Teji's Indian Restaurant

1335 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 456-7519

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Paris N.

First off they over charge for to go food. $15 for a small styrofoam container of tikka masala and a little amount of plain long grain shitty rice which was advertised as "Basmati". We ordered two meals and left with one. Had to turn around and basically convince the girl at the front to give me my food that I paid $50 for! She kept referring to the check she wrote by hand when I insistently kept showing her the online receipt (ordered online). She made a mistake by not putting an order in for my food and instead of owning up to that she just denied it and didn't compensate me for the fuck up. She was also rude and it was completely dead on a Monday night so they clearly weren't busy. She just wasn't paying attention. Long story short DONT SUPPORT THIS PLACE. They Suck. And the food was mediocre. Way better Indian places in Austin.

Maralyn S.

This place sucks. I called to place an order and half way threw they hung up because they couldn't understand me. Went to make an order in person and then it took 40 minutes to be ready. Then finally I had to check myself out! Terrible customer service

Andrew Skeen

This is extremely unfortunate because Teji's used to be probably the best Indian place in Cedar Park; the last two orders I made were just not filled, with no reason or notice given. I would very much like the old Teji's to come back.

Matt B.

First off, let me say that my 1 star is not for the food here. The food is pretty good overall. Not the best Indian, but good for a neighborhood joint. My issue is the multiple times that we have ordered online, and they just are not open. However the web site and order web app lists them as open 11-11. Not only is that wrong, but they also take the order and collect money, notify you that your order is being worked on, and when it will be ready. Then when you get to the restaurant you are meet with this (see pic). Not to mention if you call the phone just rings till you get a message saying this mailbox does not accept messages. ??? You mean there is no VRU or an answering service to handle calls? Come on... Get your sh*t together...

Aaman S.

Never try Naan from here, its totally worthless and not naan at all. Only thing alright is tandoori chicken. I have been a customer from almost 3 years but quality has been going downhill from last 2-3 times i have tried. Ordered butter paneer and butter naan today, Naan didn't have iota of butter in it and way too expensive. Paneer was bland too! U just lost another customer today.

Robbi Piligno

We enjoyed takeout of the tandoori sampler and a lamb curry. Both dishes were very good and filling. The cheese naan was tasty as well. I personally appreciate the tamarind and mint sauces they add in for free.

Joe B.

First off, I really loved the Round Rock location when I was living in that area. I remember way back when Teji's was mostly an Indian grocery store with a few tables for dine in (I mean they had like four or fewer tables). It was your definition of a hole in the wall. The original owner was warm and welcoming. And the food was AWESOME. I grew up on Indian food having a best friend who owned an Indian restaurant. And when I moved to the Austin area, Teji's was the best Indian food by far none. Now that being said, when we moved to the Leander area and I was happy to discovered that Teji's had a presence in Cedar Park. I did mostly carry outs. However, over the years the service and quality just kept on going downhill. I would notice the portions were getting smaller. But I didn't mind as the food was still AWESOME. Though I would get fuss out when I would recommend this place and my friends would tell me about how bad the service was. Judging by a lot of the Yelp responses, I don't blame them. I have never really had HORRIBLE service though here and there the person at the front seemed preoccupied. But I am afraid last night was the last straw for us. Our food just seemed to be half cared for. There were only a half rice portion. When I order my chicken byrani, it seemed to lack any flavor like it did in the past. I am hoping it is because of the COVID thing. But seriously, you can't cut corners. Teji's come back to us.

Jeremy Joiner

Ordered takeout. The naan was still raw. Chicken masala tastes like tomato soup out of the can. Total waste of money.

Samantha H.

Solid Indian food. I love the potato nan, navratan korma and mango lassi. My daughter loves the butter chicken.

Emily Peterson

We love this place! Prices are not bad for the portion sizes they give you. We order from here all the time, and it's good every time! Would highly recommend!


The food was good, but they didn't have one of the items I wanted.

Kamal Raj

This place is so very nice...they are always busy for to go orders but the waitress really help customers nicely...we love their food especially paneer tikka masala and chicken biryani .

Adrienne Hall

The Butter Chicken I swear was Canned Tomato soup with chicken. No spice, and bad service. My husband refused to eat his Butter Chicken and then it was an ordeal to take it off the bill. The appetizer sauce was spoiled, as a Northern and Southern Indian food lover, soo disappointed. I had hopes. So bad I went next door to order sushi.

Patrick B.

I like Teji's, they load you with lots of food and they have a good variety of dishes. Their Nan is delicious, especially the garlic. I'm a fan of their Masala and Paneer, but the Chicken Curry is my go-to dish. They also have some good combos if you want to try a few different things.

Lori Ivins

Ridiculous wait for service. Ordered lamb korma and not sure what it was but definitely not lamb. It looked like a cornbread ball in tomato sauce. The waitress argued with me that it was lamb. I ask her to take it off my bill. She looked at me with a confused look. I ask to speak to a chef/cook to see what it was. I’ve been waiting now for about 15 min and no one from back has come out and waitress had not been back over here.

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