Calzone's House of Pizza - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

1164 W 6th St, Erie


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The place has went to hell since this new big guy is running the kitchen. Doesn't even answer the phone at lunch time. Ordered a pizza sub... Guy didn't even cook It..cheese wasn't melted..sauce was cold..bun wasn't toasted... complete waste of money

We attempted to order take out. When we showed up, they claimed they hadn't gotten our call. We confirmed the phone number and the manager was rude about it even though we had called and talked to someone for 5 minutes. It was weird and the manager didn't even want to take our order even though the place was dead and they didn't seem to be preparing other orders. If you want pizza in the neighborhood area, try Virgil's Plate.

We've ordered before, but this is the last time. Our box of pizza, as well as the pizza itself, was drenched in grease. The cheese was sliding off the pizza to the point of just leaving the soggy crust behind. They also forgot our drink. Called them and was told nothing could be done about this disgusting slab of cardboard/bland pizza. $30 something bucks later with a tip for the driver.. Yeah thanks ✌

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