Ur Mediterranean Restaurant

4680 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton
(503) 605-1106

Recent Reviews

Jessica Holland

Very good food, with large portions. Kind of a whole in the wall, but definitely worth a try. The guy running it the night we went was super nice, and we got our food pretty quick.

Israel Ferrer

Hands down the best Gyro and Chicken Shawarma we've ever had! Simply amazing & we will definitely be back in the future. Keep up the great work ?

William H.

Wow! The food is delicious and huge portions! The guy was super friendly with great customer service! Highly recommend and will definitely be back!

Lena B.

The lamb shish kebab tasted good. The gyro was huge. The lamb shanks could be more tender. They forgot to pack the french fries that I ordered and they charged me $4 for it. I tried to call multiple times to order my food ahead of time, but their phones were down.

Israel F.

Hands down the best Gyro and Chicken Shawarma we've ever had! Simply amazing & we will definitely be back in the future. Keep up the great work

Russ R.

Picked up Mezza platter, extra Dolma's and a Gyro. Gyro was fine. The falafel were bitter- I suspect old oil. Salad was very wilted. The Dolma's had an acidic taste - i suspect they were old. I tipped 20% on a Togo order and they rounded up an additional $1.40ish on top of that. I will communicate this fraud to them. I would avoid this place. There are better options nearby.

Jori M.

I was craving a gyro so decided to pop in this little restaurant in the middle of downtown Beaverton. This gyro was HUGE. It was loaded with perfectly seasoned lamb, fresh veggies and creamy tzatziki sauce. I was in love with the fresh pita, I could eat it for days!! Will definitely be coming back.

Catalina Oseguera

Order the lamb shank! I love this place for lunch or dinner.

Muhammad Ashraf

I had really bad customer service as well as food quality experience here. This was my first time here, and I explained to the young person serving me that I'd like to get the best dish on the menue which would make me come back. He recommended chicken over rice. I thanked him, paid for the food and grabbed a table. I looked at the menu afterwards and realized there was a half rice half salad option too. So I requested the cook to change my order to that. To which he refused, although he hadn't even started preparing it yet. I wanted to leave but didn't because I brought a friend here. On top of that, he brought the most bland chicken over rice that I had eaten at any Mediterranean restaurant thus far.I wonder why they want to open a restaurant with such a horrible customer service.Also to the owner, I don't need to come back to validate your restaurant, just make sure your customer service is good so future patrons don't have such an experience.

Teresa P.

So glad I found this place! The lamb gyro was actual well spiced chunks of lamb. Not the usual kind that are shaved from a slab of congealed combination beef and lamb. Nice job I will be back!

Natalie Jeá

Good eats! Great people and customer service!

Craig B

Food was amazing and portions enough for left overs. Huge fan of this family business. We look forward to coming back soon.

CJ Pan

The food there was great, 12 dollars for kabobs and Gyros. The Kabobs and Gyros are over rice or salad, or in a sandwich. The salad is a bit sour for taste. I give it a 4 star because the price is $12 for the food.

Sandra Mulvahill

I wish I would have checked my to go bag before I got home. There were 2 bags on a table and I was told which one was mine. It was wrong. I still ate what i received but I was looking so forward to the hummus... but it was not there. They have the best hummus I have ever had. Yum! Maybe names on the bags would help. I will return.

Giuseppe V.

Depends upon who's working. I'm guessing this is a family operation, there is an older couple, with the gentleman alternating with a younger man. If the older couple are on duty, it's great, 5 stars, delicious food, large portions, a real favorite. But if the younger guy is "working," it is not a pleasant experience. He seems unhappy to be there, has never cracked anything like a smile or pleasantry, and after taking my recent order, sat down with his foot on the customer seating bench(!) twiddling with his bloody phone. Yuck. Foot on customer seating. From now on, if he's working, I'm giving it a pass. The older couple, especially the woman, are very pleasant and I wish I could give the place a higher rating.

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