1551 S Valley Forge Rd, Lansdale
(215) 362-9223

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Edward Bade

They were a little slow taking orders at the counter, but they were short staffed. It was the day after Christmas after all. The doordash guy that arrived after me was a real a-hole constantly calling for someone to wait on him. I guess he doesn't know what being short staffed looks like. But other than that guy the food was excellent and my grandkids were happy with their food.

Ny Barber

4 star for the food and service but a 3 star for the poor choice of floors when it rains outside.We took my grand daughter here for a chance to Roman around the play area as soon as I walked in it was so slippery. I thought it was just the normal mopping up after the rain water from outside but it wasn’t The entire franchise has the gray tile flooring which is super slippery and condensate during rain. I almost slipped during the entire time there walking after my grand daughter. They placed wet floor signs everywhere but the kids there don’t read or pay attention.Other than the hazardous floors, my grand daughter had a blast!Ordered food from the kiosk and grabbed a table number.They delivered the food really fresh and hot!The staff was very friendly.Cleanliness was great despite the hard effort of the staff mopping the entire time we were there which was about 1 hour.I love the fact that they have sanitary wipes all around for our convenience.Seatings are ample and spacious for large groups.Location is easy being on a main road of Valley Forge Rd. Although FYI, it’s a pain exiting the shopping center due to Harvey traffic all the time.Overall we enjoy coming here and it’s refreshing to finally get back to pre COVID restrictions.

Barry Shaw

WOW. 10 cars in drive thru so I go inside to order figure it has to be quicker. After 3 minutes of standing there with NOBODY in line in front of me I ask if I have order with the kiosk. I am told "No, but if we are busy you are going to end up waiting" a minute later my order is taken. 4 minutes later I get my food. 4 basic items (3 sausage mcmuffins and 1 hashbrown )nothing special from the breakfast menu. I was first in line inside and it would have been quicker if I had gotten in the drive-through line as the 11th car. REALLY, WHAT IS THAT ABOUT, I GUESS DRIVE-THRU IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CUSTOMERS INSIDE.

Rachel Gat

To swamped with orders to bring me out my food on time so I went through the drive through instead. Still good food, they were all just overworked and definitely needed a raise

SiKK Sounds

They don’t even know their own menu. I asked for a BACON quarter pounder with cheese and I never get the bacon ever never ever… This is like the seventh time that I’ve ordered something and have not gotten my complete order. You still charge me the same amount you would charge me if you had given me what I asked for.the managers need to be replaced to people who actually care about working if you do not care about what people pay for and you do not care about your job then you should not be working there management needs to change. It’s all on the computer if you didn’t hear the order ask again I’m tired of this McDonald’s hiring incompetent children from North Penn high school, and the children are not even the problem it’s the management. They are just as bad. The goal working there should be providing quality service and actually caring about your ratings online. How embarrassing to run a business like this.Management should be handling the food and over seeing all the orders make me sure that it’s correct how embarrassing is it when people spend so much money at your restaurant and they don’t even give you what you asked for. Most unprofessional place most unprofessional staff, horrible management going into 2023. You guys definitely need to change and start caring about all your stores and reading your reviews.

Dave M.

Zero stars is the correct rating...Ordered food - different person came on speaker and asked a question I could not understand. Had to ask her to repeat it multiple times. Pulled up and paid for order - moved to picked up window. Person at this window looked at me and asked what did I order? I asked how do you not know since I just paid. He threw up his arms and pointed at the monitor. A different person comes to the window and asks the same question. I had to remember the 10 things we ordered. Received order - was missing items. Asked for the missing items and person threw their hands up like it was my fault. I get errors happen but in the end there was no sorry or any type of apology. Really a disappointing experience!

Martin Hensel

I love this place since it’s right next to my house but I can’t stress enough the people who take the orders or horrible I pay for bacon I pay for certain things I never get it on my sandwich this McDonald’s needs to be held accountable for how much money people are actually losing because they don’t exactly get what they pay forIf your window people do not have a happy pleasing attitude when taking customer orders please do not have them at the window they clearly do not care about the job or what they put in the pod systemNobody wants to order from a restaurant if all the employees who are saying welcome to McDonald’s sound depressedI ordered a bacon Mc double I never get my bacon ever last week I ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese and bacon I never got my bacon fix this asap


We rarely hit up fast food, but in a pinch and on a road trip the boys will ask for McDonald's. We waited in the Drive Thru for 15 mins with two cars which seemed excessive.Then they proceed to get the order wrong 3 times! I mean it is pretty easy to do some nuggets, quarter pounder and fries. Somehow they got it wrong 3 times and then barely helped us fix the order. More of a reason to NOT get fast food.

Kel Mcc

Just ordered four big Macs, three with no pickles and no onions one with everything. Lady at the window read off my order correctly handed me a bag I drove away. Stopped to eat with my kids I have three big Macs two of which are labeled no pickles and no onions one without a label indicating it has pickles and onions upon eating it there are no pickles and onions. I’m tired of McDonald’s letting me down.

Michelle Perlman

Moved very slow had to come in to get my food as I was waiting outside for 10 minutes. Fries tasted old. Someone in line told me the new manager there is horrible and the former manager was so much better.

Tammy “DLF” Balboni

I highly do not recommend coming here. First well over charging for what is offered 4 chicken nuggets small fry and small shake cost about 9$ and that's a kids meal.They we're hard and cold for are trouble.Bill total was 19.65 2 double cheeseburgers small fry small soda and medium tea.They server's attitude was very condescending well upset about prices. They forgot the small drink while manager says to another customer they don't forget things as he asked for his sandwich.

Marc L

This location ised to be good then I'm not sure what happened. Just picked up a chicken deluxe sandwich. More like a giant piece of rubber. You bite in to the sandwich and the entire piece of chicken falls out because your teeth can't get through the meat. Disgusting. They locked all the doors which is fine but still leaves the inside pick up option available in the app. So you go through the drive thru and they can't find the order. It's a mess over here. Very disappointing as they used to be pretty amazing.

Kevin Yothers

I ordered my food and they said to pull up in spot #1 and my food would be right out. I waited 20 minutes. I knocked on the door and even called the store. No answer. I had to go back through the drive through. It’s now been 35 minutes since I placed my order. They don’t know how to run this location.

crystal allen

This is absolutely one of the worst locations in Montgomery county. Pre-Covid this location was way better but not it’s trash , I swear most of the workers are no customer service, the black female manager is rude and not polite ( I’m black , I can say that)There’s one worker who is amazing and it the male taking order at the drive thru who has a disability. There’s this white female worker with bad teeth who has a nasty attitude , I don’t want her to touch my food, I know you guys are desperate for workers but gosh these are people who are in contact with our food , we customers deserve better. Once I went by drive thru saw this white male licking his finger to get it wet in order to separate the coffee filter. I swear this place is trash, yesterday experience was my last straw and I’m glad for Wawa close by which is an alternative.

Sandy K

Cashier also handles the food, YUCK!!! I don't want germs from filthy money touching anything that touches/covers my food! Think about, you touch contaminated wrapper, then your food......Manager was just so/so friendly.

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