Chi's Korean Taco

30 W 10th Ave, Eugene
(541) 636-6136

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Liz Opal

Wow!! What a delicious place to eat!! Korean fusion that turns taco’s on their heads. This place is awesome! I never even imagined I would have the opportunity to try a Beef Bulgogi taco, but boy am I glad I did. Chi has been in several print publications and a tv show….check ‘em out!

yeehaw circuitrey

I don't often get the chance to stop by Chi's, as my work and school hours are often the exact same as their open hours, but if I get the opportunity to grab a chicken strip box from them I don't pass it up!! The kimchi is phenomenal as well. Chi himself is a funny and kind guy as well, I'm surprised the "find Chi a girlfriend fund" (tip jar) hasn't become the "Chi and his girlfriend's wedding fund" yet ;)

orion ashe

chi is a national treasure. best guy in the world with some of, if not THE best food in eugene. love him from the bottom of my heart. <3

Jon W.

OK THE FOOD IS GOOD .. full stop If it was Just based on food I would give the place 5 stars . Tacos all had a different taste and the rice ball was pretty tasty and seemed made at the time .. very cool I wanted to try this place so I decided to go there and buy some tacos ! Crap location , no parking 2 meth heads screaming close by .. Downtown is trash and the fact there is no indoor ordering is stupid .. making people stand in the rain to order tacos next to meth addicts is funny and why I don't go into downtown.. Order on Uber and get it delivered Maybe your Uber driver will get stabbed instead of you

Kt Shar

Super friendly and helpful at the window. My burrito was nummy and I'm excited to try the rice balls next!

Tony Stewart

Such a hidden gem! Great food, love the size of the burritos. Everything I've tried has been wonderful. The breakfast burritos are my favorite in Eugene.Definitely recommend!

Sammy K

Good cheap food. Nice people. Food gets put out fast. Go here once and you'll be a regular.


Its so good *.*Edit (few years later):This place is still rockin'. It's a nice place to get food in-between stops or before you catch a bus, but keep in mind your order can take 7-15min so make sure you have enough time first.


Wanted to try something new, went by for brunch. Narrowed down what I wanted from a short list. Burrito with pork (sweet spicy) and a breakfast burrito with bacon nuggets (not pictured... devoured) everything was so good. The tortilla was soft and fresh, eggs were perfectly scrambled and textured well, cabbage fresh and crunchy, rice was a nice accent, not unnecessarily rice stuffed, and the meats broke down well without any weird bits. Chi is definitely a master of sauces! Each sauce that I tried went amazing with both burritos and the chips tasted fresh with a great complimentary spice, salty and maybe hint of lime? I can't wait to go back and try the rice ball next!

Bridgette Furrow

Killer tacos. Great service.

Sharlita Holmes

I’ve been coming here for years and love everything. The owner is awesome. My go-to is the spicy pork burrito and the meat-cheese-filled rice balls...YUM. ?

Kai G

Tasty! Large portions and speedy service. No dine in right now.

Luur Omicron

Just paid $11 for half a cup of rice, 5 bites of chicken and two bites of kimchi. This is the fourth of fifth time I’ve gone here and it gets progressively worse and smaller portions and higher prices every time. Super friendly but a ripoff

Matthew Kilger

Always great food, and creative (as well as the creative menu boards - check his Instagram!)

Jon B

Tried the pork Quesadilla, it was amazing and plentyful!I will be going back anytime I am in town.

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