Chili's Grill & Bar

255 Collyer St, Providence
(401) 421-4850

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Casey Gallagher

Well first, I ordered from this location from a nearby hotel. They provided no utensils, luckily the hotel had plastic ones available. Next, I was getting ready to eat, I opened the meal & saw a ROACH. An actual roach on top of the meal.I called the location and spoke with the manager, Eric. He offered a new meal.. no thank you. And a $25 gift card? Lol. Thanks but no thanks.This is the most disgusting experience I have ever had with a restaurant in my life and I go out to eat a lot!!

Ramona Fair

Located in a shopping plaza. Decent service. Nice size portion and good was tasty. The brownie dessert needed more ice-cream as it was rich and a bit dry. I would have given 5 stars but I had to ask my waiter several times for water. That would not had been a problem had it been busy but it was not.

Sonya Nance

My food was Luke warm there were bugs flying around. I sent my food back and decided not to eat it because of the bugs. It smelled like vomit in the area.There was no greeter or someone to seat you so we sat ourselves. The chili looked like burned meat with some tortillas thrown on top. And the takeout (which I didn’t eat) looked like half microwaved chicken nuggets with some scarcely thrown in sauce. There was no organization at all. I starved rather than to attempt to fill myself with that food. I’m just nauseous from the whole experience I will never eat there again. Ever….If I were able to rate a zero I would but it’s not an option.

Eric Kea

Worst Chili's we have ever been to. Chips were horrible, salsa served in a paper container that was going to fail due to moisture of the salsa. Salsa spilled on chips. My wife's entree was a "hot mess." No ice for cold drinks. Server distracted by customers she seemed to know personally. Chilis is usually consistent which is one of the reasons we eat there during travels. This one seemed neglected. It happens but maybe avoid this one and find another?

2 Face kill a

Ordered margaritas and they where nothing but juice no alcohol. The bartender was too busy blowing smoke from what looked like a marijuana pen due to the fact he could barely keep his eyes open. since when did chilis turn into a hookah lounge. Soup was cold appetizer’s where cold and no plates where given and to top it all off the food we ordered was also cold. Never got my drinks replace just tried to make me pay for them and the food just got reheated


We ordered 4 margaritas, they were served in beer mugs. We asked the waitress, she was nice. said that's how this margarita was served. ????, I asked to speak with the supervisor, she said the same thing. I pointed out that the presentation on the menu was in a margarita glass, she said she couldn't give us one. I explained I was with my mother and sisters meeting for the first time if she could make an exception. she said no. I pointed out again that the presentation is in a margarita glass. didn't budge her. she said she only had 6 glasses and had to served at the bar. we were willing to go to the bar buy it again and bring it to the table, she said that can't be done. there was no one at the bar. 6 people weren't going to walk in and ask for this margarita!! This put a sour note on our visit. If your not a people person you can not do this type of job. I flew a long way to see my family , we wanted to toast with margaritas. That was not possible. Will not recommend and my family will not return. I put 2 dots because the waitress was not as fault. The Supervisor thought she was a police person or bouncer.

Veruca S.

we walked in at 10:04 on 08/15/2022 and the bartender or server whos section was by the bar (bald man) (Fred?) was so unbelievably rude! the website says the restaurant closed at 11 so we thought that we could dine in. he told us that we couldn't eat because they close at 10:30. I asked if it's 10:04 why couldn't we eat? I noticed there were two tables that haven't even gotten their drinks yet and he told me because they cleaned for the last 30 mins and they didn't want to take anymore guests. not only was the encounter completely unprofessional it made no sense at all. I asked for a manager and he said I couldn't talk to her because she was cooking in the kitchen. he proceeded to ARGUE with me until a server just agreed to serve us. we already knew what we wanted so we ordered right as we sat and left before the two other tables did. To make matters worse he walked by our table making comments about me and my date with the other co workers. I never been so blatantly disrespected by someone in this line of work. we are GUESTS you never treat people like that and tell them they are unwanted because you rather clean and end your night early. people like him make the whole company look bad.

