Hoover's Cooking

2002 Manor Rd, Austin
(512) 479-5006

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Tanya Lewis

service was horrible & the food wasn't good at all

Tosha Franklin

I ordered a country fried pork chop that looked more like a chicken fried chicken, no bone no flavor, the jalapeño cream spinach was flavorless, and the mashed potatoes were smothered in a tasteless white gravy. 1st and last time

Deanna Thompson

First, black owned but no black servers or cooks. The food lacks seasoning. The peach cobbler was peach pie, there’s a difference. Would never recommend to my brothers and sisters.


Fried catfish was delicious - absolutely perfect. Service was good. Everything else, lackluster. Sat near a table that was very vocally unhappy with the service and food. Would come back if food was better. I thought the greens were sweet - but the table near us felt like that was unacceptable and returned their food. Frankly, I don't think it was THAT bad. It just wasn't great. It feels like this business has seen better times - and I hope it will again.


We enjoyed Hoovers very much. The menu is extensive and the food was outstanding. The dining room was surprisingly quiet enough to do business. I’ll go again.

Jesse F.

Fried chicken is really good here. I enjoyed all the sides. Had to add salt and pepper to the Mac and cheese, but overall very satisfied and will be coming back!


I went there after seeing the chicken fried steak on TV and it didn't disappoint. The plate came with 3 sides and they had plenty of options. Finished theeal with peach cobbler and ice cream. Was full and satisfied upon leaving.

Kevin J.

One of the waiters was rude to my wife before we were seated. Gratuity was automatically added to the bill, and we were overcharged for our drinks. Atmosphere was boring. Food lacked taste. None of us in a party of three finished our meals. We left the restaurant still hungry and disappointed.

Nicole E.

I'm from Cali and my manager highly recommended this spot so I came with really high expectations. I ordered the BBQ chicken, mac n cheese, collard greens, fried okra, and peach cobbler. BBQ chicken was really, really good. Smoked, tender and the sauce was yummy. Thats going to be about it for me. The mac n cheese was screaming for salt and I expected it to be nicely baked, it wasn't. The collard greens tasted fine but they wasn't as tender as they should be if cooked right and really needed to be cut smaller. I felt like the portion size of the greens was small too, like 3 bites. The fried okra didn't taste fresh for me and they need to start all the way over on the peach cobbler my goodness. Now mind you, I am from Alabama and have a really high palate for soul/southern food and no one will ever make better collard greens than my momma. The staple sides I had need some work though especially for that price point. On top of that they added an automatic 20% surcharge to our ticket. I do realize the food industry is hard hit but let the customers know BEFORE we take the time to order and see this at the end when we pay. We spent 15 mins ordering online and was too hungry to find another spot. Encourage tips maybe or do a good job on the food and we will frequent you more, not adding automatically to our expense. We broke too! Ughhh pet peeve of mine is companies and their surcharges nowadays... surcharging us to death. I tip 20-25% on a regular but will turn my nose up at a surcharge...

Victoria Valenta

I met my husband and my son for lunch at Hoovers today. It was my recommendation for lunch as I have previously eaten here a few years ago. I raved about the quality of the food to my husband. We ordered our food at the counter and then sat down. My son was hungry and was requesting chicken strips and french fries. My husband decided to try the red white and blue burger and I had the hot links with sides of steamed broccoli and squash medley. The food arrived shortly after ordering it. In fact it arrived so quickly, I have no doubt that the food had been made already and then reheated to order. My son who had been asking repeatedly for chicken strips and french fries tried the chicken and the fries and then refused to eat any of it. The batter on the chicken strips was not completely cooked (flour was still raw) and his fries looked like they had been fried 3 times. They were dark brown and hard. The chicken batter had VERY large pepper corns in it. My son will usually eat about 80% of his fries and chicken when we go out to eat. My husband tried the fries and said that they tasted like they had been fried in old oil. My husband's burger patty was burnt to the point that his burger was inedible. The patty was hard and dry and to be honest would have made a good hockey puck. My "hot links" were oddly colored and tasted old. The steamed broccoli was almost raw and the squash medley had no seasoning. I ate 1 sausage link and the vegetables because I have to work until 10:30pm tonight and did not have time nor the money to stop for another meal. As I sit here writing this review, I feel sick to my stomach and am wondering if I should have even eaten that. This was by far the WORST meal that I have had in a very long time. Those 3 items and a coke cost $55.00.

Jane O.

Stopped here on the way to Bass Concert Hall. Very easy drive to the San Jac parking garage. Chicken was great with green beans and yams. Huge portions. Waiter put my veggies on the wrong plate but was very happy to correct the problem. They have a refrigerated self serve with dedicated parking so easy to grab a snack and run.

Jennifer L.

It has been a while since I have had Hoover's cooking. I had forgotten how truly delicious this food is. I am known as a pretty good cook and since the pandemic started have been perfecting my own meatloaf, chicken fry and sides - however I can't compete with this even on my best day. I have tried some closer to home restaurants but always ended up just cooking it myself. I love how they have fresh and frozen food to go now and can guarantee that it will be a regular stop on my weekly shopping trips. Keep 'em busy folks - this is one of those Austin gems we need to keep around. Oh, and your welcome.

Dave T.

Great sides and some of the best fried chicken I've ever had. Definitely recommend. Trust.

Tamara Scott

Decided to come here for a lunch work meeting. The fish came out hot and fresh. However sweet potatoes/ yams came out cold. Asked waiter to send back. They came back scorching hot. Mac and cheese warm. Green beans were spicy but ok. We ordered peach cobbler and it came out as a slice of cold peach pie. Thinking it was a mistake, we sent it back and was notified that this is how it is done now ? 20% gratuity was automatically added to the bill; party of 4. Can't remember what the reason the waiter gave however told us "you can add more if you want."

Ron Y.

Had a wonderful meal - just like 'Sunday Dinner at Grandmas' We had the Chicken Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Pork Chop. Got to choose 3 sides each. The Creamed Spinach, Tomato/Cucumber Salad, and Butter beans were delicious. Of course we had to get Chocolate Cream pie and Bread pudding to take home. So few 'old time cafes' serving 'good food at sensible prices' left in Austin area. Of course our favorite is still the TEXAN CAFE & Pie Shop in Hutto

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