Neah-Kah-Nie Bistro

519 Laneda Ave, Manzanita
(503) 368-2722

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The owner waited on our table. The bistro was busy and service was hectic when we first arrived but it settled down once we sat down and ordered our food. All of our selections were fresh, excellent in their presentation and tasty. We have been visiting the bistro during our many visits to Manzanita over the years and this visit, as with previous visits, did not disappoint.


We ate at Neah Kah Nie Bistro in Manzanita in early April 2024. We have eaten here on several previous visits. The meal was quite good with a shared Caesar salad and each of us having the pork Cordon Bleu. This was a special occasion for us, celebrating a birthday. The service was, unfortunately, quite slow. There were only two staff working, with the chef both waiting tables and preparing the meals. It took about 20 minutes before our orders were taken and 45 minutes before we received our salad. Another table, who was seated about 15 or 20 minutes after us received their entrée's 10 minutes before we did. While we very much enjoyed our courses and the chef/waiter was personable and reasonably attentive given all that was on his plate, the slow service detracted from full enjoyment of the meal. Neah Kah Nie Bistro has some of the best food in Manzanita, but do not eat here if you are on a tight schedule.


We had superb personal service and quiet lovely ambience. Food was unbelievably good, fresh, delicious. This is our second time here and both times have been 5 star ⭐️! Highly recommend for special occasions or fir a fine intimate dinner

Kathy Calcagno

Fabulous and outstanding in every level. The food was truly remarkable. Service was great.Vegetarian options: They will customize.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Roasted Garlic & Whipped Feta, Whipped Feta and Roasted Garlic, Tiger Prawns, Crab Risotto

Cynthia Renfro

Spectacularly flavored food. Every bite of the grilled oysters was a party in my mouth. Excellent service - perfectly paced with dish delivery, which we were pleasantly surprised by in such a small town. We have had much more clueless service in big cities. This place is a gem. Will definitely be back.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Fancy Fries

Renale Encabo

I’m giving this place 1 star all around because when I called to ask how long the wait would be for two, the person said “Tuesday” and then hung up. I get that I may have been calling at a busy time but that is no way to speak to someone. My boyfriend then called a few minutes after and the same person answered but my bf got a different answer. The person said, “we are fully booked tonight and the earliest we can get you in is Tuesday.” How simple would that have been to say the first time?? I’m going to take this as an indication of how the service people here would treat me. Thanks for nothing!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Frank B.

The place is very charming, small and intimate. Too bad the service and food are not up to the same standard. We were seated near the door on a cold winter night and asked to change tables and were told there were no other tables available. Fair enough, my wife told the server she was cold and he replied that it's 40 outside and 69 inside in a very brusque way and walked away. I can tell you it was not 69 anywhere near our table. We got a cocktail and wine and both were fine. We then ordered and he told me that what I wanted wasn't available. There are only about 4 entrees on the menu, so I was surprised that they were out of anything and shouldn't a server in a "fine dining " restaurant inform us when the menu is presented? Then when I ordered a bottle of wine when the food was served was told the wine I wanted was out, again not a large wine selection and I should have been informed in the beginning. We ordered oyster stew and the oysters were overcooked and the stew itself was tasteless. The arugula pear salad was tasty and probably the best item on the menu. The prices here are quite high. I don't mind paying for a really good meal, our tab was 200 with wine, a cocktail, one entree, two small plates and no dessert. For that price I expect better service and food. Your choices in Manzanita are very limited. Just be aware you will leave feeling that you paid way too much for an average meal.


The staff gave us a great experience. I proposed to my girlfriend earlier that day, and the staff had a bottle of champagne waiting for us at the restaurant. Great service. The food was delicious, maybe a little on the salty side but very good. Our favorite was the whipped feta and roasted garlic. We will be attempting to recreate it. Overall a beautiful experience and cozy atmosphere. We'll be coming back for more!

A+. Our server recommended the Mushroom Ravioli and the True Cod over Risotto. We took both suggestions and both were fantastic. Finished up with a Pear dessert and a French press of coffee. All. So. Good. Can't wait to go back.

Brian Gryn

Honestly, there is no better place to have a fantastic meal and experience in this area of the Oregon coast. My wife and I are semi-frequent patrons and we have always been extremely pleased with every aspect of our visits.The food is absolutely fantastic, and specials should always be considered if offered. Drinks are amazing as well. You don’t even need to order off the menu. If you have a vague idea in mind as to what you would want, they can most times come up with something special and delicious.The price is commensurate with the quality of food and service. You will definitely pay more than just about any other restaurant in the area, but I will gladly pay that time and time again for both the food and drinks, but to also support a local business.RESERVATIONS!!! Always always have reservations. I have seen countless people walk in (even during the off-season) and be turned away because they are fully booked for the evening.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Chocolate Cake, Roasted Garlic & Whipped Feta, Fancy Fries, Coconut Prawns, Crab Risotto, Traditional Wedge Salad

David G.

A charming venue, friendly owner-chef, but very mediocre food that is overly priced. It seems, based on past reviews that the quality has fallen and we would concur.


Just had an incredible dining experience at Neah Kah Nie Bistro! The food was absolutely delicious, with every dish bursting with flavor and beautifully presented. The staff were friendly, attentive, and provided excellent service throughout our visit.The cozy and inviting ambiance added to the overall enjoyable dining experience.


This was our first time and we were disappointed with this place. The venue is sweet , the owner/chef is very kind but there were red flags. First, the website doesn't work so it's hard to find a current menu. OpenTable gives a link to a no functional URL. Second, it's apparent that this restaurant has chronic staffing issues— the chef is also the server, the bartender, the busser. He did have a dishwasher at least. We suspect that this was why the food was so mediocre. The Caesar salad was fair . The fried oysters were ok but not great. There were 4-5 oysters for $20, which seemed quite steep. The lemon caper chicken dish was billed as having a Rissoto bed, but it was really just regular rice with some seasoning— very simple preparation and small portion for $28. Service was friendly but we felt sorry for the owner , who had to juggle too many balls. We hope he can improve the situation,


Eisha is a one-person show - working both the front and back of the house, providing personable and friendly customer service along with the best food on the Coast. NKN Bistro is amazing.

John L.

Great fine dining experience in Manzanita but very small so book in advance- did the fixed price menu and we had soup and salad, oyster shooter for round two and Cod and a filet for the main course, plus a wine pairing with each course made the $85 price super reasonable and the food was fantastic!

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