Chipotle Mexican Grill

14795 SW Murray Scholls Dr Ste 112, Beaverton
(503) 521-4127

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Derik H.

This location is always so disorganized. You walk in and the first thing you hear is that short guy with the man-bun yelling at customers. There is always a 45 minute wait or they are not taking orders in person. The only people on the team who actually do a good job is the two girls on staff. Whenever I come in, I always see them nicely greeting people, asking them if they've been helped, and trying to expedite orders. If you want Chipotle, drive the extra 10 minutes to the Washington Square location. While there still may be a long wait at that location, it is about 20 minutes at most and the employees are nice to the customers.

Toby Rex

Came in to place an order at 11:50 and was told the store was closed? I'm confused because the hours of operation state they are open at 10:45 AM.Ontop of that, this store will randomly say they are not taking walk ins. Either make it online or only or walk in only. Do not change that on the fly.The food from here has not been terrible. They give decent portions and the people are usually pretty friendly. Not sure what's going on.

Emilie Paciotta

Online order was over 45 minutes late, only to find out that they were out of sofritas and couldn’t fulfill the order, nor could they refund us because we had used a gift card. I don’t care that they were out, but I would’ve liked to know so I could’ve made something else for dinner instead of waiting until 8 pm to find out we weren’t getting food at all. Issue was resolved with free entree codes in the app, but store employees could do nothing to help with the problem, shocker.

Andrew Mumford

Ordered pick-up. The quesadilla's weren't cooked, the cheese wasn't melted. I had to fry them at home to get them up to temperature. The chips were stale, and they put the wrong meat in my son's quesadilla.Super disappointing. Save your money for local mexican places folks. You'll pay the same price and get much better food.

Karen L.

I went past to pick up something after work. Store only had one customer being helped, one in line in front of me, and one person behind me. It was 6pm (right after a dinner rush?) which could account for the chaos that I witnessed. The food line was disgusting. There was food (dropped during sloppy food prep) smeared all the way down the line. As the employee was making each item, whether in a bowl or on a piece of tinfoil for a burrito, she would slide it down the line through this disgusting mess so that your bowl or burrito would end up with the bottom smeared with it. Other employees were there, but nobody made an attempt to clean up the mess. I actually asked her if she could please clean off the counter before making my food. She went and got a wet rag she was actually chastised by the cashier for wiping down the counter. I'm not sure I will return to this location. I don't care how busy you are, it is disgusting to leave a food line looking like that and not bother to clean up after yourself, during the process. They must have someone designated to handle helping out during a rush and helping to facilitate quick, but cleanly service. Update: I went to eat my meal after making this review and when I took the container out of the bag, there was a $5 bill in the bottom of the bag. (?) giving me a partial refund? I don't know, but it actually made me for just a little bit better. Like, maybe they realized how it effected the customers. It really was bad.

Jennifer Peterson

Obviously understaffed, but workers are also very slow and not hustling. I’ve been here for almost 20 minutes waiting on a DoorDash order, am losing money every minute I have to wait. It’s unbelievable that online orders aren’t done by the time people get here, that’s the REASON WHY people online order… so their food is ready by the time they get there.

Mike Bryan

Only doing online orders but no signs stating that. Extremely small portions

Claire D.

I love Chipotle but am done eating at this location. They are so rude and disorganized. I place an order online and purposefully show up late every time. I will still have to wait anywhere 10-15 minutes extra as people go through the line and no one does online orders. The last time after waiting 15 minutes past my scheduled pickup time I approached to ask. I was ignored and when I eventually got their attention told I must have sent it to the wrong location. I showed my phone and without a word the employee threw together the most haphazard bowl and handed it to me. I didn't even get a "sorry about the wait". This scenario has happened so many times at this location. Avoid it!!!! Drive to a different Chipotle! I leave frustrated and disappointed every time!

Marcus I

Been here 3 times now - This chipotle isn’t run as well as the other. I’ve had a different problem each time I went:- 1st time, online order was 15 minutes late, even though 0 people were in line- 2nd time, around 5 pm, seemingly only 1 person on the burrito line, so it took about 20 minutes to get in and out- 3rd time I was given 1/4 scoop of meat. When I complained, I was told they’d charge me extra for more meat… I just wanted a full portion

Craig L.

I ordered an hour ahead of time to make sure all would be good. I've had very bad experiences with Chipotle in the past but was intruiged by the new brisket offering. Showed up (still two hours from closing) and the order was not ready, and in fact they had no brisket ready to make our order. Waited 20 minutes with no updates as our rice and beans sat on the line becoming frigid. They actually had plenty of employes working, but they looked like the six stooges. I understand the hiring issues, but when you order and pay ahead of time you expect a certain level of service. Done with Chipotle forever now....

Grimmy Grim

Wow. Ordered online and had another family member go pick it up. Apparently they are more than happy to take your money EVEN IF THE STORE IS CLOSED DUE TO BEING 'SHORT STAFFED.'I'll be disputing the charge with my bank and this is the last time I'll be ordering from Chipotle.

Alysa F.

I have to agree with most these reviews, unfortunately! The wait is ridiculous! It took me 30min + to wait in line and order my food. Every time I come in it's different staff, and seem to always be under staffed. The lobby is full of people sitting around waiting for there online orders. Just a mess, no structure! Poor management

Burner Buns

I have never seen a chipotle consistently disappoint this much lmao. They’ve had spinach and arugula for lettuce numerous times, not to mention consistently out of stock on things like corn and sofritas!! Staff has no control but (new?) manager please!! It wasn’t like this a year ago. Literally got rung up with a bowl of beans for $7.85.

Tom S.

Murrayhill Chipotle take out ordering by phone is horrible. Twice now we have had huge issues when "trying" to order by phone. When Chipotle pulled the walk tru pick & choose the least they could do is provide a real person to take orders. As my wife said "it was a disaster". Do folks at Chipotle ever run checks on their own system? Good Greif!!! One thing for sure, YOU DON'T GET EVEN CLOSE to what you would receive when you are standing in line. I know Covid 19....... WRONG! A new way to make money with way smaller portions. Done And Done!

J H.

Every time we order from here for pickup it's not ready it's 20 minutes late or more. Really disappointing watching people walk in after your order is due and getting their food before you - defeats the point of take out to avoid being indoors at a restaurant. They need to fix their broken ordering system to give more accurate times every other restaurant has it figured out. Don't order online here.

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