Logan's Roadhouse

3940 Keith St NW, Cleveland
(423) 478-0094

Recent Reviews

Andrea Silba

We received the same delicious food as always; never had a bad meal there yet. But if you're looking for 5-star service along with top notch entertainment, ask for Abby. Literally the best server I've had in years! (BTW, Logan's servers all wear masks & strictly observe the 6 foot rule. COVID safe location!)

Lindsey Hughes

Quick! Hot! Yummy! Our waitress kept our drinks full and was very friendly!

Emmy Branch

This place is amazing. It never ceases to amaze me everytime I go. If you're looking for a good meal, then definitely have to go here!

Brandon Mendenhall

Was truly hopeful that service would be better under new ownership. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case. Went in to eat Saturday afternoon ~2PM. We waited for our server for over ten minutes just to take our drink orders (which she messed up, anyway). Restaurant was relatively empty and all servers seemed to be having a good time behind the drink bar while I tried to choke down stale chips, since she apparently didn't have time to check on how we were enjoying our appetizer. Finally managed to flag her down for replacement chips and refills (our drinks were long gone at this point).

Darlene Mcdowell

Took friend here for her birthday! Great food and service. Bout bust I was so full. The spinach dip was off the chain. One of the very best ever ate anywhere. Top two no doubt!!!

Darlene Andersen

The country style buttermilk chicken is our choice lately (we can't seem to order something else). It's REALLY good!!

Mattson Smith

Good service and good food.

Don Thurman

Called in our orders. I ordered a baked potato and got French fries. Everything else was correct and was DELICIOUS.


Usually consistent on taste and quality. Running a limited menu for now (Jun 2) but fairly good selection.

sheila wilson

Very loud and for a younger clientele. Service inconsistent. Food ok and prices equal quality

A J.

Just catching up on my yelp reviews as we just moved to Cleveland from out of state and got settled in the first of the year. We have a Logan's Roadhouse in the state we came from but just never ate there before. It was on February 6th and my birthday so we decided to give it a try. We were seated in the bar area and were seated right away. The atmosphere and decor were really cool. It wasn't busy at all. We sat there for a while until someone finally came and brought us bread and started to walk away but I stopped her and asked her for drinks and she said that our waitress would be right here. So, we waited for about another 10 minutes and the waitress came and took our drink orders only. We waited again for a while and when she brought our drinks she just sat them down and started to walk away so I stopped her and said we were ready to order because I knew if not the wait would be longer once again. The drinks and food were good, no complaints there. It's the customer service and the wait time (we were there for at least 2 hours) needs some improvement. She was also training a new guy on that night in the bar section but hopefully, he does better with making sure the customer is happy then she did. She wasn't rude or didn't have an attitude but we had to continually call her over for napkins, drinks, check etc. She never once came on her own to ask if we needed anything or if we were doing ok. The prices were fine as well but sadly I don't think we will give Logan's another try as they need some more training in customer service.

Cheryl Howard

Service was great. Had the kicking shrimp trio w/grilled veggie skewer. Very good. Black berry tea very sweet but good taste.

Charlie Haney

They were out of Rolls!! Then the service was subpar and the food was mediocre at best.

Terry T

My wife and I have been numerous times to this Logan's Roadhouse in the past but after this last visit this past weekend, we will not go back! The wait staff service was good but the support staff had more tables needing cleaning than were clean in the area where we sat. We actually had to clean our own table from the previous diners so we could sit down and not be in crumbs, peanut shells and pieces of bread. My wife recently broke her hip and had great difficulty sitting down due to amount of residue on the floor. The wait staff did a good job for us but that was drastically overshadowed by the poor food preparation - my prime rib was full of fat and gristle and her petite steak was so tough that she left most of it behind. Evidently the restaurant does a booming business on the weekends because the lobby was full when we left and people were standing outside with a 45 minute wait being touted. Our advise - spend your 45 minutes elsewhere in order to get a meal that you can enjoy and digest properly.

Ashley R.

I'm not sure if they have a bunch of new people working but I basically waited an hour for this salad....more specifically this card sized piece of overcooked, unseasoned salmon. Now, I place my order online & it said my order would be ready in 30 minutes. I actually ran an errand and went to the grocery store to kill time because surely this simple order wouldn't take that long. So I wait, wait, wait but the pick up area is right next to the cooking area (slightly awkward being in everyone's way) but as I'm waiting I'm listening to the servers go back continuously to fix messed up orders. More than half of the orders were wrong in some form. I haven't worked in the food service industry to know if that's normal but I sure know it's time consuming and inefficient. It was a waste!

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