AJ's Diner

7102 N Mesa St, El Paso
(915) 584-2514

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Yehoshua Yehovah

Ok, so, first time trying this place. I gotta say, was not too disappointed! Prices are not that bad. Almost 10 dollars for a bacon cheeseburger with fries, no drink however. That's separate. Also, i would like to point out that the fries are pretty good. As long as they are fresh. Speaking of freshness, I was relatively disappointed with the meat. For as dead as it was inside, you'd think the meat would be more fresh and juicy. But it BARELY passes that criteria. They offer alot of variety for burgers, chicken, kids meals, milkshakes, etc. Overall. Not bad place to get a DECENT meal.

Cody Maly

I get that you close at 4pm on Sundays but refusing to seat someone at 3:25pm when there are others in the restaurant is NOT good business, especially seeing that we were a party of two...Won't be coming back.

Chris Wilgus

Big pros were the burger was juicy and tasty and the music was really enjoyableCons were the fries were bland and need something like sugar/salt added. Portion was just enough for one, no left overs. I'm guessing they are going for a 50's style bar but all I see is pink on the wall with a black line and two calendars cut up into over a dozen frames.Good to try the once if you haven't before but it doesn't do anything new.

Cheryl Capoldi

When we got there at 12:30, my husband was hoping for a strawberry shake, and we were both going to have cheese burgers. They were already out of strawberries, which would have been ok, but then the service was not good. Once the food arrived, we asked for silverware, but we never saw our waitress again until we paid to leave. No silverware, no refills on water...nothing.

Liz Luebke

I don't get out here often, but when I do, it is always great! The burgers are juicy and tasty, and the service has always been terrific. I wish there was an AJ's on the eastside, because I would certainly visit more often!

carla townsend

Our order was completely wrong. Never ordered a vegan burger- got one. Our burgers were close to being burnt. They gave us a burger that had no top bun. Our chef salad came as a chicken salad. We double checked our order and it was still wrong. Many things we tried to order were no longer available but still on the menu.

Wol Jinju Vinson

We went here for my sister's birthday all dressed up like the 50s and it was super fun to see the aesthetic of the restaurant and the food was great. The staff were super friendly and fast and I would totally recommend this place and go again. Also they have vegan options!

lorenzo chavez

Well served I highly recommended for new people to try this place ❤️

Genesis Balliett

I love this place!! Been coming here since I was a kid!!

Jerry Paris

Love the burgers, but im in love their wings...

Shannon S.

We had wonderful service and amazing food! I enjoyed the Banana Nut milk shake with the burger featuring fresh grilled jalapeños, bacon, and cheese accompanied with onion rings What a extremely satisfying treat after a day of working in my parents yard.......while visiting from Albuquqerque. I'm super impressed! This was my second visit, but I plan to make this a GO-TO every time I come to town.

Nathaniel Whitfield

Best diner in El Paso hands down. Get a shake, go ahead get one

E Fel

SOOOOOOO disappointed. I cried when I saw that the BB KING barbeque brisket sandwich was back ?.... Then I cried because it was soooo bad ?. Even the Chile con queso appetizer was watery n tasteless ? . The burger was so so. (Last visit I was served potato salad from Wal Mart cold food section? instead of their homemade one.) Unfortunately, we traveled to the West side from the faaaar East side n were greatly disappointed. Been loyal for 20 years, but too many owner changes n cooks r not familiar or change the recipes makes it really difficult to support AJs.?

Kip Litman

There breakfast was very good. It was cooked perfectly and was delicious.

Johnny Cerros

Never had a bad experience! Service is always so great. They recently got a new menu and they now serve breakfast starting at 8:00am. Had the blue ribbon special and it was just what I was craving! Great service from Maritza.

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