8 Best Bars in Brookings

Ray's Corner Bar • $$
401 Main Ave, Brookings

“Ray's Corner is a dive bar known for its cool atmosphere and friendly service. The bartenders are a highlight, providing great conversation and a welcoming environment. It is cash-only and offers good prices on drinks, including free and tasty popcorn. While the atmosphere may lean right-wing, it remains a pleasant and enjoyable local bar.“

4.6 Superb10 Reviews
Carpy's Pub Bar • $$
720 22nd Ave S, Brookings
5 Superb2 Reviews
The Vault Bar • $$
327 Main Ave, Brookings

“We were a little disappointed. Hubby ordered the Prime Rib Medium Rare and it was very on the raw red side ... he ate half of it [will cook the rest for a lunch]. Dispite that, he said it was good beef. I ordered the grilled salmon with grilled veggies. The veggies were delicious, but the salmon was very overcooked and very dry. The service was good.“

4.7 Superb3 Reviews
Main Street Pub Bar • $$
408 Main Ave, Brookings

“I have been to Main Street Pub a few times as a SDSU Alum and always make sure to stop in. I love the improvements that they are making - it looks great. The staff is a blast.My friends and I really enjoyed the pizza. I have been there for karaoke and also to see a band. Both times we had so much fun.I heard they have more plans to improve in the future. Good luck to them!“

4.7 Superb3 Reviews
Skinner's Pub Pubs • $
300 Main Ave, Brookings

“Skinner's Pub offers plenty of bar space and a variety of activities. The outdoor patio with heaters provides a quiet place to chat. Known for excellent service and a fantastic atmosphere, it's a must-visit bar in town. Don't miss out on the amazing bartenders at Skinner's Pub.“

4.2 Good10 Reviews
Jim's Tap Bars • $
309 Main Ave, Brookings

“Jim's Tap is super old-school, but you're going to love it. It's got the craziest medieval decorations and dark furniture; you feel like you're walking into a bar in the Middle Ages. It's awesome, though - great patio, great drinks!“

4.7 Superb6 Reviews
The 9 Bar & Nightclub Bar • $$
305 Main Ave, Brookings

“I’ll give the 9 …, four stars because it does have some sleazy men, gross fake girls and boys for that matter. But at least the 9 has a way better atmosphere then the other young bar (MSP). This place is so much better the staff doesnt look 6 years old you can meet better people here the staff are all really cool for the most part. The back of the club is drenched with drinks and piss…lol but like I said it’s an actual place to do something not just an underage let’s talk about farming and Busch light.,., la de da. They have a dance floor here to but fair warning if this place gets packed it gets hot. I MEAN LIKE REALLY HAWT. I’d still rather pass out from heat stroke or serotonin syndrome here then go back to the Main Street Pub …“

3.4 Good5 Reviews
Sully's Irish Pub Bar • $$
421 Main Ave, Brookings

“Best bartenders in town ;)“

3.3 Good6 Reviews