Taco Cabana

1827 Greenville Ave, Dallas
(214) 823-2092

Recent Reviews

Roderick Bivins

Went for breakfast tacos. They were hot and the service was good. There was an unusual long wait time.

Rick Hobbs

Stated breakfast stops at 10:30 and that's fine but their out of flautas, the dips are very very old, out of beans the staff isnt friendly at all, and when asked about the ranch dip they stated they aere making it 20 min later I asked again and they were still making it there was only 1 other person in the lobby this store needs help their not doing well at all.


Because it was nice and clean inside and they serve very very good food

Anna Bertrand

Waited for my food for about 15 min at the drive through and then left without getting it. Saw employees using gloved hands, answering their personal phones with those gloves, scratching their arms with those gloves, and continued preparing food.

Lekeasha Pattin

Horrible customer service. Only one cashier and supervisor present running the store. Cashier had attitude,no eye contact, neither cashier nor supervisor greeting me when entering in. I waited in line 3 minutes before anyone noticed me. The cashier left from drive threw window to take my order and just stood their looking brown at register. She then looked up said I'm waiting take your order! I'm like your not going say how can I help you,she then turnt away saying to supervisor I'm not taking her order you take it!!! I then explained to supervisor I will not spend my money in an astablishmet like this, can I have general manager or corporate number to report this.

Pat Donovan

The employees are fun. Steak tacos are so good!!!

Beverley parkey

They brought back original dancing frogs. If they bring back roasted chicken ... best ever ... Id give 10 stars. Great food. Nice people.

M Mares

Drive-thru service was exceptional 10+!

Linda B.

Finally unfortunately found a mediocre Taco Cabana. Fajita meat was cold and old. Tortillas were also old. I have been eating Taco Cabana for several years and many different locations and this was the first time I have been disappointed in food.

Lora M.

The staff was sooooo sweet and nice when we dined in. They felt bad when our food was taking a while and gave us queso for the wait. The flautas here are so good. And the happy hour prices are really good!!

Corey R.

This location needs some MAJOR help to get it back to Taco Cabana Standards. Always something forgotten, an order messed up, and wait for :30+ minutes, it's really sad. I have liked Taco Cabana for decades, this one is just so bad and out of the loop of "quality" it's ridiculous. Corporate, time to come help out this franchise with Awful, yet honest reviews

Diana V.

Aite so taco cabana is not a 5 star meal. But this place has 5 star service! My friend and I went and our food came out in minutes. They messed up the order so gave us free chips and salsa and an extra taco. The staff are very nice and friendly! I'll be back! Can't go wrong with a classic.

Joseph L.

[email protected]: I came here last night. My very first time. Great customer by Mr. Broleo. Thanks again for the great Tacos. Thanks for the discount!!!! Acts 20:28/ www.incmedia.org

Patrick Steele

I came here on a Sunday expecting much more than the location in Sherman TX. I had no idea it would be far worse.

Clay R.

This place is the worst taco cabana I've ever seen. Drive thru took 30 minutes and then they unapologetically gave my order which was cold and wrong. STAY AWAY!!!

Chelsea Brown

Meatless tacos are not a winning item. Still, the salsa bar is always good.

Patricia Valdez

This place use to be great order our food at 7pm and got our 6 tacos at 8pm wow 6 tacos one hour no bueno and no salsas or fresh cut pico de gallop 22Dollars no thank u I'll take my money elsewhere 😘

Tom I.

Called in a large order the day before for a gathering the next morning. They said pick up at 9:00 am. I showed up at 9:00, and he had just started the order. One poor guy by himself. No other employees. And 30 poor prospects at my event that did not get to eat. Pathetic!! Hate to be negative, but I don't want anyone else to have this experience.

Patricia Davis

This taco Cabana Ross Avenue is my favorite taco Cabana out of all of them. The food is good for fast food. Only issue I've had over the past two visits is the cheese enchiladas to be dried out. Maybe they were made before lunch? Anyway for the price you can't beat it for Mexican fast food

Hector Medina

Now they have Beyond Meat tacos, wonderful news for vegetarians and vegans!

Emmett Reeves

Ordered brisket nachos which were more like bean nachos, very little brisket and loads of refried beans. Brisket nachos used to be the best, major disappointment this trip!

Stacy palmer

Sat on the patio on Greenville Avenue and watched the night life while eating. Great atmosphere. Food was simple, straight forward and wholesome. Had enchiladas, rice, beans, and, a fruit pie. Wonderful meal, polite staff, clean restaurant. Delicious!

Matthew Johnston

Fun friendly atmosphere. Ordered beef fajita quesadilla. Which is always good. Food comes out promptly. Counter serve and option to patio dine. If you can they serve drinks.

Amy J.