Tripp Eastwood

The waitress (Kiana) was on point she she made sure inhad everything I needed. if I could give ten star for customer service she would get itI had the QUESADILLA SALAD to my surprise it was very good it was a nice bite of delight these quesadilla will be my go to meal.. Also had the the  HONEY CHIPOTLE WINGS the were cooked to perfect nice and tender.. almost felt like my uncle cooked them on the grill ar the family cookout.

Michele “Chelz” Pendergrass

Delicious food ..we went again a couple of days ago and the waitress took our drink order quickly but took forever to take our food order

Steve Peterson

Worst Chili I ever had!I live 3 mins from the place and after ordering a bowl of chili and a salad got home and the chili in Styrofoam was about room temp. Shredded cheese on top hadn't even tried to melt in the least and the flavor was way over spiced. Not hot spicy but chili powder overly used. I could eat Mexican food 3x a day but this chili was just horrible! Guess I'll stick with the Mexican restaurants, at least they are pretty consistent and I know what to expect.

Arianna G.

I've never had a bad experience at a Chili's until the other day. Our server was awful. She took her time coming to our table in the first place. By the time she came to take our drink order, we knew what we wanted for our meals. She preceded to tell me the Sante Fe Chicken Salad was so longer on the menu. She then just stared at me and made no suggestions as for what I should get instead. I asked if the kitchen could try to make it (its a grilled chicken salad for god's sake). She said no. I asked for a few minutes to decide. I tried to order the salad online and confirmed that she lied and they did have the salad still. We ordered an appetizer, soup and our meals. The wrong soup and size soup was brought out which she blamed the runner for. Then she brought the right soup wrong size. My meal was brought out with the soup almost immediately after ordering. The appetizer then came out. My boyfriend's food came out about 20 minutes later without a side and sauce. We had to call her over for drink refills and she never checked on how our food was. It was a very disappointing experience and we will not be going back to this Chili's again

C H.

I've gotten to go orders via website. They tell you the time when it's ready and will bring it out to you. Fifteen minutes past the time mentioned and I had to go inside to get my food. Got home and it was cold, items missing, I was so disappointed and dissatisfied. The first time I called I was put in hold for 15 minutes, so I hung up and asked for a manager. (No I'm not a Karen). The manager was very nice and understanding. I just let them know that this was twice now. I said the food sucks and the service was terrible. She knew it it too. I used to love chili's but I don't know....

Jillian Y.

Only 2 stars and that's cause I feel bad for the waitress , she was literally doing ALL the work herself we stayed at the door for about 10 minutes before SEATING OURSELVES because 4 different people looked at us and acknowledged we were just standing there YET , NO ONE came over to seat us. About 2 hours after leaving, me and the hubby got very blah and sick feeling with very bad stomach pains.


I’ve been coming to this location for a while & TODAY I received the best service at Chili’s from Erik M. Aside from him running around curbside, in the kitchen and at the to go station, he had it under control. He was fast, efficient and made sure I had everything in my order before giving me my bag. A friend ordered something last minute and barely had to wait long for his order. He deserves a praise and more! Thank you again for your great service Erik.

Marya DeNadie

Went for what was to be a quiet peaceful late dinner (9:00pm) seated where there was a party was ending and all kids (early teens)were all over the place and never ending yelling. Ordered blackberry tea which tasted like wet penicilin, salad and dressing was old and tasteless.Main coarse was steak, potatoes and vegetable. Steak was cooked wrong (asked for rare and got well done), potatoes were dry and seemed old and asparagus seemed to be near roar. Waited nearly 20 minutes to speak to server and another 15-20 for her to speak to manager and then to return and tell me she was making a new plate for me to take... by then I was DONE and ready to leave and left as hungry as I was when I arrived and just wanted to leave... A total waisted evening as well as a waste of money!

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