Silverados Bar

3904 E Amarillo Blvd, Amarillo
(806) 367-9780

Recent Reviews

Alex R.

Great please to hang out and enjoy great tasting Pho! I am originally from Dallas and a friend recommended I try their delicious Pho. He was right! Also order the wings which have a unique style of flavoring.

Jose J Padilla

Good Spanish bar...

Brady P.

This place is excellent! Havent eaten anything I didnt think was delicious! My favorite so far is the brisket and rate beef pho! The service is fast and the staff is great! Hidden gem!

Jim F.

My first time for Pho "fa", first time to experience this place... Awesome! I wanted to go back today. They are closed on Wednesday. Great service! Really clean! Fabulous service! I plan to tell all of my friends. It's directly across from the Eastridge Lanes Bowling Center on Amarillo Boulevard.

Justin C.

Wonderfilul food! This places needs to be celebrated! This is authentic Vietnamese at it's best in this region. I am so very happy I found this fabulous restaurant. The Pho, Bun and Spring Rolls are absolutely wonderful. I have been 4 times now and the quality has not changed. Every time wonderful food and top notch service. They are at the top of the GOOD FOOD game here. You will not regret going here.

Sammy Sanchez

I've lived in the Eastside side of Amarillo all my life and I have to say this is Best Asian Restaurant in AMARILLO!!! They're Always friendly willing to help the community, everyone is kind and helpful. Their food is Always delicious, I haven't ordered anything I didn't like plus they'll even help you dress your food to make it even more out of this world! Cafe Blvd and Bar will be the only place I go for Asian food from now on! ***Plus They are great with company orders or Big Orders*** thank all so much!!

Kelvin McAdoo

great staff and good food

Lizeth Cambron

Great atmosphere, great service, amazing food. If you’re looking for a place to relax and have a couple drinks this is the place to go, they have a bar and a family friendly zone. Highly recommend!

Linda N.

I love this place for the fact that it's authentic Vietnamese food. Their Bíºn tht nng takes me back to the bustling and crowded streets of Vietnam and their Saigon Wings confuses my taste buds with my mom's chicken recipe from when I was younger. There are pool tables in the back and a bar to your right when you walk in. You can seat yourself and their portions are more than you need. (I have to force myself to finish their food bc it's good and I don't want to be wasteful). Their staff is friendly, young, and good looking. The ONLY reason why I can't give it a five star is because their already small menu of about ten- fifteen items can get even smaller due to lack of food supplies. (No Vietnamese crepes one day, no chicken another, etc) Whenever I get the chance to show off this restaurant, I do because it's that good. However, it's also been about a year since they've been opened. I hope they figure out how much food they need so that they don't randomly run out when a customer asks for something.

Daisy R.

This place is unbelievable good. I had the Chicken fried rice, Combo Pho, Coconut Shrimp, Spring Rolls and Egg rolls. Every dish was so delicious very worth the try! The service was very good and prompt. Clean and good ambience if I could give it a 10 I would!

Joshua C.

The Saigon chicken wings are dank af It's like fish sauce + sweetness which sounds weird but it totally works

Angel G.

Great place!! Real clean, fast, good service. Food was made fast and was all perfect. Staff was super caring and friendly. Well be coming back for sure!!

Becca Martinez

Good drinks

Maggie M.

I've always been iffy about trying Pho, first time to try it and I was not disappointed I had it two days in a row LOL Spring rolls and Coconut shrimp AMAZING! Definitely my new favorite spot! Very friendly service

Becky Martinez

Good drinks

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