McAlister's Deli

4701B 183A Suite B, Cedar Park
(512) 260-3354

Recent Reviews

Jack Harris

Best french dip in Cedar Park!


Awesome place to eat and friendly staff. Super clean dining room, employees appear very clean and sanitary. The sandwich was delicious. Will be back.

Stacee Caseltine

Always good and that tea. Pricey. Small to go orders but always good!!!!!

Kourtney S.

McAlister's is one of my fave places to dine and after discovering they had curbside pickup, I have been eating here at least once a week! It's super easy and convenient - I highly recommend the Southwest chicken and avocado salad with an unsweet tea for a healthy meal on the go!

Riaan M Odendaal

My second visit in two weeks. I came back because the first visit impressed me a lot. Friendly service and people

Sandy E.

I have not been to McAlisters in about a year as the food quality went way down.BUT today decided we would order curbside....then I read the reviews ..nope... to many other places to eat.I was a regular for many years every week, so sad.

Pam B.

Had a delicious lunch with my daughter, grandson and was first time for grands and they loved it..grandson wanted to sample everything but he settled on half a King club which he had trouble getting in his mouth, a cup of chili, and root beer, granddaughter got a French dip and side of Mac and cheese and opted for water. Daughter got half a club no tomato and chips and I got half a rueban and tortilla soup..she and I both got half and half iced tea ..we enjoyed it all and look forward to next visit

RRena Patterson

Food is good but this one is cedar park definitely needs work on the Cleaning & Sanitizing especially now in this Pandemic. Door was full of handprints, kid fingers & face prints - table we sat at wasn't cleaned properly, the seat had food all over it, floor had food & trash. Spouse cleaned the table & seats for us to eat at. It was before 2 pm on a Tuesday so hasn't been open long. Love McAlister's but this location needs attention to Cleaning ?

Pablo Varas

One of the best places to have dinner with your family. Nice staff, great food and good prices! "This is the world best Mac and Cheese" My son.

lynell berry

Food is always good but they lose orders even after you have confirmation that your order is ready, waited an hour on a to go order. Then they let-post mates pick it up and deliver to wrong address.

aerianna sweeny

I already absolutely love McAllister’s, but the cedar park is the absolute best!! Mak is incredible with her assistance and finding the perfect meal for you. This location has the sweetest customer service I have seen in a very long time! Thank you guys !! Keep up the fanatic work!!

gilbert f.

I've been to McAlister's for lunch and dinner since they've opened in Cedar Park. Early on there were issues but over the 9 months or so, they are consistently awesome. The service is great, folks are friendly and always ready to help. Your order is always right and very tasty. Went for lunch yesterday and I wasn't disappointed as usual. I love this place, for its consistency of greatness. They've set the bar high and always work to keep it there.

Ron O

Great sandwiches and Broccoli and cheese soup as well as Friendly and Helpful Staff

NewEdge Stang

I don’t get why the website has the incorrect time for when McAllister closes, how am I suppose to get McAllister when I don’t even know when it’s suppose to close Bc not even the website knows, either that or the store is closing earlier than it should, please fix it it’s not that hard.

Maggie Bernal

Love thier food! Wide variety of sandwhiches and salads that are delicious! And very filling to. I'm definitely coming here again

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