Little Caesars Pizza

3126 Maple Ave, Zanesville
(740) 453-0021

Recent Reviews

Lisa Skeens

No one seemed like they wanted to work. People were waiting over an hour. Employee in the back seemed to be eating a beef stick. Took my business elsewhere.

toby wiggins

Worst customer service I have ever had. I stood at the front counter without anyone even acknowledging my existence in the store. An older gentleman that was in the middle of cleaning, asked if anyone was helping me. He turned and spoke to a woman and she turned and explained that she was busy and that I had to wait to be helped. The other 2 employees must not be trained to help customers I guess. To not burden her anymore, I took my business elsewhere.

Emily Tanner

We love our Little Ceaser but need better customer service. We always have to wait forever for our food.

Shirley Johnson

Little Caesars has gone down hill. They never have any hot and ready. If they do have one it's usually burnt and so hard you can't chew it. Everything is 30 minutes or more.


Waited 40 minutes for 2 pizzas and a Calzone got the food and they gave me the wrong food and the pizza I did get was cold

Mike sleeping

Placed an order 25 min b4 i arrived then had to stand in the lobby for 25 min for one dam pizza an bread 50 mins for that when there was every bit of 8 to 10 ppl working ... absolutely ridiculous.....

Abby Hollingshead

Pizza and cheesy bread was hot and yummy.

Joseph Briner

Last visit was the worst ever...manager was rude as hell. The food tastes like trash, not coming back..horrible service.

Jim Shaw

Did not get my dipping sauce for the new pizza and sticks deal they have right now. And the sticks and sauce was what I was craving for. And it could have stayed worm a little longer. All well it was only 6 bucks, maybe it will be better the next time I go. If I go!

Melissa Danko

Little store tight parking when busy but always hot yummy food never had any problems

Sierra Dawn

Pizza was hard and dry. It cut up the roof of my mouth trying to eat it.

Anthony White

Consistently average. They tend to not cut the pizza properly.

Kaley Le

I love little Ceasars product... I hate their operations, customer service and their cleanliness... we were in town for a softball tournament and ordered through the app.. I was so surprised to walk in and see that it was staffed, cleaned and the manager appeared to managing :) hands down the best little Ceasars location I've ever been to. (I've been to most in Central Ohio)

Trish Jewell

Had good experience with them having alot of new workers

Liz Fink

Geeeee pizza is not done yet ....they gave us a hot pizza but dough is not yet doneThey should train their workers on how to serve it right

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