Flapjack's Pancake Cabin

956 Parkway, Gatlinburg
(865) 436-2387

Recent Reviews

Matthew Meizis

Table was not clean. See the photo. Asked to use the bathroom and was told to go next door. I had the ham and cheese skillet. Plenty of cheese. Barely 2 eggs. Hash browns are hardly cooked and mushy. Barely any ham. Looked like lunch meat thickness. The side order of sausage was cold, dry, and tough. Attractive decor. Fancy building. Attentive wait staff. I'm not ever eating here again.

Deb Hanson

We were told about Flapjacks by some friends and man, they were right, this place has the best flapjacks I have had. I totally enjoyed the Sticky Bun Cakes and my husband enjoyed his eggs & sausage.

Eddy Anwana

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Flapjack's Pancake Cabin is a breakfast paradise! The pancakes are simply out of this world, and the cozy cabin atmosphere adds to the charm. Friendly staff, generous portions, and a menu that caters to every taste make it a must-visit. Don't miss this gem for your next breakfast adventure! ??✨

Harley B

We went here after seeing the insane line at Crockett's and I'm so glad we did! The food and service were wonderful and the value for the money was great comparatively!

Dan Cummings

We were looking for a pancake restaurant and this place was awesome,. Waitress was prompt and great with the orders. Not much wait time even with quite a few people for breakfast. Good food Good service.

Rick Early

French toast breakfast is a must have! The best southern sweet tea you will find!!

Laura Mohmand

Delicious breakfast! Way better than crockett’s across the street.

Melissa McNeill

The staff was so sweet! The food was amazing!I have a dairy allergy and the cook came out and explained what I could have! (Sausage, eggs, bacon and hashbrown!)Someone wrote they have dairy free pancakes THEY DO NOT! Regardless, I cannot wait to go back!

Michael Huff

Great place for breakfast and you get so much food for your money! My wife and I couldn't even finish all our food! Our waiter was very polite and asked us several times if we needed anything and was spot on with drinks! Excellent place to have breakfast when in the area. Until next time my friends!

Liz P

Nice place for breakfast. They were very quick, the food was great & the staff was very friendly. Prices very reasonable.

Melinda Messineo

We ended up here on a whim- the place we intended to eat at down the street had a wait time we just didn't have the patience for. When we first walked in, the building had a little bit of a strange smell to it, but we didn't let that scare us off.Very happy with our choice- this ended up being an excellent meal! The portions were huge, the food was delicious and the staff was very welcoming. I definitely recommend the skillet or country fried steak.

Sarah Meadows

Our server was absolutely amazing, joked with us, talked over the menu, but wasn't one of those annoying servers who asked to often.& as for the hashbrown casserole, it was to die for!!(but don't take my word for it, you definitely need to try it yourself!)

Vineeth Eranical

Real busy place with great food. Our only issue was that they forgot the sides on one of the orders when serving us, though not while billing us. When I pointed it out, they did fix it. However, with the number of patrons, it's a good idea to make sure your order and bill are in sync.

Terri T

Great breakfast spot that was right across from our hotel. There is always a wait during the busy season, so make sure to take that into account. Cute kids "bear" pancakes were a hit with the little ones. Quick service once seated.


The pancakes were cold and rubbery. One pancake was normal and browned the other pancake wasn't even brown and was still battered.color. The pancakes did not taste good, even when drowning in syrup. We also ordered two skillet plates. Both came out cold as well. The sausage was hard and tasted a day old. The scrambled eggs and hash rowns were okay. Overall, I was very disappointed with the food. The service was okay, no issues there.

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