Sweet Hut Chinese Restaurant

1000 Park Pl Dr Suite 101, Washington
(724) 222-2098

Recent Reviews

Sue Petritis

Food is excellent and service is outstanding! Absolutely our favorite ?

Tommy S

Gr8 place to eat. Foods good & You get alot..

Vanessa Fristick

Good food always! Love the steamed dumplings!


We know we got there just before closing (9:00) 8:30pm. We didn't eat it right away about 9:30pm. So it may be a little bit on bath parts. We order one dishe and shared the plate since it was a later night's dinner and didn't want to much. We had the General Tso with a side of fried rice and an order of crab ragoons. Again we blame the time we got our food (closing time) We will definitely go back again just a bit earlier in the day.

Raelan Day

Absolutely delicious! Very fresh food and clean restaurant. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could.

Krystal C

Very friendly and fast service. Prices were reasonable for standard takeout food (which was not bad). I liked the ease and customization options of ordering online for pickup.

Anna R

Ordered from Doordash today. Soup was tasteless. My meal was horrible. Chicken lo mein tasted like fish. Main dish tasted like boiled lettuce and cabbage in water with bits of chicken. Nothing else. Only flavor was a tiny bit of garlic. Went into garbage. Way better choices around. Not ordering again. Wasted $45.

Brandon Byerly

Great Lunch for the on the go worker in the Wash-Canon area. Love the General Tso's.

Dan R.

Who doesn't want a happy family??? This little family business cranks out tasty American Chinese food. There is a small eat in area, most of their business seems to be takeout.


Decided to try them wull not be back, horrible. Egg rolls over cooked and cold, rice not fully cooked, crab Rangoon was nothing more than stuffed egg roll wrapped and tough as nails. Suggest you not waste time and money.


The staff is super sweet and they are fast! I love the way they pack your to-go food. The containers are thoughtful. Nothing spills.And they stuff those containers full, which is great! It's not the usual to go boxes like at Panda; these are nice enough to where I'd wash them and use them again as Tupperware.The food is good. It tastes delicious the next day, too, cold!The egg drop soup could use some more seasoning; it's bland, but I still liked it. I just had to add some seasonings at home.Overall, it's a great place to go when you're craving Chinese food. ?

David Vincent

The food was delicious. Generous portions. Good service. Reason prices.

Scott Held

Some of the best Chinese cuisine around.

Ryan C.

Absolutely the best Chinese food in the area. Staff is friendly. Their crab Rangoon are fantastic and they make them different than most places, which allows for more filling and less shell

Ro. S.

General Tso's chicken was tasty. Fried rice, very good! 3 stars because there was more fried batter than chicken! The pieces of chicken were thin strips and small cubed, the batter made them look big! Most pieces were nothing but batter!

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