La Baguette French Bread and Pastry Shop

3088 Poplar Ave, Memphis
(901) 458-0900

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have been ordering their strawberry chantilly for over ten years. it usually had a problem that the cake itself was over-moist. when i placed the order, i specifically told them not to make it too wet. however, when i brought the cake to my friend's house, the box was totally wet with the liquid from the cake. very embrassing. will never order from them again.

Deen Waddell

La Baguette is my happy place. They have the best chicken salad in town and their pastries are hands-down the best in Memphis. I love all their soups, but the squash soup is extra good. I love the ambiance of the brick and cafe tables, and there is light music piped in. It's a great place to catch up with friends or to even have a quick meeting! If you love the chicken salad as much as I do, you can buy it by the pound to take home!

Susan Slauson

Delicious baked treats and the staff is very nice!

Laura Salisbury

Wonderful atmosphere. Love the feel of outdoor cafe inside. Delicious food. Simple and elegant. Ice tea was perfectly brewed and the A/C was frigid. Perfect combo on muggy Memphis day

Grant Marshall

Great shop, only thing it lacks is an espresso machine.

Laurel M.

This is probably the best smelling place in Memphis...I's freshly baked bread and pastries! Delicious lunch options and the pastries are fantastic for any time of day! The staff is always helpful and friendly

David J.

Love this place... have been going for over 20 years. Breakfast sandwich or Lunch always good... pastries and cakes can't be beat...Beautiful wedding cakes. My favorite squash soup served on Monday or Thursday. In the winter I love the French Onion with a baguette...

Lisa M.

Hoping to find croissants as big as our head, we weren't disappointed. I get the feeling this place has been here a long time. Staff were either overwhelmed that Saturday morning or are generally blasé about customer service. Decor could stand to be updated. Otherwise, good selection of breads and pastries.

Emily Howard

This is the perfect lunch place! I ordered the turkey panini. The herb focaccia was so crispy and flavorful. The iced tea was brewed to perfection, my mom ordered the club and it was so fresh and delicious. They also have many sumptuous desserts to choose from inside the pastry case. Can’t wait to go back!

Keji Kujjo

Great customer service. Didn't really see a lot of pastry options when we visited so we got bread. Maybe it was the timing? Charming interior and laidback atmosphere though.

Cathy Simons

My waitress was really nice. Food was, as always, great.

Tonya Birdsong

Excellent customer service! Ms. Lorraine is always cheerful with a positive attitude. I make certain I receive a hug from her each time I visit the restaurant! Great pastries! My favorite is the Cream Cheese Pecan Danish! Also, the Corn Chowder and Chicken Salad are tasty, too!

Dianna Douglas

LOVE the corn chowder and chicken salad

Kate Jorgensen

Excellent fresh desserts, quiche, and breads at good prices. Always love stopping by!

Linda D.

This use to be my favorite pastry place. I went in to try out some danish, but the quality don't seem to be the same. The poppyseed danish that I got was kind of dry. I bought a strawberry cake from them last time, but the flavor seems off to much whipped cream and not enough flavor. I gave them another try today, but the pastry are average no longer as great as I once remember. So sad I use to love this place.

Suzanne Walker

Thanks so much for our delicious King Cakes at The Gardens of Germantown. They were enjoyed by our residents and staff.

Celia Poag

I love la baguette. the people are inviting and it's cute how it looks like a little shop. I always get the spicy tomato soup, and it's always so good. my only complaint would be the service, because it can be slow sometimes. la baguette will always be one of my favorite restaurants in Memphis and will definitely go back many times in the future.

Inamé Kohaki

Nice variety of pastries. So delicious. Been going for years and there is a minimall attached to it.

Pamila Mulcahy

I have been going to the bakery since the 80's. I love love love all the goodies they have to offer. unfortunately I have moved away, but when I visit Memphis I always find my way here for some goodness . wish there was one my way. bon appetite!

Rick H.

It was 20 degrees and 6:30pm...we wanted to try a new place with good bread and soup. This place was worse than awful. We ordered French onion and tomato soup (their signatures) and garlic bread. Both soups were stone cold. The tomato soup tasted like it was left at the bottom of the can and left out for days. We left it on the table and went to Panera. Sure, I get it that it was right before they close, but this was unacceptable. It was a waste of time and money.

La Baguette French Bread and Pastry Shop

3088 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38111