800 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 260-8880

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Melissa Lane

Food was great, service was great. First impression was very poor - parking areas and landscaping was filled with litter. Better cleaning needed in bathrooms and wiping tables between diners.

Tammy Wright

So much has changed. From covid. You have to ask for refils and wait to find server. Needed a manager to talk to but none shower up. Food got cold waiting on server for sugar n creamer n syrup for pancakes. Server not wearing gloves but hands in food.

Sadece İmleme

An extremely slow restaurant for pick up order. How they are busy thats not our problem. They have to be fast and on the time.

Tina Canary

John took excellent care of us, courteous and professional. Very pleased being from Dallas it was a nice welcome to Leander! Oh, and the food was good.

David Pratt

I've eaten here hundreds of times over the past decade and the food has never disappointed. Service can be hit or miss though, as they never seem to be fully staffed even during busy times. But would still recommend this location if you're looking for a breakfast food fix.

Adam G.

There's so many times I want to eat at IHOP but I always decide to not go. This location specifically smells horrible when you walk in. It smells like the carpets have never been washed. More important than the food is the cleanliness of a restaurant because it's what people notice first. There's also been times when I've walked in and no one is at the front desk greeting and keep in mind the restaurant is completely empty of customers. If you look at the reviews for all the other IHOP locations in the area, it's all the same. 1-2 stars. If some changes were made, people would actually go.

Kodijo Leiann T.

IHOP usually sucks, except for the small town ones with little business. This one is absolutely terrible. Staff is pretty rude. Although Our food was cooked RIGHT; they did not pay any attention to the ticket. we did not get any of the substitutions we asked for, but of course we paid for them. Two stars because was we did eat was cooked to perfection. Very mixed feelings about this location.

Everfaraway Rain

Ordered Creme Brûlée pancakes via Doordash. Received pancakes and sugar on the side. There should be a note saying that you need to be prepared to brulee the sugar yourself

Reaves 94

Went here today for a late lunch around 2, restaurant didn't have many people in the store but we waited for 10 minutes and nobody ever came to take us to a table. We left and went somewhere else. I've never had a good experience from here even when I've ordered online in the past it was always unpleasant. The times I've ordered from uber eats and the like and it was from this location the order was always messed up in some way. My wife has been here with her family a few weeks ago and observed the manager being very rude to the staff. I would not recommend this place, either walk to blue corn harvest next door or if you really want IHOP, drive to the 620 location not this one.

Amanda T.

This IHOP location is one of the worst that I have ever experienced, besides the General mismanagement and ridiculous wait times, they discriminate!I am actually unable to wear a mask. I have a medical reasons. The Texas (unlawful) order from Governor Abbott (even though he is selling out Texas) clearly specifies that those with medical situations are excluded .The manager on duty refused service. My unmasked money spends as well as any masked persons money does. This they can be sure of...they never have to worry about my business again! It is important to know that IHOP locations are franchised and other locations are not violating the ADA or constitutional freedoms, rights and amendments.#neveragain#notthisIHOP#theyarentallterrible#justthisone#discriminates#mymoneyhasthesamespendingpower#otherchoices#shopandeatwhereyourbusinessisvalued#exerciseyourrightsandoptionshttps://open.texas.gov/uploads/files/organization/opentexas/EO-GA-29-use-of-face-coverings-during-COVID-19-IMAGE-07-02-2020.pdf

Mae L.

The store is totally empty yet we have to wait over 35 mins when told it's only 15 mins. The others already left because they waited for so long. Their priority is their take outs...lots going out.... it doesn't make sense. Now we are waiting for food and it has been 25 mins and still waiting.

Shenandoha Davis

I understand the wait cause of the covid19 but to not be able to eat the food cause it was so disgusting and under cooked and the pancakes cold..... don't order the steak

Israiel Avalos

The online information is wrong, it is no longer a 24-hour restaurant. I ordered breakfast online when I got there the employees were waiting outside because the manager had not shown up yet, and they did not have the key to get in.so now I'm hungry and I'm light some money because I paid online.

Greg Fridel

Best delivery during Convid19 I have had. Food was good quality and cooked correctly. Good packaging to ensure was delivered properly and plenty of condiments to make sure we had plenty of butter, syrup, etc. Excellent Job and my family thoroughly enjoyed our Saturday breakfast!

Tay Tay

Absolutely not I wouldn’t bring my dogs to eat there very rude staff always on every visit

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