Southern Barrel Brewing Co.

375 Buckwalter Pl Blvd, Bluffton
(843) 837-2337

Recent Reviews

Lauren Ritter

Great food, great atmosphere, great service. Will definitely be coming back.

Dean McCaughan

My wife and I were in Port Royal visiting Shellring Ale Works (excellent!) and we decided to detour over to Bluffton and visit Southern Barrel because my wife is a big fan of their Wild Bramble sour. I’m trying to be a little sympathetic in my review because clearly something was amiss with the staff. My wife is allergic to strawberries and when she asked our waiter if two of the fruited beers had strawberry he responded, “I don’t know, and I doubt anyone else here knows either.” Then we overheard the bartender tell another patron in response to their question, “I don’t know. I don’t really drink beer.” Both of these responses fail for a response when you are a local brewery. Also we were sitting close enough to the kitchen to see that they were on the verge of a mutiny. Two kitchen staff walked out while we were there. I get that restaurants have bad days. I just couldn’t tell if our waiter was moving around with frantic understaffed energy, if scattered energy is just his vibe, or if he was disinterested. At one point I needed more napkins and when he brought them over he never even broke stride as he dropped them on our table.My biggest hurdle with this visit is that the location lacked any of the atmosphere you would expect from a local brewery. It felt like an Applebee’s or TGIFridays or BJs or any other generic chain restaurant that happens to have their own beer on tap. My fried chicken sandwich lacked flavor and had so much sodium that it could have eradicated all the slugs in a 10 mile radius. My wife’s sandwich was missing ingredients, but with everything we could see going on in the kitchen and our waiter fluctuating between rushing around the restaurant and checking his phone, there was no way we were going to risk sending it back to get it fixed.At the end of the day, I’m just disappointed that I spent $60 on such a lackluster lunch. We were trying to show some love to a local brewery that makes a beer we like, but it just felt very corporate. We’ll still enjoy Wild Bramble when we see it out but there’s no draw for us to return here.

Scott Lambert-Gorwyn

Beer is average to good. Burger is not to be missed; better than any brewery burger I've had.

Anastasia W.

This brewery was amazing! I 100 percent loved the atmosphere and the staff! The beer was so cool and refreshing. I ended up getting the pretzel which was HUGE! I loved every bite! Highly recommend this brewery I can't wait to come back.

Robert I

The service was great and so was the food. We had a Tex-melt with French fries. The food was served hot and it was very savory and plentiful. The beers on tap were average. Had the NE IPA and an Imperial IPA. Tasty but nothing that calls to your attention.

mikayla gilchrist

pictured: jerk clucker (blackened) with friesi’m seeing a lot of reviews about how bad the service is but we didn’t have an issue at all. she checked on us several times. anyways, now for the food part. i got a southern helles lager and it was pretty good. my chicken sandwich was decent but i think i’d try something else next time (it had a lot of sauce for my taste). my husband said his burger was delicious. if i’m close by again in the future i’ll definitely come back!

Laura D.

Southern Barrel is a great little place for a good beer, food, and music. Right now I’m loving their fall beer, Low Down Brown. It’s literally heaven in a glass! Delicious ?

Matt M.

Always a good time, dog friendly (outside seating), food is always terrific, and the beer selection is always top-notch! The chicken sandwiches and fries are delicious!

Taylor B.

Love love love this place! Beer is always good and the taps rotate pretty regularly, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed. Nachos are always our go-to for food, and we love that they have a dog menu! They're very dog friendly outside, and even have bowls/water jugs for them. Service is always great, and there's plenty of parking. Highly recommend!


Nice ambiance and bartender Max was super friendly. Maybe the best burger in bluffton! (Top three contender anyway) I will be going back, definitely check this place out!

Christina Simons

Fantastic service ! And outstanding food one of the best burgers and Fries I’ve ever had and my husbands barbecue Mac and cheese was to die for, keep up the good work guys!!!

Catherine B.

Food is way overpriced. Service is exceptional. Dark noisy pub with good beer and that's about it

Sandie Parrott

Two visits and they are out! The first visit they had no gluten free items, didn't care to understand, and had poor/slow staff. This was a few years ago.Tried them again today. Different set of problems. They now have gluten free items... sort of. They list fries as gluten free. Not so. They are breaded! Beware!My hamburg was extremely salty and my Brussel sprouts were burned.My husband ordered nachos with meat and queso ONLY.They had jalapeños and chili drizzle. Not edible for him. The waitress brought more gueso, wouldn't/couldn't (?) do anything else. So, for about $50, (one beer) we had a very disappointing meal. Wait staff was ok, except she didn't convey meat and queso only.It is such a shame they cannot ever care about their patrons enough to get it right, or fix it!!! Do not recommend!

Brandi Talmadge

The Classic Burger is the best in town - likely the best I've ever had! My husband and I asked for our fries well done and they delivered. Service from Carissa G. was exceptional! Our new favorite place to grab a Classic American Burger Plate. Thank you for renewing my outlook on exceptional service and an outstanding burger & fries!

Leah Gregory

I am giving 5 stars because of our server, Gracen. She was cheerful and sweet, and she handled the evening’s curveballs with professionalism. I saw her interact with several difficult customers, and she was able to be kind and respectful even when they may have not been speaking to her with the same courtesy. She put her game face back on and kept on serving her other tables with a smile. She was seriously awesome, and we were lucky to have her at our table!

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