bell. Great service

Sean Fisher

Waited in the drive thru line for 30 min. Who runs this â??fast foodâ? establishment?

Amanda Redman

The food at this location has always been fresh and made correctly, based on my experience. We usually refer to this Taco Bell as â??Our Taco Bellâ? and will specifically go to this location over others. We typically go between 7p-8p and always have an awesome experience. Iâ??m not sure who the manager is during this time, but he or she is doing an excellent job!

Mark L. Huffman

Yes, it's fast food. Yes, it's Taco Bell. And, yes, it's the middle of downtown Cleveland. It is also, however, one of the fastest, cheapest, readily-available, and tastiest dining selections you will find in that area at a late-night hour (sometimes not even so late). This Taco Bell is THE Taco Bell to beat (or, ring, I guess, is more á prop-oh, just forget it (where did this go off the rails?)). Just go, already!

Trev Carter

It's a new place where tacos are tasty and relatively on the cheap side. I think you'll like it, kind of a new concept in "fast food" and a different take on traditional Mexican food. I can see this business catching on and coming up with a clever slogan to sell their products. Check it out before it gets huge!!

Tyler Parker

Just moved to Lakewood and didn't realize how blessed I was to previously live next door to the gold-standard Taco Bell aka the Mentor TB. No matter what time of day, I would always get friendly and quick service.

Charles E Bright

The location is clean and the staff was good. The food was cheap and it was great. Will return when I come back to lakewood.

Steve Y.

Drive through takes entirely way to long, approximately 5min per car, unacceptable. This is the norm at night, after 9-10pm.

Roozbeh A.

Supposed to open 7am. i stopped by 7:02 to get bfast. Told they dont actually open until 7:10. This is not how you run a business. I took my business to mcdonalds instead

Lauren J.

Have picked up to deliver door dashes here and it is the world's slowest fast food restaurant. I've waited 30 minutes with one car in the drive through!

David Alessandrini

Everytime I come here around 7-10pm it isn't that busy but takes over 30 min to get 2 burritos. Honestly I'm an idiot for coming back over and over again. Don't be an idiot like me. Go somewhere else. If you are management please respond to this as I'm legitimately curious how this location can be fine during other times of the day but so consistently awful during this time of need.

Jon England

Food is fine but the service terrible. Consistently the slowest drive thru Iâ??ve ever been too. Lucky if youâ??re out in 10min. Workers are generally friendly.

Bridget F.

Ordered online for pick up. 40 minutes later the food still was not ready. When we did receive it there was no apology for the wait time. Also, as we stood in the restaurant waiting for our food the customer service thing to do would be to offer us a drink or apologize for the wait... neither of which we received. Disaster of a store and I recommend avoiding at all costs

Olwen C.

This is by far the WORST fast food establishment out there. Every time I have the misfortune of ordering food here, I wait and I wait and I WAIT, up to 40 minutes for my order! They need some serious help here.

Jeffrey Fodor

It's what you expect from Taco Bell. Great food, cheap... But there will be mistakes. It will take much longer than you think it should. Sometimes they miss an item, sometimes you get one extra, and once I waited 15 minutes sitting at the drive thru window. So it's reliable and delicious. Just expect the finest fast-food problems around.

Laurie m

I hadn't been to taco bell in a long time. It was good! My 6 year old loved the crunchy tacos but would be happier if they didn't get soft so quickly.

Crystal Haynik

Great experience today! The cashier was very nice and the young man in the back was awesome too... Laughter is the best medicine sometimes. Thank you.

Yale Evans

Food is usually good but sometimes they forget napkins or forget to ask if I want any hot sauce.

Skyler L.

This is without a doubt the worst taco bell I have ever gone to. And that's not saying much considering I am reviewing a fast food restaurant. MULTIPLE times within a short period of time they have messed my order up, leaving out multiple items in my order. The workers are lazy and sassy. If you don't want to work late night, get a new job. Don't mess my, a paying customer, order up because of it.

Joshua Delaney

My experience was drive thru and I gotta say, they hit all my marks. The order taker was clear and concise, I could see my order as I placed it, my order came out correct, they put napkins in the bag, took less than 5 minutes to acquire my order, etc. Definitely the best experience at a "T-Bell" in awhile. Great job!

Ruby The

Drive thru experience was terrible. Two black girls in the window, weâ??re laughing and Staring at me while I waited in my car. I waited so long for my order, they werenâ??t busy. They told me they didnâ??t have an item prepared that I had already ordered and paid for. And it would take 10 mins to make it. I will never come back to this location. Tell your staff to be more professional. And leaning on the counters and goofing off doesnâ??t look good in front of customers.

Elisha Douglas

It was sososo good i LOVE LOVE LOVE their nacho fries they are so tasty

Gertrudis Prosser

Food is awesome. Great customer service.

Nicole M.

This Taco Bell used to be ok but now it is even worse. The last time I ordered it took them like 20 mins when there was only two cars in the drive thru. And now here again and literally have four cars ahead and the line has not moved for 12 mins. One time the lights were out of the outside of the building and the associate told me she doesn't know why the lights are out. Well hello turn them on. I mean if you wanna make some money. Still waiting in line now for 20 mins again and only one car has gone thru but lost two cars so now moved up to next in line. Like seriously how can it be moving so slow!!! I guess I will have to start going somewhere else. To bad! It's like one person working and must be sitting down because I can move faster then that. Seriously terrible.

Rori P.

Don't waste your time at this location. There's a bunch of disrespectful black kids that work here. Unprofessional, waited in the drive thru for 15 mins when they weren't busy at all. I pulled up to the speaker they did not say anything for 2 mins. After I ordered I waited outside the window and they were all laughing and playing around. The big black girl at the window was leaning on the table and on her phone. After I ordered my food they told me that one of the items I ordered wasn't even made and if I wanted it, it would take 10 mins like it would inconvenience them. I already paid for it so I just asked for my money back. Today I called the manager and he was not professional over the phone, I told him my dispute and he said that here was nothing he could do. Get your your shit together Taco Bell. Own your shit. Never coming back!

Noreen Wolf

Great customer service! Pleasant employee at register! Food prepared and served quickly and hot!! Will be coming back!!!


The Detroit avenue taco bell is always busy but the line moves fast. The staff at this one and the West 117th location are super.

Elysia McIntyre

Ok I love TB when I am drunk but I swear to god every time I order from a Lakewood/Cleve. Location it is never right. I always say No Lettuce or Tomato.. always get it. They always forget something. We are so friendly and patient as well it is just BS!

Zachary S.

Do not come here if you're coming after 11pm. You will wait 30 plus minutes every time. Understaffed apparently. I come here frequently since I live down the street. Every time I come here and I mean every single time it is a 30 min wait. Even with only 5 cars in the drive thru. The only reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1 is because the workers are decently friendly. I work in restaurants and it's not that hard people. Corporate you need to fix this bullshit. Or better yet close it if you can't meet the demands of drunk Lakewood people coming at 12am. Hire one more person for fuck sakes. Real talk.

Georgie M.

The ladies working the drive through did not know what was going on. The woman who took our orders tried to combine order and then double charge the second order. She then charged for "extra" items that were included in our meals, like sour cream in a potato griller. I think they were over charging more for late night drivers and ripping off late night customers.

Maureen R.

They made my order wrong (had made special request to a Mexican pizza) when I went through the drive thru. When I realized at work that it was wrong, called them back. Person who answered the phone said to bring receipt back and they would fix. I was going to be at work 8-9 hours, but when I went back, they honored my receipt and remade order properly with no problem.