555 Gaines St NE, Salem


Reviews for Ty

This is a Spirit-led church, blessed by God, who is pleased with what His church is doing with His blessings. The Worship Service is different every weekend, yet consistent with the solid biblical Truth, relevant to our times. The message is given by different members of the Pastoral Team. The worship is led by a varying and inclusive group of talented members, providing worship, not performance. This is a successful church that constantly challenges itself to do more for the...read full review
HYPOCRITES This church is even more clickish than others and some of their "leaders" don't appear to know what they are doing and certainly don't care aside from their "performances." Its all so false (with their pretenses) and they treat their volunteers like crap. They are too big for their own good but they have been losing attendance so perhaps they will work harder at solidarity. I've found many other churches here in town that seems to be more genuine but still, more bible...read full review