Papa John's Pizza


3220 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval
(450) 688-7000


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The hype will be real once they're established. Ordering online still needs work as opposed to their competition. My order was constantly not going through so decided to just go there myself. Perhaps next time I'll try having it delivered. However, my pizza was delicious, no question about it. I would definitely give this infamous place another shot.

So thrilled there’s a Papa Johns near by! Ordered a four meat topping pizza, it was soooo delicious. They even gave us a garlic/butter sauce which was perfect! It was a little annoying though that their menu wasn’t up on the screen and we were limited to looking at the brochure.

Papa John's has always been a classic pizza chain in my opinion and the fact they have the garlic butter for the crust makes it a even more enjoyable endulgance. Crust = Garlic Bread. The wings are actually full chicken wings not some little scrawny chicken finger, and you'd be surprised at how little grease is on them when served. Most the specialty pizzas are the common variety. I find the Buffalo chicken pizza a real treat thanks to it not being so tangy. But I'd have to full review

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