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2901 Heritage Trace Pkwy Ste 101, Fort Worth
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Reviews for Chipotle Mexican Grill

i liked coming to this location but recent had a really bad experience. the girl making the food was so rude and had the worst attitude. i understand having an off day or something, but u leave that at the door when u go to work. on top of that They gave me RAW chicken! i was disgusted. i had gotten to my work early so i could eat before i clocked in and 3 bites in i noticed it was raw! y?all need to get ur staff in check and make sure ur food is fully cooked before serve it.

So this location is one of the worst I have been to. Most of the girls have a huge attitude problem and seem very upset everytime. The ingredients are rarely fresh. They always seem chaotic and not aware of what to do. Literally five people doing the line and it will move at a snail speed. I've seen three people run that caf line with 20 people in line at other locations. Im pretty sure management needs to change or be more aware or even there.

I'm not a huge fan of Chipotle but my son loves it, so when I take him again we won't be going back to this location. We were in line to order when they told me the meat I had chosen would take about 5 min, I said I would wait (thinking they would start my bowl then add the meat when it was ready) and she put my empty bowl back in the pile. My family ordered their burritos/bowls and the employees just went on with the customers behind me. They never started my bowl full review

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About Chipotle Mexican Grill

If you want fresh and bold Mexican flavor and you want it fast, Chipotle Mexican Grill is just the place. This fast casual chain serves up burritos, tacos, and bowls with your choice of chorizo, chicken, steak and more, all sourced responsibly. The simple decor and the simple assembly-line style of making your order seem so minimalist but one bite and you'll be back for more. Guacamole here is a sublime addition to your meal. Unlike other fast casual places though, you can grab a margarita or a beer to quench your thirst.