Evergreen Indian Restaurant

136 SW 3rd St, Corvallis
(541) 754-7944

Recent Reviews

Theodore Salmons

It had been a while so we drove to Corvallis specifically for the buffet after seeing the photos and some comments. When we got there the buffet was conspicuous by its absence. It would be nice if the owners would correct this. At a minimum they’re misleading.


I used to go for the lunch buffet and it was amazing! Definitely do not pass up this rare treasure in Corvallis! I would give it 10 stars if that was an option. The owners are super nice friendly people as well.Parking: Parking is limited because they are on a busy one way street.

Neal Ruppe

Extremely underwhelmed. The auntie who served/ seated us probably said four words to us the entire time and would just grunt to acknowledge she heard us. The walls are covered in peeling plaster. The food was okay at best. Very disappointed. I get better service and better food at the Indian grocery and they don't even have a full restaurant

Megan Dickison

DO NOT ORDER FORM THEIR WEBSITE. Call directly to place a to go order or use GrunHub. Something has changed in the past few months and the online ordering is no longer legitimate, nor do the options match the current menu offerings. Their food is still delicious and everyone should give it a try, but they need to figure out their website problems. I used the "order online" button on their website but when I arrived to pick it up I was told they have no relationship to the company MyMozo (linked to on their website) and I would need to report the charge as fraud to my bank in order to get a refund for my online order, but they could retake my order in house if I wanted to place it again. We chose to wait an additional 20 min for our order and they didn't charge us a 2nd time. The food was delicious and we'll order take in the future by calling them directly.


Bursting with flavor!My partner and I order from then at least once a week! Everything we have tried is amazing. Best food in Corvallis.

Greg Hao

On a Sunday when everything else in downtown Corvallis seems to be closed, Evergreen does great business so be prepared for a wait if you arrive during prime dining hours. We ordered a lamb Marsala and tandoori chicken with garlic naan, both of which tasted above average. Portions for the tandoori chicken was quite generous (you get half a chicken) and while there were some charred bits the chicken itself wasn’t dry.

Seth L.

Damn this was the best Indian food I have had outside of India. Went with a big group and shared and everything was absolutely amazing. Sad I can't stay longer or I would totally come back for more.

Rachel Martino

Evergreen is a long time family favorite of ours. Today we had the mixed Tandoori grill. Perfect for lunch. Evergreen is a gem in Corvallis, thanks for being here. Excellent service as always.

Josh Mooney

My family used to love Evergreen! The food price-hike was a lot, they keep getting orders wrong, and lately everyone working there seems annoyed when you’re picking up food. I’m so bummed!

Jamal Chishti

This is the best Indian restaurant in Oregon, hands down. It’s better than anywhere in Portland. The naan is 10/10. I highly recommend the Tikka Masala and lamb Somosas.


The food was OK, but we ordered through the Trip Advisor tab “order online”. Our money was taken by 3G Global, but our order was not submitted. When we got to the restaurant they said they had not received our order for pick-up. We had to re-order and pay the restaurant in cash directly. We are now in the process of trying to recoup our $50 through our credit card company, it the cash receipt we got from the restaurant did not show any payment amount, merely what we had ordered.

Janie K.

the chicken vindaloo makes my p**sy throb - it's that good. so is the mango lassi. 10/10.


We ordered various items across their menu, about 8 different things, veggie and chicken dishes. All totally delicious and flavorful. I would recommend to anyone! We ate along the river rather than dine in, so didn't get the full dinner service, but the owners were so kind. Wonderful place to eat in Corvallis!!

J. H.

Still the best Indian in town. Yes, it is busy on Friday nights, but it is worth it OR order take out with plenty of time ahead of time. Always love the mushroom mutter and the chicken makhani! Yum, yum, yum!!

Austin Davidson

I've only eaten here once so far but I really enjoyed it. I'm not really sure why so many people haven't liked it so far. I ordered enough food for 2 and enjoyed it all. I thought the food was really good and clean. It's not over spiced which I appreciate and has plenty of flavor. While this is slightly more expensive, if you want a nice evening out or date night, I highly recommend. Keep in mind I only order chicken or vegetarian options.

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