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870 College St, Toronto


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We walked across town for some bread (and a good Sunday stretch), only to happen on Aziza. My husband ordered a breakfast sandwich for us to share. When he replied no to “have you had one before?”, the owner replied, “you’ll be back”. And we will! Delicious!

They have such a great menu. It's perfect for takeout. They have this yummy toasted bread that comes with a lot of the salads.
I have the roasted eggplant salad and really liked it. A lot of really nice veggies with the yummy bread on the side.
Really curious to try more of their items!

This restaurant used to be great, even though the service was slow and it could sometimes take more than 1hr to receive your breakfast. I used to rave about it and bring every friend to eat there with me. My last few experiences, however, were bad. My most recent experience really ruined the restaurant for me.

- My meal was late for pick-up
- The lentils that were listed on the menu in my breakfast were not in my meal, but replaced with sauteed mushy mushrooms, full review

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870 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1A3
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