The Halal Guys

5444 Lemmon Ave, Dallas
(469) 729-9929

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Michael Streb

I got the Gyro sandwich and I was not impressed with the quality of the food. The guy behind the counter was rude. He couldn't understand what I was saying between the mask, glass, and noise it was awful. I stepped back and slightly pulled my mask down to allow for him to hear me and I was scolded. I have had way better Gyro's elsewhere. I also saw the quality and presentation of the plates my friends ordered and they lacked quite a bit too.

Md Mezbah Uddin

I had mixed platter. Food was okay, felt dry. The person who was serving seemed to be rude. I asked her more less lettuce and more tomato. Still she did the opposite. She did not even ask if I want to dine in or not. My friend was served by another guy that time. His experience was good.

Jason Dziuk

Very good. Not nearly as ridiculously outstanding as the original food cart in manhattan, which the last time I had halal guys was still the only place it was offered. Even still, the food was great, and the white sauce was good. The white sauce was the only one, there wasn't the cart's red sauce (whatever it was; the staff had no clue and I didn't remember) to accompany it.

Tony B

Been to a few locations in houstonand love them, I was in town And had to stop by before I left. Location was great, they were generous on the amount of food places in bowl. The inside was very clean, bathrooms were clean as well.

RokunuzJahan Rudro

I won't ever go there second time. The price is high and doesn't taste good. The beef doesn't taste good at all. Very limited sauce options and addings for the item.

April King-Grant

The Halal Guys on Lemmon is delicious and they are always nice when you go in. The service is also quick which is great for me on my 30 min lunch break. I highly recommend eating here.

Bre MU

First time here, ordered the chicken sandwich. Pretty good. Hot sauce is spicy (got 2 lines as they go for hot sauce reference). Reminds me of a taco in a way.

Latoya Hart

I placed an order through Door Dash for a sandwich and Halal sent me a platter instead. I callled the location and a lady told me to come and get my sandwich. I explained to her that I am at work and I had already paid for delivery and asked to speak to a manager. The lady then told me that if I wanted to speak to a manager that I would need to call another time and hyung up the phone in my face. The customer service was aweful and the food did not taste fresh at all.

Chandra Cauthen

Good food, filling and for me, not a bad price.I like the portion size, it's just enough for me w/o wasting food.I always order delivery, so I don't know what the atmosphere is like.I recommend!

C Bear

The food is incredible and always satisfying, a change from burgers and much healthier! I added on hummus which took my meal to another level. After getting off work late, Halal Guys is a solid great meal everytime.

Scott C.

Have driven pass this location so many times and miss Middle East food since leaving south Florida in 2014 where some of my option are some of the best. I ordered via Grubhub for pickup. Now very limited options, not sure if this is covid related or not. I did combo plate so I could try the only two meats offered. Upon my arrival the wonderful smells made me think Baklava. Was immediately greeted from employees behind counter. I advised pickup they new my name so Grubhub worked. I had made a request and just wondered if they would honor it. They did! So for that I purchased Baklava. Will definitely be back for that fresh, hot, fast meal again. Forgot to take picture just had to dig in.

Alex Morris

I ordered a traditional falafel sandwich with everything on it....And they loaded jalapeños on it. It made the entire dish taste awful. Overpowered the falafel itself and all the other ingredients. Not sure why jalapeños were added i don't remember jalapeñosbeing part of a traditional falafelsandwich ...but i won't be back

Jack Lanham

Careful with the hot sauce work into your number of lines. Im a 3 guy myself but thats my limit. I'd eat the beef bowl with white and hot sauce 3 times a day if I could.

m j

I wish it was made clear that when ordering online one extra 7g pack of red sauce is $0.60. I thought that price would include atleast 2! Meanwhile, a 59g pack of white sauce is 0.60. That's extremely annoying. Now my food has been delivered, and I don't have enough sauce. The last time I ordered from here was 1.5 years ago and extra sauce meant more than 1 tiny packet.

Micheal Barber

Halal food at this spot - very good. very delicious. service is consistently great. the bill was reasonable.

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