Salt N Pepper Indian Dine and Wine

1500 E Whitestone Blvd #100, Cedar Park
(512) 260-7818

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Bianca C.

Extremely overpriced for the portions they give. The prices on the menu that they provide in the restaurant is not accurate. They charged me $2 extra for each entree. That was being over $13 each entree. The portions were the smallest I've ever had especially for the price. It was $30+ for 2 entrees and 1 garlic naan. I was told it would take 10 minutes after ordering in the restaurant for our food to be ready. We waited patiently as it then turned into 30 minutes. Mind you we were the only ones in there so there was not a wait. The food was decent. The spice level that the lady explained to me was not accurate at all. I was overcharged once getting my recipes versus the menu pricing which was already changed during Covid. I was overcharged and was given a super small amount of food for $35. Very disappointing.

Kara G.

We had been wanting to try Salt N Pepper for quite some time, and I'm so glad we finally did. This is a definite hidden gem and I would recommend to anyone. * We love Indian food and this is the best we have ever had. Every dish was fresh, flavorful and executed very well. * My husband and I don't eat meat, and it was very easy to order vegetarian fare here. So many options! * The service was fab. We sat outside and were told we could order online or via the waiter. We opted for online so we could get really specific, but our kind server still brought all of the food out to us * We sat outside and I later realized I had left my purse there. As we were on our way back to the restaurant to retrieve it, we received a call from them. As my husband had ordered online and entered his phone number, they were able to track us down and call. Such kind service. We will be back as soon as we can be!

Elea Stout

Great food! There is a huge variety on their menu and plenty of protein options. The food is extremely flavorful and you get plenty of it! I ate my leftovers with an egg for breakfast. I had the Chicken Butter Masala, potato samosas, chai tea and Cheese Naan. They are minimal service, you order on your phone, although they will take your order at the table if you’d rather. Our waitress brought waters immediately and the food was out fast. She also checked in on us multiple times. I don’t see this as bad service, just a new experience and a new way of doing things considering the market as of now. I will definitely be going back!

Kasi Shaw

Enjoyed a great culture experience with amazing Indian food and service. Definately, highly recommend this restaurant to everyone!

Jonathan Kirkland

Consider for take out. We visited for lunch. The food was very good. The naan was wonderful. Don't expect much service in the restaurant but for a quick grab and go it's perfect. I think take out or delivery would be perfect next time. Food was definitely 4 stars.

Veteran Nation R.

First off, the food was very good, make no mistake. I've tried Indian restaurants all over the country and Salt N Pepper's food is fresh and very flavorful. I'm not sure how one would wine and dine here, as it's really just a bare bones diner. We ordered the same thing and mine was truly mild and my husband's truly medium, which was nice. We received two room temperature bottles of Walmart water. Apparently you can only order via the website, so after doing that I received a message saying our small order would take 40 minutes. Okkkkay. 55 minutes later we received our food, the only time (besides receiving the water) our server acknowledged us. I know everyone is short staffed right now, but this took way too long, the server had no sense of urgency at all, and it was just kind of a blah experience.

dilshad shariff

Small portions. Had ordered medium spice and no spice. Medium spice was very very spicy and no spice was mild. Short staffed but staff was doing their best to please everyone.

Leslie M.

Always dependable tasty food! Excellent value. Spicy is spicy- love it! Best gajjar halwa ever.


From the onwer’s reply which is more ignorant rather than accepting the mistake.Please dont call hot n sour soup and szechuan noodles - no recipe adds corns and peas to them.Thankyou—————-If you like boiled vegetables in your noodles and soup, salt n pepper is your go to place.Hot n sour soup and SZECHUAN noodles were part of my order. Both of them had peas, carrot, corn vegetables. I called them back, they initially said if you order spicy then we don’t add vegetables. I told them i ordered spicy and you gave me a sirracha sauce sachet. Then they said - but this is our recipe.So, please dont call it hot n sour soup and szechuan noodles.Both of them were sweet, had no soy sauce, no spring onions, no green peppers.Practically it was just boiled noodles with vegetables.Would like to get my refund on these items.Dont recommend ordering anything other than Indian Gravy from them.

Alina S.

This place is great and the staff that answer the phones are super friendly. I got tika masala, rice, whole fish, samosas, garlic naan and mango lassi. I ordered everything as mild and it was perfect. The green sauce was super spicy for me so that was more than I could handle. Everything was good except I wasn't as excited about the fish as I thought I would be. I guess I expected more flavor or something more but it just tasted like a regular fried fish to me and nothing extraordinary. I would order everything again except for the fish.

Lakisha T.

Although they were out of lamb (I really wanted the lamb chops), the food was so freaking good. Very polite host and pretty quiet establishment. The smell of the food lured me in and I'm not disappointed one bit. I most definitely will return.

Mohan K.

Great food and it was close to authentic. We ordered mutton fried biryani, tandoori chicken and whole fish. I would have given 5 star if it had been less greasy

Melissa McLaurin

The food was very tasty and delivered to our table quickly. service was great too.

Reddy Tadi

Horrible food - We ordered on Friday. The Chicken biryani looked like they heated multiple times and tasted very bad. Vegetable Tandoor is also really bad. Naans are like rubber. Remaining items are equally bad not worth mentioning any more here. I could have zero stars if option is there.

Mackenzie Bailey

I came in to pick up an order and when I turned to leave I simply stepped on the mat by the door and it slipped out from under me. A previously injured knee took the entire brunt of the fall. I mean it was bad, I had to take a minute before I could get myself back up and put a lot of effort into not crying it hurt so much. It looked like someone didn’t want to wait for the floors to dry after mopping to put the mats back down because there was water all under the mat and no wet floor sign anywhere. I’ve not been able to put pressure on the knee since and it’s extremely bruised. The guy at the register simply watched and only offered to let me sit for a few minutes before I left. I had to ask for him to bring me ice. I will never be stepping foot in this place again.

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