Village Inn

1331 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso
(915) 590-5058

Recent Reviews

Bonni villa

Picked up pies, which are always delicious

Diana Gutierrez

Horrible service, my husband and I waited for 30 minutes for our food, after trying to get a hold of waitress, she comes to our table and ask what do we need? Unbelievable! !!!!!!! I say , hello where’s our food? She responded, I don’t know, let me check, then comes back says oh sorry, order wasn’t placed, omg it’s horrible service

carolina rico

Our server was very nice and attentive

Justin Jauregui

Honestly it’s great here the servers are so nice and the management is very caring towards their customers 10/10 would love to work there one day

Alfredo Miranda

Excellent food, excellent service! Thank you adrian. We will gladly return.

mario b

Children don’t eat free here. Even though the website says children eat free Monday and Tuesday. That’s only corporate they said. Crazy cause before I went in I asked and they told me yes. Once I got my check it was a different story.

Michelle Nelson

Its started of pleasant, I was seated quickly but thats when it changed. I waited for someone to notice for 15 minutes. The waitress walked pass me 3 times to address the table behind me , that was seated after I was. Its was only after she took their drink order, she finally came to me and ask me what I would like to drink. I told her what I would have to drink as well as placed my meal order. She came back in 5 minutes with both meal and drink. I thought things were getting better, until I started to eat. The only thing that was even warm on my plate were the eggs. My sausage was cold, the grits tasted like they came out of an instant pack, and the ice tea was more water than tea. I will never return to that location again.

gama mendez

The place was good, great manager on staff and she went around asking if we needed something. Also the waiter was great. Place was clean.

Marti Wakefield

Great service. Food and dessert was Excellent!! Staff was super friendly and courteous!! Great job!! Loved it!! Thank you!!! ??

Peter Lindsey

Village Inn is a place of friendly and familiar places. They always welcome you at the door and dont stop until you leave. They food is always good and the staff is on spot. Sometimes there is a little bit of a wait or something may not have come out as you liked but the staff is always willing and ready to fix it to your liking.

Rafael Corona Jr.

Excellent service. Was greeted by a sweet lady that complemented my Metallica jacket and made me feel at home. Excellent food! Perfect night out!

Amber Le Roy

Asked for an outlet and wasn't told the ONLY one was in the middle if the wall 3 feet from the ceiling. Had I been told this, I would've left and gone to ANY other Village Inn. I would NOT have ordered coffee and prepared to sit and enjoy a meal while doing homework... train staff better please.

Alberto Morales

The customer service was amazing!!!! NOT. I ordered an All American Burger Double Cheeseburger with onion rings. When I recieved my plate, it only came with 6 small onion rings on the plate. I asked the manager, Ashton, why were they being cheap on their onion rings? His response was, did you eat some? NO. You are only missing 2 onion rings because it should come with 8 and the onion rings were small. SMH. Now I wonder how many onion rings should you get if they were good sized onion rings? The utensil that we got weren't properly wash but didn't complain about that.

elsa salmeron

Customer service was extraordinary Mgr Nate was up top of all going on and cust. Nadine our waitress was very attentive. And very friendly ?

Roberto Vara Jr

Good. Adrian was friendly and courteous. I actually had their brkfst enchiladas. They needed a little salt but otherwise good.

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