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114 S Esplanade St, Cuero


Reviews for Barbecue Station

This store restored the front of the restaurant and the family that works there smokes the BBQ all night long. Not only that they usually offer fresh fixings that they either make or bring in from the family farm.Local family and another historical BBQ spot that has been here for many years. Way longer then me.

Meh. The place was deserted. Even in Cuero, there should be SOMEONE eating here during a weekday lunch hour... Brisket was dry and over cooked. Sauce was... interesting. Potato salad was runny. (Runny? Watery). Pinto beans had not been soaked long enough. Sigh. At least the sweet tea was good. Overall, not bad - but just meh.

Terrible. My sis in law and I picked up $79 worth of bbq and sides to take home to the guys. They forgot: Bread Pickles Onions I asked for all of that..Nope, Nada. We have all been burping up the taste and having horrible gas all evening.. The sides were weird. Strange corn Hard potato salad Pinto beans were not good either.. There is no way we will be back

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