Ex Novo Brewing Company

4505 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton
(971) 249-3737

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Jason Morgan

Typical suburban brewpub. Good place to meet friends and catch up. Nothing intimate. I had The Forager pizza, a mushroom and truffle Detroit style pizza. It was nice, though I am not sure what to think of the style (which is basically focaccia with light toppings). Beers are serviceable.


This location opened in 2018. Original location was the first non profit brewery in America when it opened in NE Portland in 2013. They brew some really good beer and make delicious pizza at this place. Lucky Cat Pizza it has ricotta cheese instead of mozzarella, sausage, garlic, bacon and some other stuff. The other pic is of a 13” Querque Derk Pizza. It’s called that because the owner is originally from Albuquerque. Has green chilis, smoked mozzarella, sausage and crazy sauce.

Blake McKinley

Great roadside seating spot. Beer is delicious, service is great except for one employee. Beer is unique and delicious. Unique and delicious sours and wild beers. IPA'S are fantastic. Great beer spot, definitely worth the try. Seating outdoors available, reservations accepted. Didn't try the food this time but looking forward to it.

Dean Buse

This was my first time at Ex Novo to make a reservation by they were all booked, so I called and Shane, the manger to me might be filled. I called again as we got closer and Shane { withe the hat on} answered again and he would save me 2 seats and he did.I had Detroit Pizza. Its'a deep-dish style pizza but is mouth watering delicious. The have special spicy red sauce that out this world with flavor.Got a large eat half and the rest meals at home.Dean Beaverton CHamber Member

Jeramie Brown

Here's the thing: I would normally be happy to give this place 4 stars easy. Great people. Relatively-limited but fantastic food.Perhaps it's that last point, "relatively-limited", but the fact that they did away with their famous BBQ chicken pizza in all of it's sweet, tangy, spicy glory, has taken the wind out of my sails when it comes to my love of Ex Novo. Sure, the other flavors are good. But the BBQ chicken pizza was an absolute standout - and that's coming from someone who doesn't really eat BBQ chicken pizza anywhere else!So, Ex-Novo-New-Chef-Person, make us all extremely happy and satisfied again: Bring back the BBQ chicken and jalapenos! I'll be all too happy to bring back the 4 (do I hear 5??) stars!

Taylor Balakrishnan

Always hits the spot! Detroit style pizza and some of the best beer, you can't go wrong here.


What a great meal! The Forager Detroit Style pizza with a great assortment of mushrooms was delicious! The crust was crispy near the toppings and dinner roll like below! I really like trying this new type of pizza. The Autumn salad was crisp and fresh and dressed with a maple mustard dressing. It was a great accompaniment to the pizza! All of my beer tastes were wonderful! I tried the Penguin Tuxedo Stout, the Mexican Lager, Perle Haggart Pilsner and the Dunkleheit. I would drink any of these options again! Our servers were great and the service perfect. There will be more visits in my future.

Cheryl Celline

I only had a beer here and it was very good. Seemed like a nice atmosphere. I would go back again.

Kinzie R

Great beer selection! this is such cute place! Parking is tough to find.

Ryun Bradfield

I'm not a Detroit pizza fan because too much sauce but I must say that the quality of the pizza ingredients was the best I've ever had and the beer was good. Really good Mexican lager. Highly recommend.

Karl Haslbauer

Great beer and nice atmosphere.

Kevin Luck

Great pizza ?and brew ? place in Beaverton. Many very interesting beers on tap.Food specialty is deep-dish pizza which was excellent. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.Service was excellent ?

Nima Motamedi

Delicious pizza. And here I thought I didn't like Chicago deep dish. Apparently I just didn't have good deep dish before!

Ali K. Kaviani

One of my top two breweries in Portlandia.Great beer, fantastic Detroit-style pizzas (Philip the Black is my favorite pizza).The staff are super friendly, helpful, and respectful. Everything is ready for you to have an excellent time! :)

Davey Fernandez

Solid beers and great Chicago style pizza. They Have a great view out the window of the train tracks through Beaverton which provide for great scenery. Definitely recommend for a quick but cute dinner date.

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