Tim Hortons

209 E 12th St, Erie
(814) 874-3000

Recent Reviews

Janae Martin

It feels like every time I go here they do something wrong. I asked for an iced coffee for my daughter and they gave me a hot coffee.

I Allen

Always love the coffee at Tim Hortons. Donuts were good as well. However they seem to be out of Blueberry donuts often.Food: 5/5

Kyle McQueeney

Always have wonderful service. The staff is courteous and remember my order. Sometimes there's a wait in the morning due to people stopping before work, but they're always apologetic (even though they can't control how busy they get). It's unfortunate how some customers treat staff when they do the best they can.

Scott Best

We must have gone at the perfect time as there was hardly any inside customers. The drive thru was a constant flow of vehicles. All the staff were nice to me and my 5 year old son. The bathroom was clean which is a good indicator of the rest of the facility. Nice relaxed atmosphere.Food: 5/5

Mar Rod

So tired of stopping here for my coffee and I dnt get a cup sleeve on my cup. #timhortonteammbers please do not use cup sleeves to differentiate or know which one has expresso. Every hot drink should have one. I’m going to start doing reviews because I’m tired of talking to the location about their mistakes. By the way I been going here for years. It won’t stop me from going here but please give me my “CUP SLEEVE” thank you. Happy Holidays!!!!

Cherie Colt

This is the only one in Erie that continously screws up drinks. It's not that hard to fill a drink up to the line. I've gone to this location on and off for years with the same result. The other locations don't have this issue.

foot crazy

They need to be more comprehensive with customer and dont scream if you hear the people by the speaker good but the other part no can't hear you and say repeat please dont be stupid.....better people are looking for job and the grinch employees trying to be funny......for me a close the store ....Food: 5/5

Kyle Stallard

After ordering in the app, we were told that they were out of the donut that I had ordered. This happens a lot and I'm fine with receiving a substitute but they only had three types of donuts at all. We had to pull aside while waiting for our order and when we received our order, one of our drinks was originally forgotten and then made incorrectly.

Jean P

We had lunch at this location today. Last month we ate at the Buffalo Road location. What a difference! We had the best experience today. The young man that waited on us looked professional, not in a black street clothes hoodies. Our order was taken and repeated back to us. Prepare in a timely fashion. It seemed like he was the only one in the front end but there was only one young lady working the drive through too. We drove out of our way to this location so we didn't go to the Buffalo Road location. Thank you for keeping up with the good standards. The eating area and bathrooms were clean too. I didn't have to clean the table. Keep up the great standards!

Alexander Kujawinski

I love it here, never got my order wrong after so many times I been there. It is really busy in the early morning so be prepared to wait for order but worth it.

Kelly Renée Harper

The pumpkin spice latte was amazing,

MPL Riker

I have bought take-out coffee drinks, Timbits, and bagged coffee for making at home. Excellent customer service and very polite staff. Thank you.

Mary Riker

The staff here is a bunch of awesome people! I have had great service here several times, but my big blunder was to order a cappuccino at the drive-up.. then drive off without collecting it! I drove a full mile... then turned around and came back. They remade my cuppa and were truly nice about it. I have also purchased their bags of coffee to make at home, and found them to be good quality and great tasting. ??

Isabella Noble

Best coffee and cheaper than Starbucks I go to tim Hortons like 3 times a day for coffee love this place


not really exciting. They mess up orders all the time & also need to check these employees you hire, especially the young ones that feel they can talk to people any type of way.

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