How can you serve fast food and take 20-25 minutes? Worst taco cabana ever! Simple breakfast tacos should not take this long! Got to the drive through at 6:25am they finally took my order at 6:31 and 15 minutes after that got my food! Come on!!! That's horrible!

Kim M.

I've received the wrong order two out of two times in the last month. It shouldn't be difficult to get a brisket taco correct when it is on the menu. When I called (twice) to address with a manager, no one picked up.

Angie P.

We stopped going here a few years ago. Now I remember why. We were there about 6:00 yesterday. Only a few other people in the restaurant. They had no strawberry margaritas and only two types of draft beer? When our food was brought to us, they didn't send the drinks, then came back to tell us the regular margaritas weren't frozen. The trash in the cans was overflowing - again, there were maybe 4 people in the restaurant. Go literally anywhere else on Greenville.

Jay Martin

Service is important to them. The people there are extremely friendly and the service is fast.

Rebecca Hyden

Slowest service EVER. Sat in the drive through line for 30 minutes this morning. They basically sell tacos for breakfast, so I don't understand why it would take this long. They are open 24 hours a day, but it looks like the staff didn't start preparing any breakfast items until 8:15 so we waited SO LONG. Don't come here if you don't have a lot of time. It's not worth it.

Teresa Pimpsorn

I used to love the 12 for 12 breakfast burritos, but it was discontinued.

Kelsey DLR

I feel so bad for the associates!! They only have 2 people working!! They have the inside the drive through and have to prepare the food!! Idk why the management/owners do not set them up for better success!! Guests take their hanger out on them, but honestly that is not enough people!

RaeLyn Brummell

Finally done right brisket bowls!! I never mind the wait if it's don't right!! The staff was nice as usual this time of the night. The lady at the window was the nicest.

Timothy Owens

Okay so this was the first time I've gone to Taco Cabana, and I was expecting great things from all of the feedback I've received from friends that go there. The server didn't even know the menu, and the person who brought us our food didn't even give us utensils to eat with.. Despite all of that the food was very very very good, and it was happy hour so I got a pitcher of beer (very small) for a good price $6. If the customer service was better I would've given a 5 star rating.

Jarron Rice

I love Taco Cabana, but this location seems to struggle more than the norm. Our orders are frequently incorrect in the drive-thru, wait times longer than average, and oftentimes while ordering inside it seems I have to remind them to man the cash register. The food is great though, and it’s down the street, so we keep coming back. I just make sure to always double check my order before taking off down the road :)

Flyin R.

The staff and food here are both equally as bad. They never get the order right and the food is HORRIBLE!! It is also very dirty in the dining area so I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like. Taco Cabana was a decent place years ago...but they will soon be a memory with the quality they produce now. STAY AWAY!!! And I have been back 3 times to see if there were any good changes...there weren't.

Sean S.

COMPLETE trash of a restaurant! I ONLY went here yet again because it's literally right next door to my house and I was starving. And the new buffalo chicken items look somewhat good. However - I was asked at the window if regular queso would be okay instead of the buffalo queso because they didn't have any buffalo queso made up. I went home and poured an ounce of Frank's Wing Sauce into the queso they gave me and voila'! This is a disgusting, horrible Taco Cabana. DO NOT VISIT THIS TACO CABANA.....it's absolutely horrible!!!!!!

Matt Reyes

Was charged 17$ for a quesadilla and small side of queso and drink. Was charged for a large queso. Was given 2$ as a refund and waited for a long time to get it changed. Then went home and the side of sour cream that always comes with a quesadilla was missing and every single piece of chicken was black chewy and crispy. Never going here again.

Mike Figures

Placed an order at the drive thru. The person taking the order had an extremely difficult time taking the order. Left and items were missing once I got home. Called and spoke with Reggie who acknowledged that the individual at the window was new and also acknowledged that indeed they forget to give the items to me. Reggie offered to replace the combo, however when I got there he gave me rice and beans in a cup wrapped in foil. No apology. No replacement combo not even a coupon or a free drink. When someone is being trained there should be someone else listening ready to assist when a trainee is having a hard time. Also when someone has to waste time to comeback something extra should be offered. We all know fast food wastes a quite a bit of food. Will not be returning to this location any time soon.

Brigette C.

After reading the bad reviews, I almost didn't go in. So glad I did, though. I had a lovely lunch with the mixed fajita taco plate and barracho beans. The staff were friendly and efficient and the food was delicious. My experience couldn't have been better.

Maria Samano

We had a really great experience on our last visit. Attentive & friendly staff. Food was delicious. We especially appreciated the manager stopping by our table to ask about our food and if we needed anything, very friendly, think his name was Chris. Will definitely start coming back more often now.

Jenny Hunt

Food was great. Cashier was really friendly. I love their brisket tacos, and i always get extra refried beans because they are awesome! Never disappointed with this location!