Dairy Queen

4023 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 581-4598

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Horrible service continues at DQ on commercial Street as once again I went in there to order several blizzards for friends and family especially for a close friend that was terminally ill and unfortunately passed away this last Saturday. His last experience with Dairy Queen was a lackluster blizzard that was mixed and had very little ingredients Dairy Queen has been on the decline for sometime as they have made their blizzards smaller and more expensive and less toppings and horrible service and they don’t even mix the ingredients hardly at all anymore It’s like there is no training no care put into and the culture surrounding dairy queen as a whole not just the commercial Street but all locations I’ve been to has declined rapidly The Oreo cookie blizzard that I ordered including paid for extra Oreo cookie had very little cookie in it at all or might as well have ordered soft serve vanilla ice cream with a little bit of cookie in there but I sure pay the premium for that lackluster service I guess when you pay extra for extra Oreo it’s the opposite and they give you less We took pictures of this large which was really just a medium Oreo cookie blizzard is supposed to have extra Oreo and let you be the judge as we scooped it out from the beginning to the end showing just vanilla ice cream with a little bit of cookie crumble here and there


Terrible service. Had to yell at the drive thru so they could hear. Worker switched out with another mid order. Forgot half our order. Wrong drink. No sauce for one order. Water gravy in picture, not in styrofoam container. Overly salty fries. Cardboard dry chicken. I love DQ, but this was the worst DQ experience so far!

Mysi M

Came in for a last minute birthday cake for my 12 year old and was totally fine with an unfrosted cake so long as I got the cake flavor I wanted. The staff went above and beyond frosting the cake and even writing Happy Birthday. They told me that it's usually a 48 turn around time, but I fortunately came in during a lull and they were able to do something quickly for me.Thank you so much for making my little guys birthday so special!!!

jefferson starr

Went through the drive thru. Ordered 2 Blizzards. It took forever to get the Blizzards and when we got them they were warm and melted. I didn't even get the flavor I had ordered. For over $10 for 2 mediums, you'd expect better...

Debbie Koehnke

I just experienced the worst overall service from this location! Waited in line for 30 minutes as the cafe was closed, had to adjust our order three times as they were out of supplies. When we finally made it to the window the guy handed me two blizzards which were dripping down the sides of the cup, he offered me napkins and I tilted the cup to get some of the melted ice cream from going all over my car and the entire blizzard fell out on the ground! He looked at me and said “why did you do that” I said it was not on purpose and a few more words and then he threatened to call the police!!! Are you serious! I requested the blizzards be remade and he did, but not so sure there wasn’t spit in it at this point! I asked for a manager as the clerks customer service was horrible and then he informed me he was the manager. I am stunned that he is a part of leadership at our Salem location. After reading the reviews prior to writing this I realize I am not alone in thinking the dq needs some help! Without customers you have no reason to exist, and my suggestion is to provide some customer service training for your managers!

The G Family

This place is a joke. It took them one hour to make me an vanilla ice cream cone. First they made my order. Dropped it and put me in the back of the line to remake my order. Then an hour went by and they forgot all about us. The girl at the counter even said, “ oh, I forgot all about it”. The girls were just laughing and not even acting sorry. Totally bad management. All the employees are stoned as well. You can barely see their eyes. The girl kept picking her nose and touching all the food that was being handed out to customers. Salem, do not come here. If I was the first ever, I’d be embarrassed.

shirley tillman

About a week ago we ordered an ice cream cake for our daughters graduation from high school. We were asked by the employee what day and time did we want it ready. We tried to pay for it but was told we will pay when we pick it up. Graduation day we show up and no cake, they never send in the order? thanks for making my daughter feel special on this day. The manager was suppose to call to help fix this problem, and again they failed and we have not received a call. Too bad we can do minus stars.


Long 30 minute drive thru wait. Received runny Blizzards that we asked them to remake. They poured out the liquid and handed them back then lied and said they were remade. We pulled over and the kid said he wasn’t going to remake because he was supposed to be leaving. Four out of the 5 kids working were arguing instead of helping people. Broken speaker so people can’t hear and they said they don’t know how to fix. Out of ingredients, so we had to change our order twice. This was the second time in a row we have received runny blizzards and bad service at this Dairy Queen and our last time we will ever stop there. The owners need to get the place under control!

Nick Wixom

Drive thru is terribly slow. Still sitting in line 10 minutes after placing a basic order. They are regularly out of items and don’t have the same offerings as the other DQs. It’s been the same since before the pandemic. No excuse there. Just poorly run and staff is always poor. Rarely do we get our order 100% correct.

Misty Blythe

Ordered a cake for my daughter's birthday the day of pick up I was old the cake was not ready and the designer could not make it! I was told the designer called me so I checked my call list no voice-mail but a missed call at 4:07 pm the night before pick up. Not enough time to reorder with someone else! The associate says this happens all the time!! DO NOT ORDER A CAKE FROM THIS DAIRY QUEEN!!!

Mando Guevara

My friend and I had pulled into the drive through around 9:45pm, just after seeing another car exit, and once we were in front of the menu to order I seen a few employees looking at us through the drive through window. It was odd, because somebody has yet to take our order from us and there was still 15 minutes until they close. Once it became apparent that nobody would take our order, we drove across the street to McDonald's instead. While in their drive through line we seen a few other cars pull into DQ just to leave empty handed as we did. I dont know what kind of policy's are in order for employees when it applies to early closures, but as we seen cars driving in and out of the drive through from across the street, we watched a few DQ workers horsing around with some people in a car that had pulled into the front parking lot, completely ignoring the cars that were being neglected at the drive through. This is clearly not a critique on the quality of food, rather, a concern for the establishments business as it applies to the service provided by their employees. If you guys close at an earlier time than 10pm Thursday, then change your store hours on the paper posted at the store and online. If not, I think there should at least be some sort of transparency with the customers if something were to warrant an early closure by the employees judgment, because you guys lost 4 customers in 5 minutes tonight.

luke murdock

Horrible. I asked for two cheese burgers no pickles and a large sprite. I get to the window and they give me my bag no sprite. So I ask for my sprite and notice that I had one burger and fries. None of it was warm and I had to buy my “second” double cheese burger. Got a single and a double and had to buy fries I didn’t want. Also I got a small sprite. My food was cold when I got it.

Marcy Moore

I would give you a zero if I could. We waited in the drive thru line for 30 minutes and hadn't even gotten to the speaker to order. We got outta there as soon as we got around that dang curb. I usually don't cone to DQ for this exact reason, but I was passing by and thought ya know, it'll be okay. Nope!I understand it takes awhile to make the hot food, but one of your employees should have come outside to tell people what was going on, instead of all three of them standing at the window doing nothing. This is unacceptable customer service. I don't want a reply like you're giving everyone else, don't even bother unless you are going to compensate me.

Chynna White

Absolutely the worst fast food I’ve ever had! Not only did they forget to put everything on all of our sandwiches but the fries were so stale. There was no one else in the drive thru and this was a very simple order. I won’t ever go back here.

Elizabeth Kathren Anglea

They have horrible service and refuse to fix the speaker so its hard to hear them talking to you. Sometime your waiting for 5 mins before they even say anything also they do not flip the blizzards upside down and when I mentioned that they have the sign that says if we don't flip your blizzard the next ones free they laughed and shut the window. I hate that place and won't go there anymore.

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