La Baguette French Bread and Pastry Shop

3088 Poplar Ave, Memphis
(901) 458-0900

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Regina Davis

Hidden gem. Lunch was huge. Pastries are so good and fresh bread too.

K Bullington

First off if you gave this place less than five stars you probly need to pay to be taught manners and don’t deserve the world class yet local flavor experience of la baguette . I was so happy when I got home to Memphis from home in Denver to see this place thriving in the middle of this historic economic down turn... it really just proves that if you have excellent service and product people will spend money with you.

veronique parra

This store has only the name in French. Bread look like Cuban bread and the pastry don’t even represent France.Ce magasin Porte seulement le nom La Baguette, ne pas se deplacer.

Meredith L.

I think we may have just visited on an off day! When we came there was barely anything left from the day and weren't sure what was popular! The desserts were ok! I think the food would have been a lot better. I think you just have to go at the right time or get the right thing when you go! :)

Dylan Snyder

Excellent pastries and the quiche was incredible.

Monica Nelson

The staff was completely oblivious of anything French, baguette was stale, & they couldn’t answer if tomato soup was vegan - ‘it’s out of a can’. I watched her make a grilled cheese sandwich for customer in front of me that looked utterly disgusting as shredded cheese wasn’t melted. Only saving grace was spinach quiche was very good but coffee was like brown water. It’s in a good location next to a very nice indoor mall but I can’t imagine how anyone would want to have a repeat experience. There’s nothing French about this place whose employees couldn’t even answer Bonjour comment ca va and didn’t know fromage from baguette. I think most people have sad experiences like means just settle for the pleasant outdoor seating and maybe other tasty menu options like quiche but we won’t bother coming back.

Alice G.

Yes. I ate my massive almond croissant before photographing. So good. Also we tried the blueberry cheesecake croissant-amazing , a "tranche" we are not sure what it was but it was delicious, and old school petitfores. Yum.

Susan B.

While the young lady answering the phone was so polite, I was not impressed with being told to call and confirm my order a few days before pick up to make sure the order was not lost. I am placing the order early to get it off my to do list. Also, I am ordering something I have never seen and she said their website is not up to date and did not have pictures for me to see. I do not live in Memphis and cannot go by to see their items. I am left with an uneasy feeling since I am ordering something I have not seen and they may "lose my order." While this business comes highly recommended it just does not seem professional.

Brianna H.

I first visited this quaint little shop a few days ago. I kept hearing so much about it I decided to finally try them out. I love everything desserts, breads, pastries etc. so my expectations are extremely high. First thing that captured my attention was the macaroons. The feet (bottom of the cookie) looked perfect. I got one of each: pistachio, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry. Then a lemon tart and a bacon egg croissant. The croissants are HUGE! Like the size of a full grown man's hand huge. They were super fluffy and soft. Not what I was expecting, but buttery and delicious none the less. The macaroons had an excellent flavor. You could really taste the chocolate, pistachio and vanilla. You could tell the raspberry was raspberry, but I personally would've liked a little more of that flavor. The lemon tart was perfectly tangy. DEFINITELY lemon. Overall, if you want a bakery that holds nothing back when I comes to flavor, stop by.

Kevin Brooks

Outstanding as everytime I've been in there!

Britney T.

My favorite bakery of all time! For as long as I can remember, my family and I have always loved visiting this place and delighting in their baked goods. We are all so fond of their infamous almond croissants (MUST TRY!). It's always a treat going here! They have so many sweets and pastries to choose from. Their baguettes with some butter and a cup of coffee is so delicious. The perfect snack or breakfast place. I haven't tried their lunch items, but they do look amazing. Forever a fan and regular of wonderful La Baguette!

rachel tran

This is a great dessert place. For my family’s birthdays, we get our cakes here. Very good, one of my favorite cakes. Keep up the good work!

Hamda Hussain

Delicious pastries and the best Danish!

Selimah T.

This is probably my new favourite burger in town, I wound like to eat and enjoy it every single day, it's so yummy and sweet I can wait to order for more ro celebrate this my birthday that's coming soon....

Sheila Crout

Best pastry shop ever! stop by there for lunch. so good!

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La Baguette French Bread and Pastry Shop

3088 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38111
(901) 458-0900