Hoover's Cooking

2002 Manor Rd, Austin
(512) 479-5006

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Nothing like spending $30 on a meal and have it delivered wrong. I called Hoover's to try to fix the situation and they refused to do anything about it since I ordered through doordash. I ordered a chicken fried steak and got a chicken fried chicken, I fed it to my dog because I was so disappointed. And the jalapeno creamed spinach looks and tastes like canned dog food. So gross.

Louise Donnell

Very good fried catfish! I ordered sweet potatoes, creamed spinach, and squash medley as sides. The spinach was not creamed and contained jalapenos. The attentive server noticed that I wasn't enjoying the spinach and offered to bring another side...very good fried okra. I don't usually eat fried food but at Hoover's the fried items were exactly done and crisp outside, not greasy.

Tyrone Booze

Quiet place the owner is very friendly if you go you must order first at the register before you sit at a table


I had heard so many good things about this place, so I was very excited to finally try it. I really wanted to like it, but it was just okay. The chicken fried steak was so chewy I could barely eat it. The mac & cheese was completely flavorless. Tasted watered down. I took one bite of the broccoli and noped out. On the flip side, the mashed potatoes and cream gravy were delicious! Overall, just really bummed out to spend that much money for a meal that did not exude that southern home comfort I'm familiar with being a native Texan. I hope today was just an off day, maybe.

Marteshia Lewis

My sides were not hot (Mac n cheese and mashed potatoes), they were just a tad warm. The mashed potatoes were too soupy and the meatloaf didn't seem fresh. I think the cashier mentioned that this was their first Sunday being open and that they are short staffed, so maybe it was just a bad day. It looked as if we were the first customers of the day because when we arrived no other customers were there, but other customers trickled in shortly after us. My husband, father in law and a friend of mine's significant other raved about this place so I was a bit disappointed. Also, I received a mango/strawberry margarita and it was too sour. This was also a disappointment because the window reads that they have "award-winning" margaritas. However they did seem to use real fruit which is always a plus. I will try another day, maybe a weekday when the menu is not limited and later in the day. If I am satisfied with the food on my next visit, I'll update this review.Oh, one last thing...there was a red lipstick stain on the cloth/napkin that my silverware was wrapped in as well. That kind of made me uneasy, as we are in the middle of a pandemic. I hope they're washing those cloths in Bleach. ?

Kirk Hughes

The black eye peas and fried chicken was awesome. The black eyed peas reminded me of my grandmas bean soup she use to make when I was a kid. I was looking for greens stewed with pork and I overseen that the collard greens were vegetarian. Its the mustard greens I was looking for. We ordered desert and the staff sent us home with a side of mustard greens to take home with My leftovers. If you stick to the main comfort food items, you will not be disappointed.

Steve Ellis

Great to see this restaurant survived covid. Some of the favorites they don't have right now due to not enough workers but I still highly reccomenf this place.

Zac R.

My wife and I ordered takeout after a really long week at work. We had been here once before and really liked it. But we got home and the food was TERRIBLE. The corn had no flavor. The bread was crushed in tin foil. The chicken was soggy and chewy. And we got peach cobbler that was inedible. It was clearly just a few canned peaches stuffed between store bought, chewy crust. Big fail. Won't ever go back.

Kayla Kantor

I got the chicken fried steak, candied yams, cowboy beans and mashed potatoes. Everything was freaking fantastic. The frozen margaritas were awesome too. 10/10

Edward Davis

Food was not good at all. Catfish was very small and had no seasoning as well as the macaroni and cheese. Greens taste like vinegar. The rice had more seasoning than anything . The chicken taste like it was a few days old. The salad was probably by far the freshest thing I ordered. Very disappointed, my wife who’s pregnant hated everything and was very let down. $70+ dollars later I’m very disappointed.

Austin Chumley

This is a must visit restaurant in Austin. Good luck finding better fried chicken. Veteran owned and incredible service

Heather T.

I love Hoover's, especially now that other southern food places have closed (RIP Shady Grove and Threadgills). The chicken fried steak and pies are delicious, but it's all about the sides and veggies for me. SO good!!! This place has a warm atmosphere, friendly staff, sweet tea and amazing food.

Tim Thompson

My wife and I stopped by for dinner. I had catfish, mustard greens, blackeye beans, and butter beans. Each was good. Rolls and cornbread came with the meal, and both were cold and dry. You now have to order at the front of the restaurant before being seated, and pay at the same time. We decided we wanted desert afterwards, which meant I had to go back up front to reorder and pay again. This is not very convenient. The service on this visit was also poor. I finally had to ask for a drink refill up front when I ordered desert. I've always enjoyed Hoover's, but the new setup is lacking.

Alysia Duemler

Such kind people who work there, delicious authentic Southern comfort food, and incredibly affordable! I was pleased with the generous portions and the love. Support this great black-owned business and your taste buds and soup will thank you!

Ashley Shea

this was the best catfish I’ve had in a very long time. so good I had to come back for seconds before we left Austin. The staff is extremely friendly, I will definitely be returning if I am ever in Austin.

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