311 12th Ave SE, Norman
(405) 364-0464

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Rachel Woodward

We have been waiting in the drive thru for FORTY-FIVE minutes. 4-5. There were 2 cars ahead of us. This is so nutty. I definitely recommend going inside if you choose to come here. (Also, you cannot physically pull out of the drive-thru line once you’re in it. ?)

Chauncey Love

Subway will always be my favorite sandwich shop! I LOVE the drive thru!

Betty S.

This is the worse subway I have ever been too. Just got a meatball sub and could not eat it it was cold

Rachael H.

I have been to this restaurant three times in the last two weeks. I've gotten the exact same sandwich each time. My first two experiences were great this last time not so much. The first person to take my order did not even complete my bread meat and cheese before continuing on to a second order. He even forgot what type of cheese I wanted and try to put a different one on it, I corrected the manager when she came in and took over my sandwich. She didn't do any better of a job she drowned my sandwich in condiments despite the fact I said little bit. And then when she went to go put my sandwich together the toppings fell off and she just scooped it off the counter and back onto the sandwich. Their attitudes left a lot to be desired and I'm not sure if I'll be back to this location because of them.

Roxanne Pipestem

Great food created by one awesome Sandwich Artist!!!

Kevin Gourd

Didn't get to waste my money and I'm glad; I waited for near-as-makes-no-difference five minutes, as the woman in front of me looked visibly frustrated with the touch screen. When I finally was able to access the touch screen I was not able to put lettuce or peppers on my sandwich no matter now gingerly I rubbed it, or roughly I poked it. I went to the door (with a mask on) I was greeted by a rude little girl with pink eye, who said "she just got it working from before" (in other words it malfunctions alot) Now, I may not be a doctor but I know pink eye when I see it, and I don't want her making my sandwich, so I left, and I will not be back any time in the near ever. (phone post, edited for grammar)

Tamika Vaughn

Went there today to get a meal for my family, I really haven’t had problems with this location until now. I always go to this location and it’s convenient and closer from my house. I went to find that the doors was locked with no explanation or no note on the door this was around 7pm and on the door the sign clearly says this location close at10pm. If yall close at 7 I think a lot of people needs to know. I had to drive to another location that was further and it inconvenient me. Another customer saw me leaving and told me that she just left there so what is really going on with this location. I’ll give it another try but next time I have a problem I will no longer go to this location again.

Justin Adams

Waited 30 mins in drive-thru and didn't even receive my order until I went into the restaurant itself. Also on top on that, the order was wrong!! How hard is it to make a sandwich properly? Went back to have it fixed, they clearly remembered me but would not fix the order unless I had the items which at that time kids already were eating the food. Also would like to add whoever the woman that works there, extremely rude!! If I could rate this store 0/10 I would!

Valisa Benson

Sad sad sad ☹️I ordered 9 grain honey out Turkey 6 inch at 9:00.I asked for tuna the lady had turned her lights out while I was making the order and told me they don't have any tuna. So I switched the request to turkey.I go home and began to feel sick after eating I was in the bathroom through out the night.This sub was my first meal of the day .

Sally McDevitt

I placed an order thru the app and they made 2 out of 3 sandwiches correctly. I had to go back to get it fixed but they were super helpful with that.

Victoria Jackson

This location is really going down hill. The service is bad they are never open as late as they say they are my order has been wrong the last 3 times I've gone. Horrible location

RJ Murphy

Food is always good and service is normally fast, but please for the love of god give people the option to turn down or mute the volume on the drive thru touch screen menu. It's so annoying to be screamed by a computer after every single selection I make.

Hopeful Dreamer

Decided to order Subway on their app. Super easy! We get to the restaurant to go in and meet the cashier as instructed only to find the dining room closed. We sat in the drive thru line for 25 minutes. By the time we got our subs, I wasn’t even hungry anymore. Won’t be going this route again. Please staff your restaurants better. One person cannot do it alone. Not to mention, there is absolutely no point in preordering your food if you still have to wait in a line that wraps around the building once you get there to pick up. A better method would be having a runner to bring it out to a designated parking spot, or having a way of checking “I’m here” in the app once the customer arrives so we aren’t stuck waiting forever. We might as well just order when we get there and get our food fresh. Either way, we won’t be returning to this location.

MC Slots8084

The girl that works here named summer is so rude and unprofessional...well unless your guy then you get fast friendly service...I guess she just wasn't taught people skills

Leslie Reese

Drive thru was super convenient and very efficient!! Great service and tasty food!

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