Napoli Restaurant

2112 Park Pl Dr, Washington
(724) 514-6468

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth Sandhagen

I only had wedding soup and a chicken ceasar salad but it was really good and the dressing was on the side and there was plenty. The waitress was very friendly and I was with a friend for lunch and they didn't rush us out. I will definitely go again and try the pizza.

Jason Reichel

A typical Italian restaurant circa ~1995. Ok food, although I feel as if typical Italian offerings have improved significantly over the last 30-ish years and this restaurant chain seems moored in the age of greasy calzones and rather basic pizza.Food: 2/5

Jon Collins

Let this picture (that I took when I got home) be a lesson to anyone that plans on cooking a pizza anywhere.This is the color the crust is supposed to be, crust is not supposed to be white nor is it supposed to black, PIzza crust is supposed to be golden brown. Delicious spinach pizza ???????

Ein YT

Food was AMAZING!! Had a pepperoni pizza which was one of the best I've ever had, Buffalo chicken dip was really good and the chips they make for it are just too good!! Good pricing too for what you getVegetarian options: Wife had the cheese calzone and loved it

natalie green

Wait staff were friendly and attentive. Menu has a decent selection of options, but consistency was a problem. We were a party of 5, and our meals came out either piping hot or cold. For my dish, the protein was hot, but the pasta was barely warm. My mom's Alfredo was already congealing when she got it. Lots of patrons had ordered pizza (we did not) and they looked and smelled good. Perhaps pizza is the restaurant's best feature.

Anthony Denuzzio

Service .. Awesome ! Spinach and artichoke dip.. amazing like you will never believe .. egg plant rotini takes it to another level .. then the manicotti with real Italian crepes takes it to phenomenal and an incredible Italian experience for a doowop dago like me ! Can’t say enough but this place really gets itSo.. after ordering takeout from Napoli I will edit my review to say ; Ordering take out food from this establishment shows their true colors .. totally disappointed .. pizza burnt and unappetizing and a $5 salad anyone with principle would by shameful .Parking: Crazy parking lot

Kathy Weis

I had the fried zucchini strips and they were absolutely the best I've ever had! The breading was so light and it seemed to melt in my mouth.

Natalie Lewis

We ordered pickup 2x and delivery 1x. Most of meals were enjoyed. The first meal I got was a chicken dish soaked in butter. Portions are large. The spicy Alfredo is delicious.Parking lot is annoying. Otherwise recommend.Ps. Don't get any cream based soups.

Kathy W.

I had the fried zucchini strips and they were absolutely the best I've ever had! The breading was so light and it seemed to melt in my mouth.

Debra Doswell

This is so much better than the other Italian restaurant's. Their food is fresh and the taste is more traditional. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.Parking: Plenty of parking

Mark Craig

Hello out there in dinning land, i had heard about this place from a friend and my wife and I decided to drop in and check it out. It's difficult for me to rate Itailan restaurants cause I have been to many top notch restaurants that offer Itailan cuisine. The place felt cold to me not temp cold but the feel of a cafeteria, the service was ok and the dish I had lasagna was just ok. Their sauce needs some tweeking not much taste, the cheese and meat had to carry the taste load. The price was on the high side for what we got in my opinion.

Gary Binotto

Food was great... our server was excellent. It's very simple, like a pizza restaurant, but there is much more on the menu. We definitely enjoyed it.

Amy Klein

Server Jessie G. was absolutely lovely. Friendly, sweet, helpful and attentive.For an appetizer, I ordered the hot stuffed peppers.Delectable, mildly spicy peppers stuffed with a savory sausage mix, smothered in fresh marinara and melted cheese. They were delicious and it was a huge portion. This could have been a main dish, it was so much food.It came with a slice of Italian bread and butter packets. I think the slice of Italian bread is unnecessary. It's literally just a slice of bread from a bag you could pick up at the grocery store. This dish would be fine without it, but if you must serve it with some bread, add a chunk of toasted garlic bread made from an authentic Italian loaf.My main dish came with a salad, which I received prior to my stuffed pepper appetizer.I was asked if I wanted a Caesar style salad and that's what I received. The toasted croutons tasted fresh, like they were house made. I should have asked if they were, and I didn't. But they were delightful. The romaine salad was fresh and crisp, and I loved the thick cheese shavings in the salad. Combined with the tangy dressing, I really enjoyed it.For the main dish I ordered the Seafood Alfredo. It was advertised as containing shrimp and langostinos. I didn't receive any warning that the langostinos were missing. The dish only contained shrimp. Nevertheless, the seafood was tender and not overcooked. I wasn't disappointed. The picture is deceiving, as there were more shrimp hidden under the pasta.The sauce was sumptuous. I thoroughly enjoyed every creamy bite. Alfredo is my favorite dish. I took a good portion away to enjoy later, and it was just as delicious warmed up as leftovers.The only thing that could improve the dish, would be if the pasta was made fresh by hand. If that happened here, it would be sublime.For dessert I chose the caramel drizzled cheesecake. It had a lovely vanilla bean flavor that was enhanced by the caramel. I can't tell if the dessert was made in house and I neglected to ask. I suspect it was not. But it was a satisfying slice of cheesecake, no matter where it came from.

Tracy McCrory

I'm hoping the other meals taste better than their hoagies. Ordered 2 hoagies for a quick dinner to take home and it looked like they were just thrown together. Some had hardly any meat in it. Paying about $45 for2 ( with fries) is not worth it


We enjoyed the food which was typical Italian American fare. The waitress was very nice, but needs better training—brought our salads before water and drinks, forgot to bring bread until we asked ( it is listed as included with the meal on the menu) and as we were finishing asked if I was “still pickin” rather than “Are you finished eating” or “May I take your plate.” For us, this is the difference between a very nice experience and a mediocre one. A little training of the waitstaff would really improve this restaurant.

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