Tim Hortons

423 Cumberland St, Ottawa
(613) 789-6444

Recent Reviews

Can Jason Really Draw

This Tim Horton does not have tables or chairs to sit and enjoy your drinks and food. Bathroom is always closed. Does not have drive-through or parking lot. This location solely depends their profit on pedestrians walking by the store. Wonder how long this store will stay open.

Justice Clark

I have heard they literally removed the seating to deal with homeless people that come in so they can "stay open as late as possible". The Tim's here in downtown kitchener simply locks their doors at midnight and only the drive through remains open. I would suggest a boycott on this disgusting behaviour.

Ed Chunski

Unsavoury types' favourite hangout, it seems. Dirty and cramped. There is absolutely no redeeming factors here.

Joan Anne

Hope these guys don't ever win an Accessibility Award. This is embarrassing for my home town. Who removes all chairs and tables? Am boycotting Tim Horton's now in Sarnia, London Windsor, and Port Huron, MI, because of this.

Greg Dugan

Not impressed under staffed but can't truly say it was dirty.

marwa sadat

they always forget my order every single time. They take my money, and take forever to pour my coffee. It shouldn't take long at all. they just forget you are there and take everyone else orders. Do not go here if you don't have 30 mins to just get coffee

Ray Boisjoli

My first place to go before work moday to friday so timys deserve 5 star

Cole Clemenhagen

This place is not very good, I come here often because its close to my work. The area is already not ideal but every time I go here I have to keep reminding the staff what I ordered. Its usually mis managed and very unorganized

Chris Morin

Ok we not able to use the washroom it's always close ! Tim Hortons 423 Cumberland St Ottawa Ontario !they should remove table because no washroom !

Dragonauche ..

The customer service is meth & the baked goods are honestly the same as any other Tim's so pretty good. But they have a limited menu and can make coffee for love not money

Calvin Chen

Bathroom has been closed for over a month, there are a lot flies, tables don’t get cleaned, and my bacon english muffin came with soggy bacon

Alvin Lai

Not much different from any other store, apart from the smaller area. Sandwichs were kind of just thrown together.

Pierre Bedard

Fast friendly service and coffee always fresh

Benenek Jr

Location was bad. Too many homeless around...

S. Torbati

Can't give 5 star because the line up is too long sometimes

The Chief

Rude attendant this morning..not a good start to my day...hence the one star. Seems to be no manager at this outlet.

Oscar P. Calderon

The worst part was that the soup was uncooked but otherwise it's not bad because of the workers they didn't yell but they didn't understand why my soup was uncooked

Oluwakayode Esan

Pretty small but cosy...


My favourite Tim horton. Great staff P.S. they give more quantity for ice cap, soups etc.

jed rached

I'm Canadian and I played hockey and that's Tim Hortons. Is this a trick question. Happy happy Canada Day eh!

Christian Stanley

Some Friendly staff and it a store with out a managers and they also have Staff that are very rude to customes

Ricky Martel

Great location,great food and beverages and last great people that work there.

Alson Tsoi

This place need some serious improvements on serving time. No matter what time you walk in; big line up "5-8 peoples" or just 1-2 people in line. They will server people with Average 5-10 mins PER PERSON JUST BY TAKING ORDERS and EXTRA 10 mins or more on waiting for your order. This isn't just 1 or 2 times thing, it's everyday basic. Watching the staffs chatting, day-dreaming, chilling and not willing to take orders or make your coffee. If you order a sandwich when there is 1 or 2 people in the line with you, don't expect to get out this door within 30 mins. Legit the worse Tim Hortons. If I wasn't living close to this Tim Hortons, I will never go to this Tim Hortons. Will legit make your day worse.

Noah Maliko

Don't come here. Managers and employees rude as hell. Till now they have not given me back my phone

Debbie Curnock

Big line ups! Not fast serving fast! Took forever to get my French vanilla!

Jonathan Edwards

My hashbrown was just a potato wedge. Extra star cause that's pretty hilarious though.

Lorraine Robbins

Love timmies, awesome company, great selection of different food items. Love coffee

Rick G

I have mixed feelings when This Tim Hortons comes to mind. It's pretty close the the shelters so you get some wacked out people coming around. The staff like to keep the washroom "closed for cleaning" for weeks at a time so if your a paying customer and have to use the washroom after drinking a coffee good luck. Other than that service was just like any other Tim Hortons sometimes there is a lineup sometimes there isint. Service is OK.

Sohrab E

Well here it is my first and only (so far) negative review but wow. Ive been to this location hundreds of times and tried to be patient and understanding but it seems theres no sign of improvement. today was my latest visit and well as always theyre understaffed. it seems like management doesn't care enough to enforce uniforms or anything for that matter. As a former tim hortons manager i can say this store does not meet ANY of the TDL standards or forllow its policies. The location can be blamed for some of the issues being beside 2 homeless shelters but the owner and management could take actions to fix them. When this location opened it was a big success story but it didnt take long for it to fall apart. Regardless the staff are very friendly and theyre doing their best and they cannot be solely blamed. its time for the franchisee to take drastic actions otherwise i wouldn't be surprise if Tim hortons revokes this location.

Mireille D.

I find the women's washroom at any Tim Horton's could smell better the staff needs to change the cleaning products to make it smell better. There is no window or fan to draw out the smell.

Colleen F.

So here i am needing to use their restroom, I open the door and OMG its so dirty and gross I could not use the restroom Its not the first time either most of the Tims in Ottawa suck when it comes to keeping their restrooms clean for the public, you would think being in the food business that the place would be clean since you paying to eat there. Doesnt take much time to check your restrooms so people can use them . Like Come on. Get off your lazy ass and do your job Tim Hortons employees.

Alex Tyrie

Wait times are surprisingly fast for it's location, service and stuff is good. Minutes from the university. Only complaint is that there is very little seating.

Jaybee Tee

Tim's is on the way back up. Hershey hot chocolate?? If they keep up like this for the same prices I'll switch back to them from starbucks.

Luc B.

This Timmies is like any other "good-old" Tim Hortons in Canada. Coffee is great. Sandwich are ok. Choice of donuts and pastries is so-so due to the small display. Places inside are limited and could be cleanest. Employee are doing their best to deliver food as quick as they can but some line-up can reach the door during rush hours. Not the best place if you're looking for a quiet spot to study or read a good book quietly.